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Manage all comments, DM’s, ads comments, and reviews in a shared, collaborative inbox

Reduce response time on social media

Create canned responses to answer F.A.Q's

Collaborate with team members on customer inquiries in real-time

Automatically classify incoming messages based on sentiment or keywords

David Hooper
Production Expert
“Juphy has been great for my connection with customers and social media followers as it allows me to put everything in a single "inbox" and easily reply via multiple channels at the same time. Customer service and communication have been great and it's something that I use daily. I highly recommend it for anybody doing social media or in need of a good customer service option.”
✓ Product Hunt Verified Review
Miguel P
CEO Multimedia and Digital Strategy
“I am thrilled with the amount of time I am saving each day getting back to comments, questions and requests on my social media channels, and i manage quite a lot of them. No more jumping from one channel to another, login in, login out... it used to really be painful to manage all my social media but Juphy has been a game changer. Thumbs up, great tool. What´s not to love?! Recommended.”
✓ Product Hunt Verified Review

"When it comes to managing social media engagement, Juphy is one of the best tools in the market. However, this guide will not only provide strategies for engagement management; it will also help you to create engaging content and improve your engagement rates."

Osman Erdi Balcioglu, Co-Founder at Juphy

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