Explicit Consent on Promotional Messages

Updated – November 2, 2022

We, as Juphy, Inc. (“Juphy”), are obligated to receive your explicit consent in order to send you commeråcial electronic messages. Therefore, we ask for your explicit consent about whether the email address you provided with us may be used to send you commercial electronic messages (including subscription plans, campaigns, blog posts etc.) or not.

We would like to emphasize that under no circumstances commercial electronic message sending shall not be made without your consent. The decision on this matter is entirely at your sole discretion and we shall not force you to do so.

We would like to remind you to make your decision about giving consent in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We would like you to know that your choice will not cause any negativity regarding your relationship with us. If you experience such negativity, you may inform us through support@juphy.com. You can withdraw your consent at any time through the electronic channels provided.
Marking this checkbox shall mean that your email address will be processed for sending you commercial electronic messages. In cases where the checkbox is not marked, it will be considered that you do not give your consent and your email address will not be processed for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages.

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