How to Add Your Team Members to Juphy

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Whether you are using Juphy on a desktop, laptop, or on the mobile app, you can add your team members and work on your inbox collaboratively as a team. Working as a team on Juphy will enable you to solve issues faster and increase your organization’s customer response time.

Here’s how.

1. Navigate to your Juphy Dashboard

First, open Juphy. If you’re using a laptop or desktop, navigate to in your preferred browser. If you’re using a mobile device, open the Juphy app. Then log in to your account by entering your email and password.

Once you login, you’ll be automatically directed to Juphy’s dashboard. On the left side, you will see the “Settings” tab. Under settings, you will see the “Team” tab.

2. Invite Team Members

Once you click on the “Team” tab, you will see an invite button towards the bottom right as seen on the picture below. Please note that you can only invite team members if you are an “admin” in your organizations Juphy profile.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the invite button
  2. Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite
  3. Choose whether you want them to be an “Admin” or a “Moderator”. Please note that “Admin’s” can reach all your social profiles, manage your dashboard, invite new team members, assign tasks to other team members and answer all your messages. “Moderator’s” can only access and answer messages on specific pages that you select. This can be done if you don’t want your team member to access all the pages on your organizations dashboard.
  4. If you select them as a “Moderator”, select which pages you would like your team member to access
  5. Click on the “Send Invitation” button and your invitation will be sent.

3. Email Confirmation

Your new team member will receive an email notification containing a unique link to login. Once they click on the link, the system will automatically log them in with their company email address and an auto-generated password. After they login, they will see an invitation notification towards the middle top section and they should click “Accept” to access your organizations pages.

You can find all your team members under the “Team” tab on the left hand side. Invitations that have not yet been accepted will have a “waiting” sign next to their name. You can resend invitations using the “Team” tab.

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