How to Setup White-Label for your Business

We all know that every business has its own special domain-like that can be replaced with your own custom domain.

Although you can use your root domain (, we still recommend using a subdomain ( Because connecting your root domain might affect your emails and anything else set up on it. Read this to know more about it.


1) Click “White-label” from left menu.

2) Upload your image and click “Save Image”.

3) Copy the given subdomain and create a CNAME for your own subdomain with it. Each company has a unique way of creating CNAME records, here is the list of popular ones:

When adding a CNAME record, generally, you see two fields. Host and Target. Enter your custom domain for Host, and, your current Juphy domain for Target.

Example host: Your custom domain (ex:

Example target: Your Juphy domain (ex:

4) After you setting the CNAME record, click “Activate”.

5) Type your subdomain or domain (ex: or and click “Save and Finish Activation”.

Optional: We’re activating SSL certificates manually within 24 hours. So if you send us a mail ( about your completion, we can activate it sooner!

And that’s really it! You completed setting up the white label! From now on, you or your clients can access Juphy from your choice of domain!