Juphy Updates: New Features & Product Roadmap

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Nine months ago we started a public roadmap to encourage Juphyrians to collaborate with us, submit feature requests and provide feedback. This public roadmap is extremely valuable for us because we want to decide on the future of Juphy together with our community.

During the past few months we’ve been working really hard on the feature requests submitted on our public roadmap and today I would like to share some important updates with you:

Now you can add your Gmail to Juphy

You can now easily integrate Gmail with Juphy to provide customer support for incoming emails from Juphy’s shared inbox as a support team. The first version is released as BETA and you can directly test it through Juphy’s dashboard. Our developers are also working on custom email integrations and it will be available for testing soon.

Linkedin integration will be completed soon

Lastly, we can see the finish line for the Linkedin integration. Soon you will be able to manage your direct Linkedin messages from Juphy’s dashboard.

You can follow all updates through the “Change Log” tab

When we release a new feature or bug fix, you’ll be informed on Juphy’s dashboard under the “Change Log” tab. Once we enter an update, you’ll be notified by the “⚡new” sign next to the tab.

This is all for this week. We’d be very happy if you join our mission to make Juphy the best customer support tool on the planet by collaborating on our public roadmap. You can request new features, submit bugs, and give feedback. You can also join our Facebook Group “Juphy Lovers” to become a part of our growing community❤️

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