How to Get People to Join Your Facebook Group?

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In the early days of Facebook, having a business page was a great way to access people organically on Facebook.

Unfortunately, those days are over. Organic access has steadily declined, and still continues to decline. As a different alternative to this situation, enterprises nowadays use Facebook Groups.

So you might say: “Okay, then I’ll create a Facebook Group.”

But growing a Facebook Group is a job in itself, and if you have never done it before, be sure, there is a lot to learn.

What Is A Facebook Group ?

Have you ever received a notification from a friend asking you to like a Page? If you have ever used Facebook, you have probably received such notifications. Your friends can send you notifications to like any Page, whether you are interested or not. But Facebook Groups are not like this, these groups offer different functions.

Facebook groups are communities, where Facebook Users with similar interests can interact. There are different Facebook Groups for almost every field of interest ranging from art to chat, from entrepreneurship to investments.

Why Are Facebook Groups Important For Your Business?

Before you waste your effort and time on this, focus on how a Facebook Group can grow your business and why it is important for you.

1. Creating an Engaging Community

If a person is a member of a Facebook Group, (then it means that) this person shares a common interest with the other people, who have already joined that Group. And, having a common interest also means having the capacity to form an interrelated community. Thanks to these groups, members can engage in discussions and exchange ideas and tips 24/7. If this group is a group owned by your business, it means that you have a community of people connected to your brand.

2. Promoting Products or Services

You can consider every member, who joins your Facebook Group, as consumers, who are really interested in what you are offering. This means that you can more easily convince people in your Group about your products or services.

3. Improving Reliability

If you create a Facebook Group and manage to increase the number of members of your group to over 1,000, it instantly adds reliability to your brand. In this way, your followers, who remain loyal to your brand under any circumstances, support you in any situation.

4. Developing Content Ideas

Content marketing is the focus of brands’ digital marketing strategies. It improves awareness and brand loyalty in the long run. But it might be difficult to produce contents that constantly attracts the attention of your intended population. When you come face to face with such a situation, take a look at your Facebook Group. Observe what people are saying about your brand. What is the topic that is being talked about over and over again about your brand? For example, you can share a Blog Post that addresses this problem, or you can create a survey that asks your members to specify what kind of content they want to see.

How Do You Get People To Join Your Facebook Group ?

If you are ready to learn how to make your Facebook Group popular, take advantage of the following methods we have listed for you:

1. Create Different Contents for Your Group Members

If people are joining your Facebook Group, (it means that) those people want to see different contents that are not available on your Facebook Business Page, Website, or Instagram Account, and to take advantage of an experience that is not accessible for others. This means that you must post exclusive contents for your Facebook Group members. For example, you can share Blog Articles that can only be accessed by joining your Facebook Group or you can arrange Live Facebook Web Seminars. Specifically Generated Content ensures that your group members shall stay loyal.

There are some places, where you should place a link that connect users to your Facebook Group.

  • While sending “welcome emails.” to people, who sign up for your newsletter, invite them to join your Facebook Group.
  • When you are marketing products/services via e-mails, add a link to your email template and that link should connect users to your Facebook Group.
  • Add your Facebook Group link to your email signature.
  • Add shortened Facebook Group link directly into your YouTube videos as one of the Call to Action Messages.

3. Offer Free Promotions

When people get in the way about whether to join your Facebook Group, you can attract them to your group by offering them free offers. An interesting e-book or webinar about your business can attract the attention of people, who stay in the middle.

4. Promote Your Group Through Other Platforms

If you already have an audience available on a different platform for your brand, what you should do first is to introduce your Facebook Group to that audience.

  • Add a CTA (Call-To-Action) to your Blog Articles.
  • Create an Opening Page on your website about your Facebook Group.
  • Inform your email subscribers.
  • Tweet to your followers.
  • Promote by using Instagram Stories.
  • Add a link to the description box when you post your next YouTube Video
  • Share it with your contacts in your LinkedIn Network.

5. Invite People Who Already Liked Your Page

If your business already has a Facebook Page, then use it for your Facebook Group. Once a Facebook Group is created, then you are presented an option to link it to your Facebook Page. This option shall activate the function of inviting all people, who have already liked your Business Page, to join your Facebook Group.

6. Select A Facebook Group Name That Contains Keywords

A person, who wants to join a Facebook Group, shall search for groups on Facebook that are suitable for them by using keywords. So, try to determine keywords your intended population shall be searching for and add those keywords to the name of your group. This is a way to get people to join your group without introducing your group to them.

Remember, you can change your group name only once every 28 days. So, think twice before you change the name of your Facebook Group.

7. Introduce Yourself In Other Facebook Groups

If you join any group for the purpose of introducing yourself and your group, first review the procedure for placing a link and promoting your own group. Later, examine what people are talking about. Later, make comments and respond to people.

You can also try to have a mutual introduction by interacting with the owner of the group.

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