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Unified Inbox
For Support Teams

One place to take care of all customer queries, including email, social and reviews.

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How our 300+ customers are using Juphy?

Are you tired of switching between different platforms to respond to customers? Do you fear missing important comments? We hear you. That’s why we listed the 3 main use cases for you to find your own solution.

Use case 1

Social Customer Service

Quickly respond to all your organization’s social messages, comments, mentions and reviews in a single inbox.

Instagram Direct Messages

Reply to Facebook comments privately

Facebook Ads Comments

Like Comments

Get notified for every Instagram mention

Track Instagram Ads Comments

See which comment belongs to which post

Keyword listening on Twitter

"It's such a time saver. I can easily manage all my social profiles in one place and I never miss a single message!"
Use case 2

Shared Inbox

Manage multiple email accounts and collaborate with your team without switching platforms. 

Collaborate on Emails on a Shared Inbox

Gather Agency, Call Centre and Support Teams in one place

Talk with your Team on Tickets

Measure Team Performance

Never Miss Important Queries

Increase Speed of Response

1-Click Setup for G-Suite users

"This definitely improved my team's productivity, while being able to interact with our audience as fast as possible!"
Juphy Unified Inbox
Use case 3

Universal Inbox

Are you looking for a real unification? Manage all user engagement from email, chat, social media and reviews in one place.

Unify All Channels with Ease

Collaborate with Your Team

Receive Performance Reports

Never Miss an Urgent Inquiry

Stop Switching Between Platforms

Save Time, Boost Productivity

"I'm just loving how Juphy solved my biggest pain point of communicating to my customers on many different platforms."
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Supported Platforms

Managing email, social media, and reviews has never been easier. Reduce response time by managing all-in-one place.



Direct Messages


Ads Comments



Direct Messages






Team Inbox




Direct Messages

Keyword Monitoring


Google My Business

Manage Reviews



Manage Comments



Manage Comments


WhatsApp & Twilio

Real-time Messaging


App Store

Manage reviews


Google Play Store

Manage Reviews

Couldn't find your favorite channel?

We’re always working hard to provide a better solution for our customers. Please visit our fully transparent public roadmap https://juphy.canny.io and leave your feature request.

Learn More about our features

Key Features

Juphy simplifies social customer service and saves time for support teams. You’ll boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

Team Collaboration

Gather agency, call-centre and support team members in one place. Collaborate on customer inquiries in real-time.

White Label

Hide Juphy branding, set your own domain, URL, and email address. Embed custom colors and logo to make Juphy truly yours.

Multi-client Management

Create multiple workspaces to manage different brands. Each workspace is dedicated to a single brand only.

Performance Reports

Measure your customer support performance with actionable and insightful reports.

Automation Rules

Automatically classify incoming messages based on sentiment or keywords.

Canned Responses

Create canned & quick responses to answer frequently asked questions.

Our customers are our biggest fans ❤️

Here are a few nice things our customers said about Juphy.

Juphy Customer Testimonial - AJ Rollsy
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"I run two small businesses. We have a small, remote team where all of us do different jobs. Therefore, we can't be wasting time, it's our most critical asset. That's why we love Juphy, it makes life simple, and helps to save us time every week!"
Founder of The Core Marketing Method & The Health Point Research

With Juphy, you can easily keep track of urgent inquiries.

Never miss important comments or potential leads


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Where do you backup your data?

All our data is securely stored in the Netherlands. Our web-server providers are DigitalOcean Inc. and MongoDB, Inc. You can find further information about this under the security tab on Juphy’s website.

Can I give permission to a user?

Yes. You can set permissions for a user by adding them as a “Moderator”. Moderators can only access the channels and team members that you select.  

Can we delete or hide a comment?

Yes, you can Hide or Delete comments on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn but you’ll still be able to see the hidden comments or the deleted comments on Juphy’s Inbox. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do have an iOS and an Android app but they are both currently at the Public BETA stage. You can find out more about this on our public roadmap: https://juphy.canny.io/feature-requests/p/mobile-apps

Do you have a chat-bot integration?

Not yet. But it’s on our product roadmap. You can find out more details here: https://juphy.canny.io/feature-requests/p/chatbot-integration

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, the monthly or annual payment you’ve made is non-refundable. If you have further questions about this, please email [email protected]

"One thing I love about Juphy is the team behind it. They are responsive and more than willing to help. The product itself is great, and I like that they are careful in releasing new updates."

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Andrew Bayangan, IT Asistant

"It's easy to manage multiple businesses in separate workspaces within the same Juphy account. The team is responsive and new features are being added regularly. There's a lot to like!"

Screen Shot 2021 11 17 at 18.46.57
John Sinclair, Founder at Digital voice

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