Automation Rules

Classify incoming messages from social media, based on content, urgency and tone with automation rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I auto-archive?

Yes! You can automatically archive all incoming messages by specified automation rules.

Is there any limitations?

No! You can create unlimited automation rules as long as you subscibed a pricing plan. You’ll add the keywords comma seperated so we suggest that you have to store your comma seperated kwyrods on your computer to create rules easily thorugh copy and paste.

Can I see the results at reporting section?

Every automated tagged messages will be logged and stored for you to be visible at reporting section. You can see the number of messages by specified tags.

Can I assign messages automatically?

You cannot assign messages by automation rules but if you can create a tag name like ‘Michael’ then some of your messages will be tagged into Michael tag. In this way, your user can filter by their name.

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