How to Use LinkedIn for Businesses?

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LinkedIn is the world’s most comprehensive professional network designed for business used by more than 706 million professionals worldwide. The social network focuses mostly on B2B connections and it is unrivaled considering professional business contacts. It is this exact feature that makes this platform a great asset for any business.

How to Create a Business Strategy on LinkedIn?

If you believe that your business should be on LinkedIn but you don’t know what strategy you should have, you can check out the tips below:

1. Define your target audience

If you don’t know who you are targeting with your content, even if your content is great, it is useless. That’s why you need to find out who your target audience is. Fortunately, LinkedIn makes it easy to identify your target audience and determine which audience segments are interacting with various types of content.

2. Create a strong LinkedIn business page

Briefly describe what your company presents, its services, and offers on your LinkedIn business page.

3. Produce useful content

LinkedIn is a great platform for companies to share their content. While the list of content topics is almost endless, you need to build your content strategy by focusing on what your audience is talking about.

Posting articles or company updates regularly on LinkedIn will help you grow your target audience and retain your followers.

4. Use LinkedIn analytics to connect with your audience

Keeping track of your LinkedIn analytics is very important in order to follow the development of your business. This free analysis tool provides you with some basic information on how to improve your page.

The reports for your company presented here will help you determine the changes in your total followers and to determine the most influential people and the best content strategy for your brand. Therefore, you need to consider all this information to increase your engagement with your audience on LinkedIn.

5. Invest in LinkedIn ads

Although the cost of advertising on LinkedIn is very high, sponsored contents increase brand awareness, enables you to create quality potential customers, and establish a deeper relationship with your target audience by expanding the reach of your content.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

Your LinkedIn business page is a great place to promote your companies products and services, increase your visibility, and share business opportunities for people who want to learn more about your products and services.

The LinkedIn company page offers many advantages compared to the LinkedIn personal profile whether you work for a large company or your own business.

Before you can create your own company page, you must have a personal LinkedIn profile for at least seven days with a verified email address. Of course it wouldn’t be bad if you have a few connections.

You also need to make sure your company doesn’t have a page on LinkedIn and that you meet the requirements for adding a company page on LinkedIn.

How do you create your LinkedIn business page?

  1. Click on the “Create Company Page” tab under the “Business” tab at the top of your LinkedIn page. Your company page will be created immediately.
  2. After creating your page, your next step is editing. Edits on your company page should contain the products and services you offer, your company’s history and mission, etc. When writing your company description, it’s a good idea to use relevant keywords to make your page more discoverable in search engines. You also need to make sure that your most important product or service is ranked first.
  3. After creating your company description, you can add other company details. For example, your website, company type, company size, and your company’s features, etc. Make sure you upload your company logo and cover image before you select the “Publish”.

How to Develop a LinkedIn Business Page?

You created your LinkedIn business page, now it’s time to improve this page…

Let’s take a look at how to develop a LinkedIn business page step by step:

Share something every day, especially on working days

While most people believe in the theory that we should share as many posts as possible, the focus should be on quality instead of quantity.

So you can start with 20 posts per month and increase that number if you see its benefits.

Create or join LinkedIn groups

You can create your own group (can be linked to your business) or join existing groups on LinkedIn. However, these groups need to match your interests or the interests of your company. Following your participation, you must be an active participant to attract views to your company page. Thus, you will increase the visibility of your company.

If you’re going to open a LinkedIn company page, you’ll need your team’s assistance.

How can you get their help?

By encouraging employees to add their company positions to their LinkedIn profile…

Thus, you can enable other people to connect to your “Company Page” from your employee’s profiles. If your employees occasionally like, comment or share your post, your content will also appear on your employees’ networks, so your content will reach more people.

Create content in different languages to increase accessibility

If you want to increase the reach of your content, you should remember that LinkedIn is an international platform. Therefore, set your company name and company description in any language you target (you can create custom descriptions of your company in more than 20 different languages). LinkedIn users will see the description in the appropriate language based on the language settings they choose to use on the platform.

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