Does it work in realtime?

Most of the communication platforms work in real-time on Juphy. Some of them are not working real-time due to their API limitation but we’re the fastest one on the customer tool market.


  • Facebook Direct Messages [Real-time]
  • Facebook Comments [Real-time]
  • Facebook Ads Comments [Real-time]
  • Instagram Comments [Real-time]
  • Instagram Ads Comments [Every 10 minutes]
  • Twitter Mentions [Every 2 minutes]
  • Twitter Direct Messages [Every 2 minutes]
  • YouTube Comments [Every 10 minutes]
  • LinkedIn Comments [Every 5 Minutes]
  • Google My Business Reviews [Every 10 minutes]
  • Play Store Reviews [Every 10 Minutes]
  • App Store Reviews [Every 10 Minutes]
  • Emails [Every 30 Seconds]

These are the current data aggregation timings of Juphy.