3 Impactful Abandoned Cart Email Examples for Shopify

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Are you happy with your sales figures? 

After setting up your Shopify store, you started earning some cash inflow from sales, but are you comfortable with your earnings?

You’re right. Your last sales figure is probably not the best you can do. And I think we both know why… you may be letting go of potential customers too easily.

Did you know that over 70% of shoppers abandon their cart before completing a purchase? Of course, not every shopper adds items to a cart that is ready to buy.

Some may be browsing and comparing prices, adding to their carts to buy later, or for other reasons. The reasons are endless. 

But there’s a good chance that many who “abandon” their carts can become customers. A little persuasion from your end might be all they need to complete the purchase, and a time-proven way to do this is through email marketing. 

We’ll show you how to craft exceptional abandoned cart emails using examples that have effectively recovered lost customers. Keep reading!

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The Importance of Abandoned Cart Emails

There are three primary reasons you should send abandoned cart emails. They help you recover lost sales, increase your customer base, and boost your revenue. Let’s look at what this means in detail. 

Recovering Lost Sales

People abandon carts for different reasons

While some customers aren’t ready to buy, others might abscond because of high shipping fees or technical issues on the site. For any reason other than the customer not being ready, you still have a shot at recovering the sale with an effective abandoned cart email. An impactful email will motivate customers to complete their buying journey. 

Enhancing Customer Retention

Abandoned cart emails are targeted. They speak specifically to each customer with an abandoned cart to remind them of the items they didn’t buy and incentivize them to make the purchase. 

The customer receiving your email perceives that they’re special to your company and you care about doing business with them. This fosters customer loyalty and retention. People will always choose to do business with a brand that cares about them

Boosting Revenue

Other than recovering lost sales from abandoned carts, abandoned cart emails also allow you to upsell and cross-sell. Upselling is a strategy brands use to offer products similar to a customer’s order but with better features. 

Cross-selling, on the other hand, features promoting products that complement a customer’s order. Including these opportunities in your abandoned cart emails can potentially boost your revenue. 

Key Elements of an Effective Abandoned Cart Email

The benefits of abandoned cart emails look enticing, but not all emails can yield such results. So, what makes an abandoned cart email effective? Check these out:

Compelling Subject Lines

A compelling subject line is an integral part of an abandoned cart email. If your subject doesn’t grab attention, the receiver may never think of opening the email to see the rest of the content. 

Consider personalizing the subject line to increase the open rate of your abandoned cart emails, like Rael does in their subject line below:

You can also refer to what the customer has in their cart in the email subject line. If you’re offering incentives, add that to make the subject line more attractive. 

Personalized Content and Genuinity

An effective abandoned cart email shows that your brand cares about why customers left their carts abandoned. Today, you can use analytical tools to tell the point customers left your website and decipher why. 

Whatever you find as the reason, the content of your email should address the challenge (only if you’re sure).

Kayak’s email above suggests the shopper got stuck searching for flights and never found a suitable one. The abandoned cart email provides options relevant to the customer’s searches. 

You can also provide customer support contact information to help them finish shopping. 

Clear Call-to-Actions and Incentive Offers

Incentives are important motivators in emails that drive action. If you’re sending an email to remind customers of their abandoned cart, give them a reason to complete it. That’s where incentives come in. Encourage recipients to take action with a clear call-to-action (CTA) by telling them exactly what you want them to do. An example is Sling’sGet 25% Off” above.  

Remember, the CTA should link directly to the checkout page.

High-Quality Visuals

An impactful abandoned cart email will often contain a high-quality image of what the customer left in their cart. This serves to remind and entice customers what they’re missing. 

Pulp & Press (above) use an image of someone drinking their juice — one which the customer was previously eyeing, to stir up desire. This emotion can encourage the customer to complete their purchase.

Creating Urgency and Scarcity

People will feel compelled to take action when you create a sense of urgency or fear of missing out (FOMO) in your abandoned cart emails. If they think there’s a limited quantity of the product, it’ll eliminate procrastination and lead to an immediate sale. 

Creating scarcity also helps increase the perceived value of the item. As a result, people would want to get the item before it’s out so they don’t miss out. 

3 Examples of Abandoned Cart Emails for Your Shopify Store

1. Nomad

Nomad’s abandoned cart email leverages the FOMO effect to get recipients to complete their purchases. The email copy also uses a playful and witty tone to convey the idea that the brand is fun and creative. 

Notable Features

Some features from the Nomad abandoned cart email stand out. See a couple of them:

  • A FOMO-inducing subject line
  • Interesting headline
  • Multiple CTAs 
  • A copy that addresses common concerns
  • An invitation to shop for other items

Why It Works

  • The subject line: Nomad Gear Is Selling Out Quick 

This works because it tells customers that the demand for the product quickly outweighs the supply. This immediately increases the perceived value of the Nomad gear. Customers are compelled to open the email and take the necessary action because they don’t want to feel left out. 

  • The Headline: “What Happened?”

The headline works because it’s catchy and interactive. It’ll also make recipients feel like you care about why they need to get the gear. The copy that follows buttresses this by stating possible reasons and assuring readers that they’ve saved the gear for them. 

  • Multiple CTAs

Having multiple CTAs throughout the copy reminds readers of the action they need to take. If the first one doesn’t interest them, the second one might. 

  • A copy that addresses common concerns 

There’s a short text after the “Afraid to Make the Leap” headline that addresses one of the common concerns that leads to abandoned carts — inadequate return/exchange policy. The guarantee will encourage customers to take action, knowing that they can always return/exchange the item if it doesn’t fit. The 2-year warranty also positions the brand as a credible brand, showing that they trust their product. 

  • An invitation to shop for other items: “Shop new arrivals”

The invitation works because “New” is a word that attracts customers. As a result, customers may end up buying more than what’s in the cart and boost the brand’s revenue. 

2. United by Blue

United by Blue is another online store that infuses humor into their abandoned carts emails to attract customers. From their subject line to the scant copy, customers are encouraged to recover their abandoned cart.

Notable Features

Check out some unique features that make the United by Blue abandoned cart email compelling:

  • A subject line that highlights incentives
  • Scant copy that communicates ease of purchase
  • Image of the item left in the cart
  • Invitation to shop for other items 

Why It Works

  • Subject line: “Looking for a sign? Free shipping”

When people see “free shipping,” they automatically think of lesser costs. So adding that offer in the subject is a good way to draw recipients’ attention to the email. 

  • Scant copy

Although scant, the copy effectively tells readers that the product they need is just a click or two away. This is especially more effective for people who left their carts because of a website glitch. 

  • Image of the item left in the cart

They add the image of the abandoned item (mug) to recreate the excitement or interest recipients had when they saw the product and added it to their cart. 

  • Invitation to shop for other items

United by Blue didn’t miss the opportunity to increase sales by offering other items to email recipients. The invite to different item categories is placed after the image of abandoned items. So, readers can click on the “View in cart” CTA or click on either of the “Women or Men’s apparel” categories to continue shopping. 

3. Rudy’s

Rudy’s takes a funny and relatable approach in their abandoned cart emails to engage readers. This immediately puts readers at ease and encourages them to absorb the entire email content. 

Notable Features

Here’s why we like Rudy’s abandoned cart email. It has:

  • A subject line that communicates an available incentive
  • A relatable headline 
  • A copy that creates urgency
  • Images of the products in the abandoned cart

Why It Works

  • The subject line: “Don’t let free shipping go to waste”

This informs readers from the jump that they can get their desired products cheaper with the shipping fee gone. Customers who really want to buy will not hesitate to open the email. 

  • A relatable headline that engages readers

The headline says, “Don’t put this off like a software update.” 

You know how easy it is to tap “update later” when prompted to update software on your devices? Then you continue using outdated software that poses harm to your device. Rudy uses this relatable scenario to subtly warn users of the effects of procrastination while making readers grin for calling out a common ‘bad’ habit. 

  • A copy that creates urgency

In the copy, you can see that they create urgency by informing readers that their cart can expire and they can get free shipping. The copy prompts action. 

How Can Juphy Help Decrease Your Abandoned Carts?

Before customers leave your website, you can help them complete their purchases and decrease abandoned cart rates by integrating Juphy AI into your Shopify store. Here’s how: 

Answering Every Question Like a Human to Complete the Purchase

Juphy’s ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot handles customer queries like a pro. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide human-like replies that accurately answer customers’ inquiries. 

Specifically, Juphy uses the most recent GPT-4 to generate responses. In addition to having human-like conversations, it’s faster and more accurate. You can also train the chatbot to generate responses that align with your brand tone. 

So when customers encounter problems like difficulty navigating your Shopify store or other concerns, Juphy will be there to provide answers and encourage purchase. 

Providing Estimated Shipping Times to Encourage Buying

Knowing the estimated shipping time for an order can help reduce shipping anxiety and encourage buying. When customers enquire about this detail via Juphy AI, Juphy requests the order number, gets the estimated delivery time from the company you use for shipping, and informs the customer. 

All of these happen fast, so the customer doesn’t have to wait to get information that can influence their buying decision. After all, Juphy is committed to providing exceptional shopping experiences, and fast responses are one way it achieves this. 


Abandoned cart emails are key to multiplying sales and boosting your overall revenue. But you must learn to craft a compelling email to enjoy these benefits. Your subject line must be catchy, the content should speak to the recipient, include incentives to encourage action, and a CTA to tell recipients what to do. 

You can also reduce the rate of cart abandonment by using Juphy AI to solve some of the challenges customers face while shopping on your website. Juphy will provide human responses to inquiries, mimicking your brand tone, to provide personalized shopping experiences for your customers. It’s fast, helpful, and reliable. 

Ready to multiply your sales with Juphy? Try the 14-day free trial now!

Key Takeaways

  • Over 70% of shoppers abandon their carts before completing their purchases. To recover lost sales, targeted efforts like email marketing are necessary. 
  • Abandoned cart emails are relevant to increase sales, retain customers, and boost overall business revenue. 
  • An effective abandoned cart email starts with an attention-grabbing subject line and closes with a compelling CTA. Incentives, high-quality visuals, and personalized copies are also important components of impactful abandoned cart emails. 
  • Juphy helps you to reduce your abandoned cart rate by offering human-like customer support and creating an exceptional shopping experience. 
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