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I wanted to write an article that contains a giant list of social media management tools as a special Gift for you. In this article, you will find the 100 best social media tools of all time. The Best Social Media Management Tools of Taking an active role in shaping your company’s social media strategy and online voice. These social media tools can help you craft great social content and extract meaningful metrics to build an engaged audience. A Smarter Social Strategy Social media is becoming the front line for how businesses interact with a new generation of customers. These platforms let you add rich multimedia to posts, tailor messages to different networks and audiences, and toggle social channels on and off. Combined with the analytics you’re gathering on engagement, followers, posts, and a host of other metrics, these platforms help you get a handle on your social media efforts. They also help you feed all of the data you’re gathering back into your online marketing, customer strategy, and other areas of your business. To one degree or another, social media touches just about everything. Analytics Is a Tool’s Glue A good place to begin discovering what kind of data you need is by checking out your competition online.

So, Let’s begin the journey.

May 30, 2019 – IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you’re reading this note, you’re very lucky because I just updated the article and categorized by related topics. Removed the broken links and unavailable products.
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Content Creation, Content Scheduling, Automation, Campaign Management

1) Quuu

Quu is a hand-curated content suggestions platform for social media, Select from over 300 interest categories to receive suggestions that matter to you and your audience, hoose how many suggestions you’d like to send to your social profiles via your Buffer or HubSpot account and Let Quuu handle everything, or manually approve suggestions yourself.


2) Planable

Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media managers to collaborate with their clients and within marketing teams. We created a tool that speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun. We are the easiest way to preview your social media content in a simple interface and giving a familiar feel and look for every social media manager, teammate and colleague. After that, you can easily schedule or publish the post immediately to social media knowing that everyone is happy with the campaign. One workspace is one brand or one of your clients you are an agency or You can one page of each social network in one workspace, up to people on the free plan. Click the green button new post and type your content, select the emojis, upload an image or video, select a date and click add button. Now, invite your clients or teammates into the workspace and collaborate on content youve just created. The right side of the post is created to exchange ideas, share a text, upload an image, video or gif, suggest a correct a typo, check for legal issues and just send a high five kudos!


3) Sharekit

ShareKit lets you easily customize how your link will appear when sharing it on social media, without the need to get your IT team involved. When using ShareKit, we’ll provide you with a new link to share on social media. This link redirects to your original link, but you’re able to customize the link’s title, description, and image


4) Yala

Yala makes beautiful social media images that fit you in 30 seconds. You will love this minimal tool so much.Moreover, you can also publish to multiple social networks when your followers are online, getting remarkably better exposure and engagement.


5) Linkmy.Post

Link My Photos helps you monetize your Instagram by getting your followers from your photo feed to your awesome content. Get started today for free. Instagram photos and captions are currently not linkable. The only place where you can add a link to your website is through the URL in your Instagram bio. Link My Photos has created the ultimate destination for your Instagram bio. Your personalized Link My Photos page displays all of your clickable photos to help your followers get to the content and products that you post on Instagram.

6) Kapwing

Upload a video directly to Kapwing using our easy UI. You can even paste a link! Choose a platform to optimize your video for, from Instagram Stories to the Facebook Newsfeed.Their online video editor will crop your video so that it fits perfectly on the platform you selected.

7) PixelMe

PixelMe is an another awesome and simple URL shortener for Marketers who thinks wisely. You can short your links with retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads and Linkedin ad platforms. Check the site for more information;

8) Promo

They says that “Promo is the only service that gives you access to millions of premium video clips and hand-picked music complete with lifetime licensing”. I agree with them, this tool is very useful for creating professional videos for marketing you just need logo and text and, literally, in minutes you will have a professional, attention-catching video.

9) Pablo

Buffer’s paid solutions are useful for anyone who creates a lot of content for social media. Pablo removes steps from the process, which makes it simpler at the cost of less customization. This slight energy saving can add up to significant amounts of time and energy, freeing marketers up to do other things. Buffer is also integrated into Pablo integration demanded by existing users If a social media marketer starts using Pablo, they might start using Buffer

10) PromoRepublic

Thus AI for small business social media is now a thing, in the shape of PromoRepublic , a startup which has now raised a investment round. It competes with visual design companies like Canva, Stencil, Adobe Spark, and DIFM companies like Main Street Hub, Boostability and RevLocal who do custom social content for SMBs. So, when to post, how often, what copy, design, call to actions and hashtags to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. PromoRepublic will post automatically at the right time and frequency, thus doing the heavy lifting for business owners who really wouldnt know where to begin in terms of creating and sharing content about their business

11) Rocketium

Rocketium is helping users to create their own videos Shruthi Mohan posted months ago shares This startup helps the consumer make videos just in a few minutes with asimple user interface and powerful automation features on its portal. In 1894, when Spanish dancer Carmencita became the first woman to appear in front of a motion picture camera, no one knew that years later, videos would become an integral part of human civilisation. In the past few years, with the introduction of gadgets, the scope for videos has further widened. The sheer variety of information available has opened upnew and exciting opportunities for digital content creators and theirconsumers. Rocketium enables the creation of such videos in minutes with a simple user interface on its website.

12) Selfmade

Empowering a new wave of entrepreneurs and leaders to establish and grow their business via social media. SelfMade is an platform and personalized service that connects members with expert and affordable professional image editors and brand strategists, elevating their online presence and democratizing the influencer vertical.

13) Later

The photo you want is there, but no text shows Why not just go into Instagram and post regularly through actual Instagram? You could write the text you need on the photo and go around it that way, but that degrades to marketing tactic of the photo. Suggestion for creators: Work with Instagram to get permission for users to select deny or allow Later to post automatically. It would be an awesome tool for hours, but right now it’s just not effective or efficient. Minimum $200 Later subscription does not include Facebook and Twitter analytics, and scheduled posts are not reliably submitted. This means the only consistently working social media function is the reminder to post to Instagram is sort of cool, but any wordpress novice can make a simple page that does the same thing on their own site.

14) Canva

Get the most of out of Canva for Android Select a template got over There’s no need to start from scratch, we’ve got thousands of free templates and photo grids created by professional designers to get you started. You can browse through design types or speed things up by searching for a style or event you’re looking for birthday, gold, love, music. You can upload images straight from your device gallery to your designs or take photos on the go in the app. You can edit your photos using filters or get a little more advanced by adjusting brightness, contrast and more with our photo editing tools. It’s easy to design social media posts that pop while presenting a consistent look and feel in your marketing materials by using the same filters for your brand images. Small business owners, musicians, teachers, students, nonprofits, social media managers, real estate agents, moms and dads Canva makes it easy to create images and edit photos.

15) PickMonkey

Pickmonkey has changed their service to a I have a confession: I edit all my photos, both blog photos and personal ones. Even the family snaps get edited before being uploaded to Facebook or emailed to nanna, let alone before printing them out. Unless you start playing around with all the cool tools and features, in which case you can spend hours editing pictures, but hey, its loads of fun. The first edit is optional and you shouldn’t need to do it on many photos. But if you’ve got a picture that’s sideways or upside down, use the rotate tool to turn it up the right way. You may also want to use the resize tool to straighten your picture if it’s looking a little crooked. The other basic edit is to get rid of No alien uploads of friends and family! Sometimes it’s hard to take pictures of kids who are moving around and so you can use the crop tool in PicMonkey to get a better composition.

16) Meet Edgar

One of the most frustrating aspects of any social media update is how quickly they get buried under new social media updates. Add the fact that your followers, fans and connections check their social media accounts irregularly and it’s actually amazing that your updates are seen by anyone at all: Meet the “disappearing updates” dilemma. One solution to this “disappearing updates” dilemma is to each of your social media updates multiple times, upping the odds that it will be seen by your targeted prospects. Unfortunately, adopting this tactic can be very time consuming, even if you use a social media management solution to schedule your updates. If you’re frustrated by the fact that few people see your social media updates and you’re too busy to schedule those updates to up the chance that they’ll be seen, it’s time to meet Edgar . When it comes to automation however, Edgar leaves the rest of the pack behind. Using an library, update categories, and scheduling, Edgar helps your social media updates, as well as any content to which they may link, get the attention they deserve. Edgar’s setup process is an easy way to become familiar with the tool.

The Social Media Scheduling Tool That Manages Itself – Meet Edgar

17) Everypost

Everypost is a critically acclaimed social media tool utilized by digital agencies, SMBs, content professionals, and firms. The app makes it simple for a user to construct, schedule, customize, and post content on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and others. Social media marketers and content professionals have made Everypost a priority tool for getting content out in the internet across social media platforms. It also facilitates media content upload via One of its biggest strengths is its capacity to deal with a wide range of social media networks as a standalone tool. It can reverse its role by limiting Twitter texts and giving a user the option to choose which social media platforms to blast to. It comes with a support for extracting videos from YouTube, audio from Grooveshark, and images from Flickr. A user will be highlighted with social media networks at the top of the screen, a middle area for inputting text, and list of media format to import from the bottom. Clicking on any social media network will prompt the user to sign in, and if the login is successful, the button will light up.

18) Curalate

By understanding what’s in the images people post and connecting them to where you can buy what you see. The image recognition marketing startup just raised million led by NEA, bringing it to $40 million in total funding. Since Curalate is a suite of visual commerce tools rather than a single product, what the company actually does can seem a bit nebulous. Here’s a quick breakdown of what Curalate offers: Like2Buy Turns the one link in a brands Instagram profile into a gateway to buy products from any of their Instagram posts. Fanreel Pulls in images to a brands website and applies image recognition to tag products to show so they’re easy to buy. Rather than sitting back and letting social media happen to them, Curalate allows brands to step up and start measuring,utilizing and enhancing it. But he tells me We recognized it was a really terrible idea and shut it down.

19) Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media post schedular software. Moreover, you can manage multiple platforms with Buffer.If you still do not try Buffer, just take a look and you will love it.

20) Animoto

Animoto Marketing Drag and drop your way to professional, shareworthy marketing videos, designed to perform well on social media and beyond with this new product. Animoto Memories Choose from video styles, designed for any occasion, to turn photos and video clips into personal and professional slideshow videos. Mobile App Create new slideshow videos on the go and share existing slideshow and marketing videos from anywhere with our iOS and Android apps. Then read up on out how to share events, from Night , to celebrating the 100th day of school , to commemorating graduation. If you want to have your students create videos themselves, we also have a selection of lesson plans and lesson ideas for you to try.

21) Bitly

Bitly CEO Mark Josephson Bitly Techland, like most places, likes stories with extreme outcomes: Startup X sells for a gazillion Startup Y, once valued at a gazillion dollars, goes to zero. So here’s a story that won’t get much attention: A modest success for a company that once had much grander aspirations. That would be Bitly , a company that lets marketers and other businesses keep tabs on customers as they move around the web by generating short, trackable URL links. Salt on the wound: There was a time, back in the early days of Twitter, that Bitly and its investors thought they had something really, really big on their hands. Twitter was just ramping up, and Twitter used Bitly to shorten all the links its users generated, and that meant Bitly knew a ton about the way the internet worked who clicked on what, when, where. Most of Bitlys attention was focused on its free product, and the money it made selling a premium version to publishers and marketers didnt cover its costs. Credit a pivot, which started when CEO Mark Josephson joined the company in 2013.

22) Click to tweet

Easily view and keep track of all links you’ve created in the past. Create folders to better organize links by project or campaign. Access to edit, view stats, and copy your links are all easily accessible.Update the text of your links at any time. Use a plain text link or select an image to embed in your website. Always have your link details up to date.View reports of click activity on all your links. Analytics are tracked for all links you embed inside of your message/tweets, too! Every time someone clicks one of your links, we record where they clicked from and present this data to you on a map. See from where people are clicking on your links across the world.Increase your followers by suggesting your (or anyone’s) Twitter account to be followed every time someone tweets from your ClickToTweet link.
23) Word Swag

Have you wasted time and money hiring a social media graphic design artist, only to notget exactly what you want?Word Swag is an awesome application for your smartphone or tablet that will allow you toeasily create social media graphics. The toolset in Word Swag is amazing because it easily allows you to import some great photos from their library, Pixabay, or from your own photos. You will get an overview of the interface and how the program I will show you how to import images to begin creating right away. After that we will take a look at some of the best text and fontediting tools ever seen in a smartphone application. Finally, I will show you how to use custom colors and filters in your design before exportingit out as a final image. So if you want to start creating amazing images and graphics today, then go ahead and enroll and I will see you in the first lecture.

24) Viral Content Bee

It is relatively straightforward, and you can become a member in a matter of seconds. You want to become an active participant who will share others’ articles and prepare articles which will be shared by others. For now, there are only five social media networks you can use: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Google Plus. For starters, you can have Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts while StumbleUpon and Pinterest allow only for one account to be used. And credits are important for Viral Content Bee, and here is why. Depending on your settings, you will have posts from your favorite categories, but you can also navigate away to any category of interest. Now you have to find a post which sounds interesting to you, read the title and visit the associated link with it.

25) Sumall

In “audience shifts,” not only can you see how many new followers you have attracted but also see how the networks of the people you are following have expanded, which increases your own potential reach. You can also find out which of your new followers have the greatest following insight into where to share to best amplify your and how many of your own followers you follow. You can find out who’s engaging with you, who has responded to your social media posts, what the overall response rate is and how responsive you are to those that mention you. The “audience quality” report is a good one to make sure that you are interacting with active Twitter users. The “audience by engagement” section highlights your top ten most active followers on both retweets and You can also see whether they have verified profiles and can check out common profile keywords and how they engage with you. Other sections of the Twitter Audience Insights report look at “audience by contributed reach” people who have expanded your reach by retweeting and mentioning you to their and “network size” followers have the biggest networks. You can even see the timezone that most of your followers fall into and use this in order to schedule social media posts for maximum engagement. As with the other report, there’s an overview page, before delving into the individual “Best performing time to tweet” is but what’s useful here is the rolling average so you get a wider overview of your best days and times and the times when you get the most engagement.
26) Contently

In November Contently was named by Advertising Age as one of the best places to work in media and. Contently has a lot of clients , and we rely on freelancers like yourself to staff projects for them. We have an algorithm that combs through users’ portfolios and pushes forward relevant candidates. So when you’re setting up your portfolio, make sure you focus on the kind of things algorithms like: namely, keywords that highlight your expertise and skills. In the headline section, be sure to specify whether you’re a writer, videographer, designer, and so on. We’d love to provide assignments for everyone who signs up for a Contently unfortunately, we are not an open marketplace and cannot supply work for the roughly 80,000 users now using a portfolio.


27) CoSchedule

Posts are easily moved, and social messages attached to those posts move with them. You will then have access to the calendar and team features at CoSchedule synchronizes your WordPress post, author, and category information to its servers, but all of your WordPress data remains in WordPress. Social messages, tasks, comments, team members, and other data you create in CoSchedule will be stored on CoSchedule’s servers, and never in WordPress. Managing a team blog or planning your own blog’s content marketing is not easy inside of WordPress. CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that makes it easier to create, move, and manage your blog posts and stay ahead of your plan. It allows for WordPress blogging team collaboration without needing extra outside tools and logins, reducing the time and unnecessary complexity required to plan your blog’s content marketing program.
28) ClearVoice

Self-service platform is like a playground for content people, where brands and agencies can connect with freelancers to create content.Create better content with vetted talent and easy workflow.Manage unlimited clients, content and talent in one place.Pitch to brands, find quality assignments and get paid quickly.
29) Raven

Introducing the tool The Raven suite of tools* were originally designed for SEOs by an SEO but they now includequite a few extra features for other disciplines of internet marketing so theres Mailchimp integration, a Facebook page manager, Twitter tool and PPC ad management features. In early Raven removed the keyword rank tracking part of their system following pressure from Google so in this updated version of the comparison well take a look at some of Ravens other SEO features. Raven is a fully hosted web app, like all the tools in this comparison, and its biggest selling point is the sheer amount of integrations it provides with 3rd party tools to pull all your campaign data together. This is no longer the case but they are still refining the system and making improvements to the interface and reporting options. However we were disappointed by the decision to remove rank tracking, something which most SEO agencies and marketers still consider an important part of their client reports.
30) Social Flow

SocialFlow stretches across our business touching both the editorial and the ad sales sides. It’s been a solution that allows us to scale what we do from an organic social publishing perspective, but also has allowed us to unlock incremental revenue.SocialFlow allows us to work from one central platform for multiple teams, across the world. For me, it meant no more sleepless.

31) Friends+me

Friends+Me posts using physical real-world Android phones, all running latest official Instagram application. No Instagram private API is used, we are inline with Instagram’s terms and conditions.
32) Crowdfire

Crowdfire claims to be the biggest marketing product for Twitter and Instagram and offers smart features, which guarantee rapid growth on the social media through its philosophy. Accessible through Web, Android and iOS apps, it’s a powerful solution to attract targeted followers on Twitter and Instagram. It powers connections that help its users achieve their social media goals, including brand recognition, brand popularity, increased sales and fans. Launched in as JustUnfollow, it transitioned into Crowdfire in and currently boasts over million users, which include businesses of all sizes, individuals and entrepreneurs. Overview of Crowdfire Benefits Crowdfire follows the Grow philosophy, which is a recurring and a strategy of growth on the social media. Its Clean features keep away irrelevant, unwanted and spam accounts, which do not add any real value to organizational or individual feeds and also don’t contribute in achieving strategic goals.

33) Post Planner

Post Planner is like having an entire social media team on demand. We help you FIND, PLAN and POST amazing content to your Social Profiles guaranteed to drive engagement. Our algorithm ranks content based on virality and engagement to give you a predictive performance score. So the more stars you see, the better that content will perform. Your personal Facebook profile and Group posting have a daily limit of 15. This does not apply to Facebook Pages.

34) Social Oomph

The primary use of each of these tools is to allow you to schedule posts in advance, and all three services meet this need. To do this in HootSuite, you have to upload a CSV file, whereas in Social Oomph, they can be uploaded from a Word document, therefore Social Oomph gets our top pick in this category. Analytics are only available in HootSuite and Social Oomph, but there is more detail and information in Social Oomph particularly if you are trying to get analytics for a variety of accounts at once. Seeing a live feed of posts by those accounts that you follow or a Facebook News Feed is only possible with TweetDeck and HootSuite, but some people have reported trouble with TweetDeck and Facebook posting, so HootSuite appears to be the more reliable here. Social Oomph is the only provider that allows you to set up messages, and but this is a premium upgrade feature.

35) Likeablehub

Likeable Media stood out in a review of ad and digital agency social media programs for the agencys unabashed love of all things social. The marriage of the founding couple, Carrie and David Kerpen, during a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game was sponsored by Smirnoff, Entenmanns and Davids Bridal. As one might expect from a social media specialist, Likeable is on all of the major social media platforms, including SlideShare, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. Both are on Amazon with more than reviews, and its book, Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook Other Social is currently No. Likeable stands out from the pack via their attention to consistent and competitive agency branding and the daily feeding of their social platforms.

36) HeyOrca

Imagine social media approvals without spreadsheets HeyOrca is an online social media planner built for marketing agencies. Plan more efficiently by providing context to your clients and receiving early feedback, all without the hassle of spreadsheets. Preview content as it will appear once published, and tie it to your overall strategy through a calendar view and notes section. Manage All Clients in One Place Assign each client their own content calendar and dedicated asset library. Every post you create has a comments section where you can collaborate with your team and ensure you are always working on the most current version. HeyOrca has sharing and approvals features to help you collaborate with clients as easily as you collaborate internally, and our audit trail helps you stay on the same page with clients. HeyOrca publishes your content to specified social media networks once approvals have been obtained from your clients. Our tool helps you visualize how well your campaigns are performing online, and allows you to export this data in PDF or raw data form. HeyOrca is the ideal solution for marketing agencies that: work with clients who need to maintain high content standards, manage the social media presence for more than clients, and have a content production workflow that spans more than three people.

HeyOrca!: Social Media Calendar for Teams

37) Nouncy 2.0

Easily create buzz on social media.It’s like Buffer meets Thunderclap: create an online buzz by asking people to post on social media for you.

38) Waaffle

New tools have recently emerged to meet the evolving needs of busy social media marketers. In this article, you’ll discover six tools that will improve your social media marketing workflow. Waaffle is an useful social media tool. Create Content Feeds With Waaffle According to Yotpo, ads based on content can get 4x higher rates and a 50% lower cost per click than average. Waaffle simplifies the process by creating aggregate custom feeds based on any account or Waaffle’s current “early bird” pricing starts at per campaign.

39) BuzzSumo

Content Marketing Unlike the sugar in your iced coffee, social media and content marketing blend together effortlessly. BuzzSumo is an excellent tool in gathering valuable insight into the success of your content on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and . BuzzSumo Tip Analyze Top Content When it comes to getting the inside scoop on contents social media life, BuzzSumo can act as a private investigator, tracking its whereabouts through social media circles around the internet. Paid subscriptions allow for more interactions for content campaigns and agencies, as well as exportable data and other customizable options. The search function on BuzzSumo is dynamic because not only can you find your content by entering its title, you can search any keywords, topics, or domains to gauge the social media buzz of each. One thing to keep in mind when searching recently published material is that the numbers that BuzzSumo displays may not be entirely accurate.

Social Customer Service, Social Listening, Monitoring
1) Juphy

Crafted for Customer Support Teams and Social Media Agencies All social communication channels — Facebook [ Page’s Comments, Direct Messages ], Instagram [ Comments, @Mentions ], Twitter [ Direct Messages, @Mentions ], YouTube [ Comments ] — in one place. The conversational user interface makes your life easier. You can always engage with your social audience together with your team members.

You spend less time and always stay top of your audience!

Big plus, Juphy has a FREE plan for small business.

Try for FREE

2) Smart Moderation

Smart Moderation is the world’s first machine learning and artificial intelligence-based automated comment moderation tool. It automatically moderates all your favorite social networks, blocking out spam, abusive language and profanity. In addition to moderating, it serves as an excellent tool for reputation management and dealing with crises, allowing you to focus on problem areas before they expand into PR disasters.

The software is totally customizable and works in real time with high accuracy rate, making it an excellent and cost-effective alternative to support a human team of moderators. Your current community monitoring team can enjoy all its features to help streamline their work and ensure your fans are safe and satisfied.

3) BrandMentions v2

Brandmentions allows me to find recent client mentions on the web, saving me a lot of time. With one click I can export the results, and check if a link exists back to my client and approach any unlinked client mentions. Danny Lynch, Head of PR & Outreach Koozai BrandMentions delivers much better results and extensive coverage than other services I’ve used. It monitors global coverage which saves time and delivers a quick snapshot of all coverage. Eva Diaz, & Managing Director Profile Booster BrandMentions is the first thing I do every morning after coffee as is the easiest way to find out where you’re mentioned on the web. Using BrandMentions, I can quickly discover when Shapr is being talked about or when a professional has written a blog about our app! Mandy Menaker, Head of PR & Brand Development Shapr I find BrandMentions to be faster than Google at discovering new brand mentions

4) Notify

Easy setup and you get to see when your company is mentioned on various social media services.

5) Intutel

Intutel allows monitoring of keywords, competition benchmark and industry assessment by Intutel Social provides deep dive analytics for a brand across social media platforms in one place. It extends the benefits of social intelligence for a brand to consumer chatter in the industry across the web in all formats reviews, forums, blogs, news & search. Intutel team is really psyched and They are advancing the launch of timeline feature and complete Intutel stack.

6) Mention

While Mention offers the best in many areas, there is room for improvement: You need to upgrade to a plan for Boolean searches. Without this, you can only exclude five for each Unless you have a VERY unique company name and product category, you will spend a lot of time reading through irrelevant searches. It would be nice to have one standard plan that includes Boolean. The spam filter takes a long time to work it’s a long game. You’ll need to identify a lot of spam spam means irrelevant to your search, not traditional over a long period of time for the Mention algorithms to begin knowing what to automatically exclude from your monitoring. So it’s a nice feature to have, but not something you can quickly rely on. If you have multiple accounts on the same social platform two Twitter it requires three clicks to like a post or follow an account.

Home 2019 – ALT

7) Cyfe

Cyfe is an dashboard app that helps users monitor and analyze data scattered across all their online services like Google Analytics and Salesforce. The plus points of Cyfe include a good amount of data sources, affordable pricing and value for money, top rate customization options for dashboards, CSV and Excel data dashboards, and unlimited users. At the same time, Cyfe is with more business systems and applications than any other BI product, which is why we recommend it for companies working with large and complex software architectures. Overview of Cyfe Benefits There are many specific benefits that can be associated with Cyfe’s role in small and medium companies. To start with, this comprehensive data processing system performs monitoring, and provides detailed insights on your social media profiles, email marketing channels, web analytics, SEM, SEO, and much more.

8) Brand24

You can include both required keywords and excluded keywords to further refine the data, but you’ll only be working with keywords under the Premium plan. Compared to Crimson Hexagon, Synthesio, and Talkwalker, where keyword queries are unlimited, Brand24’s keyword limitations felt particularly noticeable. Those keyword limits are stretched over multiple projects as well, so if you’ve only got keywords to use and are monitoring two brands, a competitor, and a hashtag, your data filters won’t be as sharp when limited to a handful of keywords per project. There’s a Photo checkbox for social media including Instagram and Pinterest, and a Video option for networks including YouTube, Vine, and Periscope. Enable that integration during setup and you can view your company mentions from a chosen Brand24 project directly in a specific Slack channel for easier and faster collaboration. Social Mentions and Analysis The Brand24 interface is broken down into five main analytics categories for any given project: Mentions, Analysis, Sources, Quotes, and Comparison. There’s also a Help menu with a video walkthrough, customer success stories, webinars, a fan page, demo project, and FAQs.

9) Keyhole

Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Its visual dashboard is simple, beautiful and shareable! Keyhole’s real-time dashboard shows how many people posted with your hashtag, along with the number of Retweets, Likes and Impressions your campaign is generating. Keyhole tracks the most influential people engaging with your brand. Reach out to them to promote your content and increase your brand’s reach.

10) Tweet Deck

First version of TweetDeck, originally an independent Twitter app by Iain Dodsworth, was released. June 19, iPhone version released May iPad version released October Android version made available after a public beta period. December 8, Twitter released a new version branded “TweetDeck by Twitter”, as part of Twitter’s redesign of its services.

Analytics, Statistics, Reporting
1) Iconosquare

The accessibility and easy navigation on Iconosquare makes my reporting of growth metrics to clients seamless! I love the feature to be able to see who unfollowed you the most, it’s the most useful for me. I also really love the weekly & monthly This is the best analytic tool and engagement software for social media.

2) Quintly

Combine the social media analytics data of all your social networks in one tool. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs or all, quintly visualizes and checks your social marketing success, presented in a clean and neat design to always keep the overview. Get valuable competitor insights and data like never seen before. Benchmark your social media performance and marketing analytics against competitors and alongside best-practice examples.

3) Lucidya

Lucidya is an AI-Powered social media analytics service For Businesses and Marketers.Automated trend detection and cause analysis to be able to know what about to trend, started by whom and who is endorsing it. Arabic Focused Social Media Listening Tool Powered By Artificial Intelligence


4) Burrrd

It’s a Twitter account analytics tool and Burrrd. provides advanced insights and analytics for public Twitter accounts presented with a beautiful UI. Just give it a Try and learn more about any user now!

Ads Management
1) Revealbot

RevealBot Paid social media tactics have a much more limited pool of choice for reporting tools. You can automate bid strategies, get alerted to changes in status and review performance directly from the messaging client. Snapchats business model is based around attracting pound campaigns, but its become a popular tool for influencer marketing . It allows users to review the performance of your influencers snaps via open rates, completion rates and estimated reach, which arent accessible through the Snapchat app itself.

2) Instagram for business

Use relevant, popular hashtags Engage by following others and liking their photos selected images to your Facebook page with a hashtag that aligns with your campaign or brand image to help people who don’t know you’re on Instagram to find you there. Debut Videos Instagram’s recent Video on Instagram has given Twitter’s Vine a serious competitor to contend with. Jordan Crook charts the differences between Instagram and Vine in the image below: Jordan Crook charts Instagram vs. Embed Instagram Video in Your Blog or Website Last month, Instagram released a new embed feature for its desktop web browser version. We’ll talk more about this in Generate a Flexible Posting Plan Carley Keenan offers the following advice on the frequency of sharing on Instagram: “You don’t need to post on Instagram every day. If you start posting a lot, you might saturate your followers’ feeds, and you don’t want to force yourself into the noise too often. There are apps that let users print images, search tags and keywords, subscribe to Instagram profiles via email, download all Instagram photos in a single archive folder, plus many more. Inspire Potential Customers Anna Colibri suggests you post photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers. Whole Foods Market posts representative photos to promote healthy, wholesome food products, store events, sustainability and their active community of customers and employees. A study conducted by Simply Measured earlier this year found percent of the world’s top brands are now active on Instagram.

Social Media Management tools
1) nTuitive

Just another all in one place social media management tool is here, you can play with nTuitive if you have to manage more than one or two social media profile because it supports over 20 platforms for now. And Cynthia Johnson says that about nTuitive.social “I’ve reviewed and used many of the leading social media management solutions on the market over the last few years. None of them have come close to providing the amount of features and value that nTuitive.social does.”

2) Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a social media management platform that combines the power of internet and technology to empowers businesses, brands, marketing agencies, and organizations to discover and manage customer experience across various social touch-points and drive growth. With a simple to use interface for the planning of social publishing of marketing and PR campaigns on multiple social networks, Statusbrew is a trusted partner for Teams.

The publishing feature helps you to schedule content across different social platforms. With Engage on Statusbrew, never miss out any conversation about your brand or business on social. Reply to DMs, Mentions, and Comments from all the profiles in a single unified social inbox. With real-time sync, receive and assign replies to specific teammates for them to work on it as soon as a prospect talks about you and never miss out on any lead. Slack Integration will change the way Brands, and Agencies can bring in their teams to collaborate in Social Publishing and Brand Monitoring right from their workspace. When you connect your Statusbrew with one or more Slack channels or workplaces, you will receive instant Slack notifications for all the activities you choose are necessary for your Business. Signup on Statusbrew for a free 14 days trial to gain a competitive edge and build strong social connections! show less

3) Kuku

Kuku is an intuitive web tool for publishing content to multiple social media at same time. This may sound way too familiar, but what contrasts us from competitors is a really addictive, coupled with an unexpectedly broad range of features and supported social networks. Kuku is up to add Reddit, Pinterest and quickly achieved a base of active users without spending a single penny on paid marketing.

4) Socialweaver

Discover what any company’s audience responds well to without spending time and energy running tests across platforms. Stop juggling tabs and apps: Access all of your accounts from every single post, eliminating the need to juggle tabs and apps. If you see a post youd like to engage withwhether its liking someone elses post or responding to a comment on yoursa simple dropdown menu makes it easy to select which profile youd like to engage as. You can configure some categories to your content automatically, increasing your ROI on time spent creating each post.

5) Sprout Social

Its been one of the many reasons why I’ve recommended Sprout Social to friends and clients over the years particularly over Hootsuites offerings. For example the reports generated by Klear are more comprehensive, look great and give you the ability to filter the data on a finer level. It allows you to export as a PowerPoint presentation AgoraPulse Powerpoint Report Sample If reports and analytics are important to you, there are better tools out there.

6) Zoho Social

It’s also ideally suited for small to midsize enterprises managing up to three different brands that are looking to track core internal metrics and external reporting on specific social networks. While its broader social listening capabilities and depth of reporting data can’t match the global enterprise scale of Editors’ Choices Synthesio and Sysomos , Zoho can also do a lot more on the publishing and CRM integration front, and at a bargain price. Pricing and Setup Zoho Social is free for a single user and brand, with basic social publishing functionality with no Instagram But the real features begin in the $10 per month Standard plan, which includes two users, publishing and scheduling, and basic monitoring, reporting, and collaboration features.

7) Sendible

The ability to auto post is a necessity, but where sendible shines is in content aggregation. A few steps and you are provided with new content on a daily basis that you can then easily turn into posts. I have used Sendible in both an agency setting and with a single client and the power behind Sendible is obvious, I have always called Sendible my secret. Sendible has been a key component to growing our Instagram followers and putting our brand infront of other agencies. Additionally, the Pinterest integration seems buggy and Instagram, due to the current API, posts via email and not directly to your account. I came to Sendible to bring all of my clients into one hub and to automate the posting process to a certain degree. I needed to do different things for these very different clients and Sendible allowed me to import all my social accounts and post from one dashboard.

8) Agorapulse

There are many apps on the market to help companies and individuals with social media management. AgoraPulse covers basically everything you could possibly need for social media marketing , monitoring, and management. Focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram currently with more networks set to roll out shortly, it helps small businesses that are on tight social media marketing budgets have a complete tool like the Fortune companies! Comprehensive Analytics Tools The analytics tools found in AgoraPulse are very similar to what you’d find in Facebook Insights. Besides the interface, AgoraPulse also includes all kinds of reports that you won’t find in Facebook Insights. This includes post recommendations, average fan profiling, reach and engagement breakdown, page views, export into Powerpoint, ROI analysis and competitor analysis.

9) Hootsuite

Mobile networks or Utility companies love Hootsuite as it allows them to delegate customer messages to different team members and these can be managed overall by an administrator. Another useful feature is that Hootsuite allows you to store draft messages that you can post when you receive a frequently asked question for example open hours or directions to your business. You Want to Cross Post to Your Page Google’s own social layer, is finally being seen as an important network for businesses to be using. Not only does it help with SEO and the authorship of your website or blog, but it has some amazing features that could help you reach your customers such as Communities and Hangouts. When it comes to updating and managing your business page you have a bit more and Hootsuite is a big winner here! Pretty much all the features you’d expect are available, including posting to your circles, location, links and scheduling.

10) Fanpage Karma

Analyze your profiles – and your competitors. With KPIs, analyses and reports. Monitor your success and increase your social reach every day. Rule your market: analyze your page and those of your competitors. Check out key performance indicators of an unlimited number of pages – it has never been easier to discover trends and get inspiration.

11) Sprinklr

Sprinklr provides a unified platform for customer experience management (cxm). Our customer experience & social media management software guides enterprise businesses through and digital transformation.

12) eClincher

Timing is everything when it comes to nurturing your social media channels. In addition to the hours we invest developing original content, our clients count on us to spend just as much time tracking referrals, advertising top campaigns and analyzing best So how does an entrepreneur solve this social media challenge? With the dilemma of having to invest time and resources for social media promotion, smart companies and marketers are seeking solutions from technology and software that provide organization and automation. However, they are now faced with the challenge of researching and finding the right set of tools to provide the desired results.


13) MavSocial

I was chatting with a friend the other day who spends hundreds of dollars a month alone on stock photo solely for promoting content in social media. My friend, not being social media savvy, did not know, and in fact very few of the social media marketers I know understand that this tool exists. MavSocial is not a site to source stock photo images but a fully functional and mature social media solution. It has all of the features you would expect, and some you might not, like their news feed targeting for Facebook Pages pictured below. And, MavSocial handles Instagram posting with an app for iOS in addition to directly automating content for other top networks. Now, there are LOTS of social media dashboards out there, so youre probably wondering why you might want to change to a new one. Being focused on the visual brings many advantages to MavSocials users, especially those managing multiple brands as part of a social media agency.

14) SocialPilot

How SocialPilot helps in social media marketing More Accounts, More Posts, Affordable Price Share as many as posts and connect up to social profiles from a single account. Read More Schedule Tweets and Posts in Bulk Have the hundreds of social media posts you need to share got you feeling fatigued? Bulk Scheduling ensures your posts will go out according to your own schedule, and thus, saves you time. Read More Teams & Collaboration Work collaboratively with your entire team and share your social media calendar. You can also designate some members as content schedulers, and other members as managers, to ensure that only the best and approved social media content gets posted on your accounts.

15) Oktopost

Expand social reach by publishing to multiple networks and deliver engaging content to the target audiences who matter the most. Now is the time to get the team on board with content sharing, and leverage its untapped social reach. Our Pricing Philosophy Social media has become an inseparable component of any inclusive B2B marketing strategy. Businesses must engage, listen and participate in a multitude of social channels, online communities and segmented markets. With this new challenge, a bountiful of social platform vendors provide spot solutions to manage and measure social media activity. It’s become burdensome to navigate and connect so many social tools, having them work in harmony and seamlessly share data. Oktopost’s SaaS pricing is determined by your company’s organization structure of marketing user seats, social advocates, and social profiles.

16) Falcon

Our feeds are streamlined in one place, and the interface is visually clear. The team there are dedicated to creating the best possible products and take feedback in stride, following up on issues to make sure they’ve been resolved, as well as proactively looking for ways to make Falcon even better. Most of the things that I don’t like are out of Falcon’s control and rest on Instagram’s API. It would be great to have the ability to like comments left on Instagram posts and check DMs without having to navigate to the app itself, but again, that’s out of Falcon’s control. Recommendations to others considering the product Falcon is a fantastic tool for social media monitoring and publishing. Their support team is always available to help solve problems you may face and are quick to do so. We’re able to manage accounts for our many clients more quickly, and Falcon lacks the limitations and quirks of our previous program.

17) HubSpot

HubSpot has a module that monitors social media for Facebook, Twitter but it has only basic features and not effective for the professionals.

18) Salesforce – Social Media Marketing

Listen, engage, and publish using powerful social media marketing tools — and unite marketing with sales and service over popular channels.

19) SocialHub

Get protection from social media risks with advanced security features. Learn more Discover how SocialHub works for you Businesses Grow your business by making your customers happy. Government Reduce social media risks and avert a crisis with powerful security features. Strict access and password restrictions, monitoring tools and the power for rapid response puts you in control. Over million service requests have already been answered with SocialHub On the one hand, SocialHub impresses with its high speed, on the other by providing excellent support and fast feedback to our enquiries. Every employee is enthusiastic about SocialHub and does not want to work without the new tool anymore.

Home EN

20) NapoleonCat

They introduce themselves as a conquerer of social media! Yes, they have very powerfull tools to do that.Just take a look but note that The only limitation during your trial period is that you can’t connect profiles larger than one million This is because processing large amounts of data is costly and were charged for every tick of our servers processors.


21) Social Bakers

Socialbakers offers several services including EdgeRank Checker, an algorithm that tells users what content works best for their brand’s Facebook pages, among other things. Social Media edit Apart from the metrics that Socialbakers offers in their tools for brands to monitor, they have promoted several ways for brands to track their social media success and benchmark against the competition. One of the first benchmarks was Socially Devoted to a certificate awarded to brands that respond to at least 65% of a high volume of questions that users ask them on Facebook and Twitter. Socialbakers also awards Smart Storytellers, a benchmark that looks at the number of Average Post Interactions in relation to post frequency. In October 2014, Socialbakers announced Promoted Post Detection, a service that allows brands to differentiate between paid and organic reach by using public data only.
1) Socialwall

Posts and photos are gathered in a single place and presented as one chronological timeline. Even the outsiders who were not able to attend your event will be able to follow it online and interact.Although the Social Wall interface is very you can always count on us for support. Setting up a Social Wall engages music lovers, and enables them to share their emotions in real time. Conference, Networking SocialWall fits perfectly with business events such industry conferences where participants are looking to keep track of what’s happening.

Home V2

2) MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook messenger platform that lets you build chatbots on Facebook Messenger without writing any code. It allows users to schedule and bulk-send interactive and engaging content, offers, and campaigns to Facebook Messenger contacts.

The chatbots created via Monkey can be designed to make appointments, answer FAQs, track purchases, and use A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions.

For more info, you check it out here: https://mobilemonkey.com/chatbots
3) Unfollow for Twitter

Unfollow or Follow for Twitter is the best tool to track non followers, recent unfollowers, followers, etc on your twitter account. This is the best tool to manage your twitter account and grow your twitter followers. It is a free light-weight tool to find out who unfollowed you on twitter. You can even find out who are your fans and who your recent followers or unfollowers are.
4) Swite

This interesting tool helps you to create a website according to your social media shares. Thus, you can create your website contents easily about your product. Give it a try, you may love it.
5) Followerwonk

Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. Find and connect with new influencers in your niche.
6) Kred

Your Influence score increases when someone takes an action because of your content on Twitter or any other network you have connected to your Kred profile. Since Kred Influence is normalized, the rate at which Influence Points convert to Kred Influence constantly changes as everyone in the social universe accrues Points. The conversion rate varies within each community and changes over time as community members accrue more Points and new people join. Influence Points from Facebook We award Influence Points when somebody takes an action on your Facebook content, including Mentions, Comments, Shares, and Likes. You also receive points for interactions on the walls of others who have registered their Facebook account with Kred.

7) Feedly

How to Get Started Starting an account at Feedly is easy just sign up with an email address and you’re all set. Click on that, then add a blog by copying and pasting the URL or by just typing in the name of the blog itself, for example, TechCrunch. Feedly also gives you categories you can choose to click on any of these categories and featured blogs will appear that you can instantly subscribe to. If you scroll down a bit, even more, blogs that you have subscribed to will appear. You can organize your feeds by topic, helping you read according to what you need quickly. Or, you can toggle each folder, found in the left sidebar, and you’ll see all your subscriptions listed individually. Organization The way you organize your categories on the Feedly desktop navigation bar defines the order in which the categories are displayed in the today section. So if you want to things to reflect your interests, go to your feedly page, drag and drop to and then reload feedly. You can also organize your Feedly by clicking on the Organize link on the top here, you can drag and drop categories into whatever order you want, as well as edit names of categories, delete categories, or edit and delete individual feeds. Feeds and reading habits are synchronized across devices, so if you read something on your desktop, it will be marked as read on your mobile app as well.
The Conclusion

I just want to say that finally, it’s over. It took me 2 weeks to produce this content but it looks amazing now. This list is full of new products, a lot of products that are waiting to be explored are listed in this article. If any changes happen on these products, I will try to update this list in the time. I Hope that it will be also useful to you. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment, Adios 🙂

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