What our customers think about Juphy?

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We launched Juphy’s Product Hunt campaign on the 28th of April and achieved to become the most commented tool in the customer communication segment in the whole Product Hunt history by receiving almost 500 comments! We prepared a little reading for you about what our customers say about Juphy on Product Hunt.


From these comments, we can quickly deduct that transition to Juphy is taking no effort! The reviews we got on G2 are also backing this up. These are the comments we got about our user interface and simplicity:

  • Easy to use
  • Great UI/UX
  • Simplifies giving support
  • Makes a smoother process
  • Getting started is a breeze
  • Transition quickly and painlessly
  • I can quickly find previous conversations
  • It’s simple and practical with great potential
  • Works whether you’re flying solo or in a big team


We easily see that Juphy is effective. It gives you an additional hour each day! It’s like cheating! 🤫

  • Time saver
  • Unified inbox
  • More efficiency
  • Saves a lot of effort
  • Doing action in bulk
  • Increased response rate
  • Improved team productivity
  • Increased team performance
  • Interact with the audience as fast as possible
  • Helped our team streamline our communication
  • Hours saved every day and just a ton of frustration too
  • I have been able to catch and delete spam comments on my Ads at record time
  • Automation Rules. I didn’t even know I wanted this and now that I’ve got it, my wheels are turning
  • Library of Responses. Oh, man. This is saving me so much time. I just use the drop-down and click on my pre-written responses
  • As an agency, you can create sub-accounts for your clients. 1 business per sub-account, you can add more users to handle responses from each business

Reliability and Security

We offer a unique solution at this point. Thanks to one of our users, we just found out another advantage we’re providing on YouTube. 🤩

  • Continuously being improved upon each day
  • I like that they are careful in releasing new updates
  • YouTube doesn’t have a support role so my team has access to delete all my videos which is a risk I’m taking. Juphy eliminates ALL of that.
  • It’s also great that you can create teams and allow all team members to reply to comments and messages without having to give everyone direct access to the actual Facebook or Instagram pages
  • The main reason why I like this is the ability to create a workspace and give team members access to all social media engagement under the same roof instead of having to share a bunch of passwords with a bunch of people


We are an interactive team and always trying to reflect this back into the product. We have a customer-first approach and it can be clearly seen from our public roadmap.

  • Cute fox 🦊
  • Lower costs
  • Better service
  • Game changer
  • Competitive edge
  • Service delivery booster
  • Strong product mindset
  • It is a complete solution
  • Future of sales and support
  • Highly advanced intuitive SAAS
  • I love the price point on this app
  • Extraordinary team management
  • The roadmap looks very promising
  • Keeps you connected with your followers
  • It works better than others such as Abhisi
  • I like how the workspaces are now more easily accessible
  • It is one of the most comprehensive social media manager available
  • Gives actionable insights on your users and what they’re talking about
  • Public roadmap where you can upvote and discuss new features, bugs, and suggestions all in one spot
  • You can also monitor or prioritized unhappy sender’s through their natural language detection on all platform
  • The tagging feature is so convenient to apply keywords so the service will tag and, thus, distinguish messages that contain these keywords. So, we can have a preliminary idea of what this message about even not reading it and even assign it automatically. Highly valuable


I, myself, am handling all of the support and trying to be available 24/7. I’m blessed to have great teammates that are supporting me whenever I need extra pairs of hands. 😇

  • Top-class support
  • The team is responsive and honest
  • Listening to the user and customer all the time
  • I can’t help but notice that Juphy staff were quick to reply and open to new ideas. That gives me a lot of hope for the future of this product


Everything seems great so far. However, if we need to choose the most important subtitle, That’d be criticism. It’s the most important thing for us because we’re driven to improve.

  • Instagram direct messages are pending, but I think that is an issue on Instagram’s API end, not necessarily Juphy. We are monitoring but clients still see the value
  • The email feature is still in beta and you have to apply to get it. So it isn’t yet ready to replace your help desk. It seems like it took a year because of internal issues, but I respect that they are transparent and assure their community that they are still working on it