Customer Success Story: How House of Silk Enhanced Customer Support with Juphy AI

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  • Industry: Lingerie
  • Country: Turkey, Germany, France
  • Challenges Summary:
    • Managing high volume of customer inquiries on WhatsApp and Instagram DMs
    • Repeated handling of similar questions taking up significant time
    • Limited response time, especially outside office hours
    • High volume of inquiries during peak periods (up to 350 packages daily)
    • Need for efficient management of FAQs, shipment inquiries, and product customization questions
    • Ensuring high-quality, customer-centric support without increasing staff

About House of Silk

House of Silk, a lingerie brand that embodies the philosophy of ‘Luxury at Home,’ offers unique designs that empower women to feel self-confident and beautiful. The company’s commitment to perfection is reflected in its choice of fine materials and luxury craftsmanship, resulting in timeless, high-quality designs. In addition to lingerie, House of Silk offers bridal lingerie, loungewear, swimwear, and custom designs that make every woman bloom in their unique way. With their Shopify Advance Plan, House of Silk sells their products in France, Germany, and Turkey, with plans to expand further.

The Challenge

Maintaining this high standard of quality extends to their dedicated three-person customer support team. Their primary customer communication channels were WhatsApp and Instagram DMs, but managing the high volume of questions became a struggle. Repeatedly handling similar questions took up too much of their time, leaving the customer support team unable to attend to critical inquiries. Customer questions piled up, especially outside office hours, which limited their response time further. Because House of Silk offers highly personalized products, customers often ask about product customization.

Common customer questions include:


  • “Do you offer customizable silk pajamas?”
  • “Do you offer customizable robes for brides?”
  • “What robe would you recommend for childbirth?”


  • “I wear size 36 in H&M swimwear. Would size 36 in House of Silk swimwear fit me as well?”

Shipment & Delivery:

  • “I have already placed an order, is it possible to change my shipping address?”
  • “If I place my order today, will it be shipped within the day?”


  • “Today is my birthday. Can I get a special discount?”

When House of Silk initially sought help, their primary goal was to enhance the overall customer experience on their website. They wanted to achieve this without increasing their staff, particularly during peak periods when they process up to 350 packages daily. These busy times generated a high volume of inquiries, with many customers asking questions about their shipment. This highlighted the need for an AI solution to manage the workload efficiently. House of Silk required an AI assistant that aligned with its core values and delivered top-notch, customer-centric support around the clock.

“Juphy transforms product search into effortless discovery, simplifying the path to finding exactly what our customers need.”

Nilay Kum, Founder of House of Silk

The Solution

House of Silk’s customer support team always prioritized handling critical cases but lost significant time dealing with repetitive FAQs, which reduced their response time, especially outside office hours. By integrating ChatGPT-powered Juphy AI into their Shopify store, House of Silk not only dramatically reduced their customer support workload by 90% but also enhanced engagement by efficiently managing pre-sales inquiries related to product customization and personalized product recommendations.

After training Juphy AI and optimizing its responses to align with House of Silk’s specific requirements, the AI achieved a 99% accuracy rate in customer interactions. This allowed the support team to focus on more complex issues that Juphy AI directed to their WhatsApp line, such as shipping address changes, returns, and faulty products, while Juphy AI efficiently managed routine inquiries around the clock.

Juphy AI enhanced House of Silk's engagement with efficient pre-sales management and personalized recommendations.
House of Silk's Review

Juphy AI’s instant and detailed responses have significantly elevated House of Silk’s customer support performance, embodying the brand’s dedication to a customer-centric approach and delivering high-quality service to each customer. Its multilingual capability in 98 languages is instrumental in House of Silk’s expansion strategies. Moreover, the upcoming integration of Juphy AI in Instagram DMs promises to address customer support challenges further, ensuring seamless assistance across all channels.

Juphy AI's instant and detailed responses have significantly elevated House of Silk's customer support performance.

The Results

  • Since its implementation on March 10th, Juphy AI has managed 1,148 conversations.
  • From mid-April onwards, Juphy AI handled 556 conversations, including 135 product recommendations, saving the team over 59 hours.
  • In the last 30 days alone, Juphy AI managed 234 conversations, provided 54 product recommendations, and saved more than 40 hours. Notably, 76% of product recommendations occurred during the daytime and 24% during nighttime. This significantly improved response times, especially outside office hours, and helped capture late-night shoppers as well.
  • In the past week, Juphy AI successfully guided customers to the right sizes, leading to 3 additional sales and generating a total revenue of $346.81.

Juphy AI’s integration with House of Silk’s customer support operations led to a remarkable 90% reduction in workload. By efficiently handling common inquiries like sizing, shipment, and order tracking, response times improved significantly, especially outside office hours.

This efficiency translated into an equivalent of approximately 38 hours per week saved for the customer support team, empowering them to attend to more complex issues like returns and product customization requests directly.

By streamlining customer support operations, Juphy AI not only enhanced response times but also empowered the team to prioritize personalized assistance, reflecting House of Silk’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

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