Explicit Consent on Customized Marketing Activities

Updated – November 2, 2022

We, as Juphy, Inc. (“Juphy”) are obligated to receive your explicit consent in order to provide you with customized marketing activities including promotional programs, special opportunities and offers that will be created according to the transactions you will make on the platform, the general or special personalized campaigns, promotions, routines, suggestions, marketing and analysis studies, Juphy advertisements and marketing/communication activities (pop-up display, personalized offers, privatization of user screens, advertisement, search, survey) and data enrichment activities in accordance with multinational compliance regulations including but not limited to United States Privacy Laws and the General Data Protection Regulation.

We need to fulfill our above-mentioned legal obligations for performing customized marketing activities. Herewith, we ask for your explicit consent to perform customized marketing activities within the scope of your use of the website and services thereon.
We would like to emphasize that performing customized marketing activities shall not be made without your consent under any circumstances. The decision on this matter is entirely at your sole discretion and we shall not force you to do so.

We would like to remind you to make your decision of giving consent according to our Privacy Policy. We would like you to know that your choice will not cause any negativity regarding your relationship with us. If you experience such negativity, you may inform us through support@juphy.com. You can withdraw your consent at any time through the electronic channels provided.

Marking this checkbox shall mean that your marketing data (approaches to in-platform notifications/offers/campaigns, habits, favorites, likes, behaviors, preferences, search activities, segments, platform usage time, communication preferences, brand, model, technical specification, and operating system information of the device used, etc.) will be processed for performing customized marketing activities. In cases where the checkbox is not marked, it will be considered that you do not give your consent and your marketing data shall not be processed for the purpose of performing such customized marketing activities.

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