Juphy’s Weekly E-Commerce News Express – 15-19 January 2024

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Discover the latest innovations, trends, and product updates in e-commerce with this week’s highlights covering FedEx Ventures into E-Commerce with ‘fdx’, Disney’s entrance into shoppable ads, insights from NRF Big Show, La Poste’s fitting room experiment, and important partnerships featuring industry leaders like Shopify, X, BigCommerce, Mercari, and Juphy. See for yourself, don’t miss out on last week’s details.

FedEx Ventures into E-Commerce: ‘fdx’

In a new chapter for the year, FedEx is stepping into the online retail world by announcing its end-to-end commerce platform, “fdx“. The new platform is set to launch this fall and was announced at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Fdx aims to assist retailers in managing important e-commerce aspects like demand, conversion, and fulfillment, all within their new unified system.

FedEx Ventures into E-Commerce

Leveraging their extensive shipping expertise, they apparently move approximately 15 million packages per day; FedEx seeks to provide a comprehensive solution for retailers by eliminating the need for multiple vendors and systems. But what is an e-commerce platform without returns? Of course, fdx will incorporate an efficient and streamlined return process, including returns without boxes processed at FedEx locations – shipping expertise includes return expertise. The success of this strategic move remains to be seen, and we will have to wait till the official launch of fdx for further details.

Disney Takes on Shoppable TV Trend

As consumer behavior changes, Disney notices the tech-driven shift in our daily lives, disclosing a beta program for shoppable ads. This innovative approach allows viewers on Hulu to make purchases seamlessly while enjoying uninterrupted content. Although currently exclusive to Hulu, Disney plans to extend this feature to Disney+ in the future. In the first phase, Unilever joined the beta test, but Disney actively seeks additional retail and consumer goods partners.

Disney Takes on Shoppable TV Trend

The answer about how it works is simple – personalized ads are sent as push notifications or emails without disrupting the watched stream, aiming to connect viewers with beloved brands effortlessly. Disney’s commitment to an experience without interruption aligns with the observed changes in TV advertising, as stated by a 2023 survey that shows a preference for interactive TV ads by 75% of viewers. Stay tuned as Disney expands this interactive shopping experience in the coming months, reflecting their confidence in its success.

NRF Big Show: A Recap

This year’s NRF Big Show, unfolded over three days, revealed a spectrum of insights and innovations that have the potential to reshape retail and e-commerce.

Day 1 started with a focus on the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior, highlighting the increasing integration of technology into the shopping experience. Top discussions included the transformative power of data analytics, personalized customer journeys, and the strategic implementation of digital solutions.


Day 2 witnessed other aspects of emerging trends, emphasizing the key role of technology in successful retail. Industry leaders engaged in discussions on using insights provided by data to understand consumer preferences, creating unique and personalized shopping experiences. The integration of artificial intelligence and the importance of sustainability emerged as fundamental themes, reflecting the industry’s commitment to innovation and responsible business practices.

NRF Big Show Day 2

On Day 3 and last day, the NRF Big Show reached its peak, offering insights into the future of retail. The event stressed the industry’s resilience and adaptability while highlighting strategies to adapt to the changing consumer demands and used technology. From insights into the evolving role of brick-and-mortar stores to discussions on the intersection of technology and sustainability, each day contributed to a gain in insights and knowledge.

In summary, NRF Big Show again proved to be an influential and successful event for retailers.

La Poste’s Fitting Room Experiment

La Poste, the French postal service, has introduced fitting rooms in two Paris post offices, aiming to expand this experiment to five more branches. This creative e-commerce model enables customers to try on online purchases immediately after their collection, reducing the hassle of returns. The fitting rooms allow for on-the-spot returns, and customers can print free return labels if the order was made from a partner seller. While this practical solution simplifies the return process, some concerns arise, especially from the French Association for Entrepreneurs, Conseil du Commerce de France, which expresses reservations about potential shifts towards online shopping over physical in-store shopping. The success of this project may change the way and develop new consumer behaviors in France. Let’s keep an eye out in case additional updates occur.

La Postes Fitting Room Experiment
La Postes Fitting Room Experiment

Shopify and Manhattan Associates Partnership for Advanced Order Management Solution

Shopify and Manhattan Associates Partnership for Advanced Order Management Solution

In a new collaboration, supply chain commerce company Manhattan Associates has partnered with Shopify to present a comprehensive enterprise order management solution. This joint platform will integrate Manhattan’s post-purchase customer service tools to enhance the overall order fulfillment process for businesses using Shopify.

Rokt’s Acquisition of Aftersell for Shopify Services

A post-purchase e-commerce advertising platform called Rokt will improve its services for SMBs on Shopify by acquiring AfterSell, a Shopify upsell and cross-sell provider. This move aims to support Rokt’s client base by extending it to over 20,000 SMB merchants. The transaction is expected to be finalized by February 1, 2024. This acquisition could make that a daily reality for small and medium-sized businesses on Shopify, boosting their growth without the heavy lifting.

Rokts Acquisition of Aftersell for Shopify Services

X and Shopify Join Forces for Enhanced Merchant Advertising

X and Shopify Join Forces for Enhanced Merchant Advertising 1

The popular social media platform X has entered a strategic partnership with Shopify to provide extended advertising opportunities for merchants. The collaboration, as announced on the X Business account, allows all Shopify merchants to broaden their reach and connect with a wider customer base through the capabilities of X.

BigCommerce and Marketplacer Collaborate for Multi-Vendor Marketplaces

BigCommerce, an open SaaS e-commerce provider, has developed a partnership with Marketplacer, a platform dedicated to launching and expanding marketplaces. This union enables BigCommerce customers to seamlessly transition their online stores into a universal, multi-currency, and multi-language marketplace.

BigCommerce and Marketplacer Collaborate for Multi Vendor Marketplaces

Mercari Adopts Bitcoin Payments on its E-commerce Marketplace

Mercari Adopts Bitcoin Payments on its E commerce Marketplace

Mercari, a Japan-based C2C e-commerce platform, is beginning to accept Bitcoin as a new payment option for users looking to buy products listed within its community. As of June, Mercari users can use Bitcoin for transactions facilitated through Melcoin, the platform’s Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange aid. This integration allows vendors and sellers to receive payments in their local currency, as Mercari will convert Bitcoin through its exchange partner in real time.

Juphy AI Launched Public Beta

Group 75
Group 77

Juphy has launched the beta version of its ChatGPT-powered Sales Associate for Shopify, which can increase sales significantly. This innovative solution introduces advanced AI capabilities, enhancing customer interactions, offering personalized recommendations, and streamlining support services. With the beta launch, Juphy AI aims to improve the Shopify user experience, providing a unique journey for each customer. The user-friendly solution features a seamless setup, 24/7 customer support, and personalized product recommendations, marking a significant milestone in e-commerce.

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