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Founder of The Core Marketing Method & The Health Point Research
“I run two small businesses. We have a small, remote team where all of us do different jobs. Therefore, we can't be wasting time, it's our most critical asset. That's why we love Juphy, it makes life simple, and helps to save us time every week!”
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Top Rated Social Media Customer Service Software

Highest rated, easiest to use, most implementable Shared Inbox for Social Media focused teams.

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Andrew L.
Founder and CEO
“Juphy is a fast, effective and efficient way to collate feedback and messages from multiple channels. This allows me to quickly serve my clients and maintain credibility as a proactive business with my clients..”
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Marketing Director
“I love that I can view and manage all comments and messages from all of my social channels including app stores.”
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Justin S.
President and Founder
“The user interface is really clean and intuitive. It supports all of the important social platforms. The ticketing system is really well organized and it is easy to assign tasks, emails, and tickets.”
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Saeed A.
Product Manager
“The setup was easy and the team behind are always helpful. With simple words, if you manage many accounts and do not want to waste your time the Juphy is for you. Juphy, has actually helped me to organize and manage all my social media responses. You have one platform only without the hassle of going on each social media account everytime.”
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Founder of digitalfastmind.com
“Saving time by unifing all the reviews and comments from different platforms in one place.”
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Ankit Singla
Founder of MasterBlogging
“It's such a time saver. I can easily manage all my social profiles in one place and I never miss a single message!”
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Terence T
“I like that fact that I can streamline customer support and manage multiple channels using a single inbox. My business in Singapore relies on Google My Business, Whatsapp and Facebook a lot since my customers are on these platforms. Having a tool like Juphy makes it easy to manage the communications and demands that my customers place on me and my team. No more jumping between tabs and browsers, logging in and out multiple platforms and channels!”
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Podcast Marketing Expert
“Juphy makes this easy by having all my accounts in a single place, so I can go in and handle all my messages very quickly. it had totally changed the way I do social media and given me back a lot of time.”
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A. Mariantisna
Marketing Manager
“Juphy definitely improved my team's productivity, while being able to interact with our audience as fast as possible!”
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Rithvik Podduturi
Founder of Newleaf Networks
“I'm just loving how Juphy solved my biggest pain point of communicating to my customers on many different platforms.”
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Dough L.
“We have a very active community in a popular crafting niche, where our members help with addressing questions that are constantly getting posted on our social channels. Juphy allows us to grant moderator status to selected individuals, without giving them full admin rights to our social accounts. Would not otherwise be able to do this without the Juphy app.”
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Oscar Hugo P.
Founder & CEO
“With Juphy I can unify all the support channels and simplify it. I've dropped another tools, and now use Juphy. It's an all-in-one solution for support, a swiss knife. Direct messages and messages really fast. It also let's you add you team members. UI is easy to understand and use. And the support team is very responsive”
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