How to Manage Google My Business Reviews in 2022

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When we find out about anything for the first time or we want to get more information about something, the first thing most of us do is to look it up online.

We want to get quick and accurate info about places, services, or businesses from real experiences and make sure we are not wasting our time or money. That’s why most of us prefer “googling” businesses before engaging with them. 

So, the existence of your business on the internet is very important. If you want your business to achieve its goals, you should always pay attention to your online showcase.

Here’s exactly where Google reviews get into the game. Oh, those reviews… enthusiasts, haters and all.

Google My Business, accordingly, is one of the most common tools that help you control and manage your business reviews online (and more; yet this is not the case in this article).

You need to manage them effectively because people want answers and your reviews are sometimes likely to not show up. What? Another ghost hater? That’s okay. But hey, an invisible enthusiast? Unacceptable.

Either way, there must be a good way to better prevent Google My Business reviews that are not showing up. Let’s get to work.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business website homepage

How your business shows up on Google has a direct connection with being discoverable and preferable. Keep that in your mind.

Google My Business is a free business listing platform by Google. With Google My Business, you can manage the appearance of your business on Google as well as observe insights. Is this important? Well, if you want your customers to have correct information about your business and if you are looking for the data of how your business interacts with the clients, yes this is important.

Using GMB makes controlling your business interactions easier and clearer. GMB allows you to manage the name, location, working hours, description, phone number, photos, and reviews of your business. Plus, with GMB, you can see how clients find and benefit from your business, observe search insights and get much more useful data.

Your business’ online profile is vital for;

  • Providing correct information about your business
  • Reaching potential customers
  • Having the ideal online reputation
  • Enabling people to have an idea about your business (through descriptions, user reviews, etc.)
  • Creating an image of your business
  • Observing analytics
  • Building trust via reviews and user rankings

But, let’s take reviews out of this list and take a deeper look at it.

Importance of Google My Business Reviews for Your Business

First things first; why should Google My Business reviews be taken seriously, and why do you need a good Google reviews management strategy? Your total success depends on the reputation and image of your brand or company. When your reviews on Google show up properly, it means that prospects will be convinced more quickly to move forward. I mean, what can be more convincing than social proof?

In other words, Google is your turning point to whether people make shopping decisions or drift away. The higher number of reviews you get increases the credibility; fastens the decision phase, and takes your company to another level.

However, even when it has this much importance, sometimes, your reviews do not show up on your Google My Business page, or it takes so long to show up.

Why does it take so long for Google reviews to show up or sometimes worse; why don’t they show up at all?

Google reviews might not show up because of a problem with your GMB listing. Mostly, a quick fix can solve the issue quickly. Yet, there are some other likelihoods that can cause reviews not to show up on your listing.

  • Temporarily disabled Google reviews: In some cases, Google disables the system or begins maintenance and the reviews written during that time are not posted immediately. As soon as the maintenance is done, submitted reviews show up.

  • Duplicate Google listings: In that case, it is possible that a review is posted on the duplicate listing.

  • Inactive Google listing: Your business might have lost its verification if you don’t show any activity on Google My Business for a long time.

  • Listing information changes: Your information updates might sometimes cause reviews not to appear.

  • Non-Google users: Google leads customers who do not have a Google account to sign up page, which causes most of them to exit the page without writing a review.

  • Delay: It might take 2-7 business days for reviews to appear live.

  • Inaccurate listing information: When your information cannot be confirmed, the reviews are automatically refused.

  • Users delete reviews: It is also possible that after you get a review notification, the customer might simply change the decision and delete the review.
  • Reviews violate Google’s policies: If Google detects a violation of policies, it removes the review.
  • You’re just missing them: I assume you haven’t thought about this one, but everyone makes mistakes (if they don’t have a good way to keep up with the reviews)

What we are trying to say is by managing Google reviews and its other features efficiently, Google My Business can become an inseparable part of your business to go higher and higher. This is where Juphy helps you to manage your reviews and get the best of Google My Business.


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How to Monitor and Manage Your Google My Business Reviews via Juphy?

Juphy, which is an all-in-one platform to manage all your business’ customer engagement from email, social media, chat, app stores, and review sites, also enables you to integrate your Google My Business reviews.

Once you integrate your GMB account to Juphy, you’ll be able to keep up with your reviews more effectively and won’t miss any of these valuable feedback. As we said before, Google is our one and only when it comes to making decisions about a business or company; and it should be also business owners’ as it is some kind of guidance for you to improve your service with honest feedback from suggestions, love, hate, comments, to complaints.

By integrating Google My Business to Juphy, you can get real-time data to your dashboard every 10 minutes. Of course, it is not only about getting the reviews, but you can also categorize reviews with labels, mark them as positive, neutral, or negative or assign specific a review to be evaluated by the relevant team member.

How to Integrate Your Google My Business Account with Juphy?

Simple, two-step integration. In your “Channels” dashboard, you can simply choose the platform “Google My Business” and then click on “Add Google My Business Account”.

How to integrate your Google My Business account with Juphy?

This click action will lead you to the Google account sign-in page. After signing in, you can confirm the integration of these two platforms. Yes, that’s all!

How to Use Juphy to Get More Customers from Google My Business Reviews?

A happy customer brings another. That’s how it even works with the referral chain. That’s how we acquire most of our loyal customers. That’s how we see getting more customers is actually easy while spending big money on marketing or sales campaigns. What about the unhappy one? We work hard to make them happy too at the end of the day. We show them we care, so it is a win-win game.

Google My Business reviews or *any* other review platforms are your easiest way to get into this win-win game. After that, it is all about managing these reviews in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Therefore, what we aim at Juphy is to create a single, easy-to-use platform for you to manage your reviews productively, and then get more customers when least expected.

Moreover, by breathing in Juphy’s comfy user interface with your Google My Business reviews,

  • You can assign the most relevant person in your team to a review or when you need 
  • You can check your review history and filter them based on names, headers, comments, or any other keywords.
  • You can get notified in an advanced way when a new review is submitted.
  • Your whole team can view the review at the same time and discuss it with Juphy’s internal notes feature.


Want to breathe a sigh of relief on preventing no-show, missed, duplicated reviews and get more customers through Google My Business reviews? Well, if so, we tried to answer this question by pointing out different aspects of Google My Business reviews and Juphy.

Google My Business reviews are actually very easy to manage via the right tool and very practical to create social proof for your business, which ranks in priority.


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