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Discover why Juphy is the best alternative for Zoho Desk to provide excellent customer service on social media.

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Zoho Desk vs Juphy at a glance

If you are looking for a powerful alternative to Zoho Desk for providing customer service on social media, you are at the right place. Start the best social customer service experience with Juphy.

Designed for Social Media

Easily turn all your social media comments and DM's into support tickets with Juphy.

Powerful Ticketing

Categorize, prioritize and organize incoming social media conversations with smart tickets.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team to improve response time on social platforms.

Breakdown of Features & Integrations

juphy Zoho Desk
Facebook Messenger Track and reply to all Facebook Direct Messages.
Comments Monitor, reply, like, hide or delete all Facebook page comments.
Ads Comments Monitor, reply, like, hide or delete all Facebook Ads and Dark Post comments.
Reply Comments Privately Reply as a direct message to the author of the comment.
Comments with Post image and description. View Facebook comments with all visuals and description.
Groups Monitor, reply, like, hide or delete all Facebook group comments.
Direct Messages Track and reply to all Instagram Direct Messages in real-time.
Comments Monitor, reply, hide or delete all Instagram comments.
Ads Comments Monitor, reply, hide or delete all Instagram Ads and Dark Post comments.
Mentions Monitor and reply to Instagram mentions on comments.
Comments and Mentions with Post image and description. View Instagram comments and mentions with all visuals and description.
Direct Messages Track and reply to all Twitter Direct Messages.
Tweets Monitor, reply, like or re-tweet.
Mention Monitoring Monitor and reply to all Twitter mentions.
Keyword Monitoring Monitor tweets by specified keywords and reply.
Embed DM Button Easily redirect users to direct message.
Comments Monitor, reply, like, hide or delete all YouTube video comments.
Comments Monitor and reply comments.
Google My Business
Reviews Monitor and reply to GMB reviews.
Ratings View audience rating summary.
Messages Track and reply to WhatsApp messages.
Reviews Monitor reviews.
Google Play Store
Reviews Monitor and reply to reviews.
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Team Collaboration
User Permissions Set custom permissions for each user based on channel and team member visibility.
Assign Assign conversations to teammembers.
Internal Chat Start internal conversations with temammembers based on tickets.
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Other Features
Social Media InboxTrack and reply to all your social media messages, comments, mentions, and reviews in a single, shared inbox.
Reports Engagement, channel, team performance reports and stats.
Canned Responses Unlimited canned responses to answer frequently asked questions.
Tickets Turn conversations into support tickets.
Automation Rules Auto-tag messages based on keywords.
Workspaces Manage multiple brands in seperate workspaces.
Content Scheduling Schedule and publish social media posts.
Pinterest Integration View and reply to Pinterest comments.
Andrew L.
Founder and CEO
“Juphy is a fast, effective and efficient way to collate feedback and messages from multiple channels. This allows me to quickly serve my clients and maintain credibility as a proactive business with my clients..”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Marketing Director
“I love that I can view and manage all comments and messages from all of my social channels including app stores.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Justin S.
President and Founder
“The user interface is really clean and intuitive. It supports all of the important social platforms. The ticketing system is really well organized and it is easy to assign tasks, emails, and tickets.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Saeed A.
Product Manager
“The setup was easy and the team behind are always helpful. With simple words, if you manage many accounts and do not want to waste your time the Juphy is for you. Juphy, has actually helped me to organize and manage all my social media responses. You have one platform only without the hassle of going on each social media account everytime.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Founder of
“Saving time by unifing all the reviews and comments from different platforms in one place.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Ankit Singla
Founder of MasterBlogging
“It's such a time saver. I can easily manage all my social profiles in one place and I never miss a single message!”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Terence T
“I like that fact that I can streamline customer support and manage multiple channels using a single inbox. My business in Singapore relies on Google My Business, Whatsapp and Facebook a lot since my customers are on these platforms. Having a tool like Juphy makes it easy to manage the communications and demands that my customers place on me and my team. No more jumping between tabs and browsers, logging in and out multiple platforms and channels!”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Podcast Marketing Expert
“Juphy makes this easy by having all my accounts in a single place, so I can go in and handle all my messages very quickly. it had totally changed the way I do social media and given me back a lot of time.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
A. Mariantisna
Marketing Manager
“Juphy definitely improved my team's productivity, while being able to interact with our audience as fast as possible!”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Rithvik Podduturi
Founder of Newleaf Networks
“I'm just loving how Juphy solved my biggest pain point of communicating to my customers on many different platforms.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Dough L.
“We have a very active community in a popular crafting niche, where our members help with addressing questions that are constantly getting posted on our social channels. Juphy allows us to grant moderator status to selected individuals, without giving them full admin rights to our social accounts. Would not otherwise be able to do this without the Juphy app.”
✓ G2 Verified Review
Oscar Hugo P.
Founder & CEO
“With Juphy I can unify all the support channels and simplify it. I've dropped another tools, and now use Juphy. It's an all-in-one solution for support, a swiss knife. Direct messages and messages really fast. It also let's you add you team members. UI is easy to understand and use. And the support team is very responsive”
✓ G2 Verified Review

Supported Communication Platforms

Streamline all your social media conversations and support requests in a single, shared inbox. 



Direct Messages


Ads Comments



Direct Messages






Direct Messages

Keyword Monitoring


Google My Business

Manage Reviews



Manage Comments



Manage Comments


WhatsApp & Twilio

Real-time Messaging


App Store

Manage reviews


Google Play Store

Manage Reviews

Couldn't find your favorite channel?

We’re always working hard to provide a better solution for our customers. Please visit our fully transparent public roadmap and leave your feature request.

Key Features

Learn More about our features

Team Collaboration

Gather agency, call-centre and support team members in one place. Collaborate on customer inquiries in real-time.

Social Media Inbox

Monitor and reply to all types of engagement on social media and review platforms on a single dashboard.

White Label

Hide Juphy branding, set your own domain, URL, and email address. Embed custom colors and logo to make Juphy truly yours.


Easily turn social media engagements into support tickets with Juphy’s tags.

Performance Reports

Measure your customer support performance with actionable and insightful reports.

Canned Responses

Create canned & quick responses to answer frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Where do you backup your data?

All our data is securely stored in the Netherlands. Our web-server providers are DigitalOcean Inc. and MongoDB, Inc. You can find further information about this under the security tab on Juphy’s website.

Can I give permission to a user?

Yes. You can set permissions for a user by adding them as a “Moderator”. Moderators can only access the channels and team members that you select.  

Can we delete or hide a comment?

Yes, you can Hide or Delete comments on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn but you’ll still be able to see the hidden comments or the deleted comments on Juphy’s Inbox. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes we do have an iOS and an Android app but they are both currently at the Public BETA stage. You can find out more about this on our public roadmap:

Do you have a chat-bot integration?

Not yet. But it’s on our product roadmap. You can find out more details here:

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, the monthly or annual payment you’ve made is non-refundable. If you have further questions about this, please email

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