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A Detailed Report of
Social Media Customer Service Industry in 2022

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The Best Tool to Provide
Social Media Customer Service

Monitor and manage all social media customer service inquiries, messages, comments and reviews in a single, collaborative inbox

Reduce response time on social media

Create canned responses to answer F.A.Q's

Collaborate with team members on customer inquiries in real-time

Automatically classify incoming messages based on sentiment or keywords

Ankit Singla
Founder of MasterBlogging
“I started using Juphy when it first launched. I manage multiple social media accounts and managing all of them was a pain. Now I handle them with ease and never miss a single message/comment. I love it so much that I have pinned Juphy's tab in my browser so that I can quickly access it and reply to all the pending messages. ”
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KC Wong
CEO, iZen Digital Media Marketing Agency
“Juphy has been a godsend in terms of providing a unified messaging platform for all my social media channels. If you have a need to access and respond to all your social media messages and comments, look no further than Juphy! Highly recommended!”

✓ Product Hunt Verified Review
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"SMCS is growing at an unprecedented rate. Especially after the pandemic, this industry opened new doors for better customer experiences. Our report will equip you with the most critical information and insights of SMCS industry in 2022. "

Elif Oztuna, Head of Content at Juphy

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