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Customer appreciation is a way to thank your customers for choosing you or your business among the many possibilities. Customers you appreciate feel valued, so they build up your loyal customer base over time, and this is crucial to a business. 

It’s another way of saying “thank you” to your customers. Appreciating them is a sign that you value their contribution and support.

We do appreciate our customers, but can our customers feel it?

Do they think we see them as virtual personalities on the Internet? Or do they feel they are individuals we value?

Customers want to feel like more than data in the digitized world. They want business owners who can meet common values ​​and take ownership of what they value.

If you want to learn how to establish a healthy connection with your customers and how to strengthen your communication with customer appreciation, this blog is for you!

What you will read on the blog;

  1. What is Customer Appreciation?
  2. What is a Customer Appreciation Strategy?
  3. Developing a Customer Appreciation Strategy
  4. Why Customer Appreciation is Important?
  5. Customer Appreciation Day
  6. Inexpensive Ways to Show Customers Appreciation that Work
  7. Ideas of Customer Appreciation

What is Customer Appreciation?

Customer appreciation is verbal proof that their thoughts, wishes, and even complaints are important to your company.

When you appreciate your customers, their emotional commitment to your business increases and they enjoy being seen as individuals. In this way, you can experience rapid growth by walking towards the same goal in your people-oriented workplace with both your customers and employees.

Attaching importance to customer appreciation is the first step in improving your business with the segment you want your business to draw attention to.

What is a Customer Appreciation Strategy?

A customer appreciation strategy is a gesture made by companies to express their gratitude to their existing loyal customers.

According to research by Andy Fred Wali and Bright C Opara, companies that show customer appreciation grow faster as they gain customer loyalty.

Developing a Customer Appreciation Strategy

You can’t be successful in anything that is done randomly. Therefore, you should analyze your business’s data well in terms of customer appreciation to meet the needs and wishes of your customers. The best thanks are the gifts and kind words that are not planned ahead of time.

It may seem illogical to you to plan this, but planning your customer appreciation strategy will have several advantages, such as: 

  • Plan

You may forget when or how to appreciate your customers. Making plans and taking notes will allow you to remember to appreciate your customers from time to time.  

Customers usually don’t expect a gift from your business, but showing that you remember and appreciate them takes you a step closer to gaining loyal customers.

  • Budget 

Once you make sure you’re providing everything your employees need, you can devote some of your budgets to gestures that you use to show your customers your appreciation.

  • Measurability

If you approach it randomly, you will have a hard time following the benefit or harm of this subject. Measuring which method gives you more customers or benefits is of great importance for improving your business, while at the same time enabling you to become a brand that communicates well with its customers.

Why Customer Appreciation is Important

When attention is paid, the approach of successful people around the world to their employees has always been good. Addressing employees by their names and asking questions about their lives, increase the motivation of their employees to work, so they get a more successful team.

This is also the case with customers. Every person is the most important person in their life. When customers look from their own perspective, everything is about them.

In an era when we can easily access and change everything, it is very difficult to find loyal customers and keep them that way. Knowing that the customer is valuable to you and feeling appreciated is an indication that they will move forward with you on this path.

Customer appreciation is one of the important factors that determine the attitude of the company towards its customers. Recognizing customers who make a difference or have the potential to make a difference plays a significant role in increasing future growth and sales.

Customer Appreciation Day

Businesses set April 18 as a special day to make their customers feel valued, but customer discretion should not be just a day or a week. It is important to approach your customers with empathy, answer their questions and make them feel valuable every day.

So, what are the ways that we use less of the company’s budget while appreciating every customer?

Inexpensive Ways to Show Customers Appreciation that Work

  • Develop Your Empathy

Like every human being, customers want to feel understood and listened. As it improves every human relationship, it strengthens the bond between your company and customers.

  • Send Thank You Notes

A simple way to show your customers that you are grateful is to send them a thank you note.

A personalized note makes the customer feel noticed. They leave your company satisfied and happy with their shopping. They are even more likely to choose to stay rather than ‘leave’.

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  • Share Customer Photos on Social Media

Many people look at social media posts before making a purchase or contacting any company. Sharing your customers’ satisfaction on social media is a concrete evidence that shows how much you value them. Other potential customers who see this will change their thoughts about your company in a positive way.

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Ideas of Customer Appreciation

  • Donate to Charity on Your Customer’s Behalf

Who doesn’t love to donate to those in need? Many people can’t donate because they forgot. By donating on your customer’s behalf, they’ll feel good about the money they’ve spent, think they’re doing a favor, and are more likely to choose your business on their next purchase. It is also possible that he will spend more money on his next purchase from you.

Sending a document stating where you donated it along with the product they bought from you will also allow you to get more interaction by sharing it on social media.

The profits of every purchase you make from WWF are all spent on vital work and donations. If you want to make more donations, you can make the donation you want by going to the donation section.

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  • Free Gift

Gifting over-production or unsold products to your customers will not only help them appreciate it, but also cause them to discover a product they might love. In this way, you can observe an increase in your sales as well as improve your relations with your customers.

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  • Send a Gift Card or Coupon

You can give a gift voucher to your customer to support them, for example, you can offer special discounts for their next shopping, such as ‘’Buy three, pay for two.’’

In fact, if you collaborate with a hotel, entertainment venue, or cafe, you can offer these opportunities to your customers. It will be perfect for customer appreciation that they always remember you in this memory they will create with you.

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  • Celebrate Milestones

When you achieve success in your social media account, for example, every 1000 followers increase, by organizing a daily discount coupon or raffle, it shows that you appreciate your customers and that you care about them by staying in touch with them.

  • Birthday specials

A birthday is the best opportunity to make someone feel special. You can show interest by sending a small gift, birthday card, or even a small cake to your customer on their birthday. Your customers will be proud to be remembered.

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Considering the fact that we are all customers, we should give the same value to our customers as we would like to be done to ourselves.

We should get to know our customers closely and appreciate them with personalized gifts or even questions.

It is certain that there will be no success on a platform without customers.

“People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

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