How to search YouTube comments?

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Learn the best way for searching youtube comments, especially for your own YouTube channel. If you have a busy YouTube channel, it’s hard to engage with your subscribers and followers and hard to find YouTube comments by keywords.

Traditional way to search comments on YouTube

There are two simple ways to search comment on YouTube. One of them is the easier but not effective way to search for comments on YouTube. It’s native search! I mean that you can search youtube comments with cmd + f or ctrl + f keys combinations but it’s not a productive solution to search YouTube comments.

Free tool to search YouTube comments

The second solution is more professional and unique. Juphy has search functionality for YouTube. In addition, you can also engage with your audience while searching for comments at the same time. Follow the easy steps to start searching comments on your own YouTube channel.


Juphy only provides the functionality to search your own YouTube Channel’s Comments! You cannot search other channel’s comments through Juphy! If you want to search for comments which do not belong to your channel, please check the third suggestion at the end of this article.

Two simple steps to search YouTube comments

Step 1

Sign up Juphy and create your FREE account in seconds

NOTE: Signing up for Juphy takes about 10 seconds or less

Step 2

Authenticate your YouTube account with Juphy. Go to channels section at the left-side bar then select YouTube at right-sidebar. You’ll see the Add YouTube Channel button! Click and authenticate in seconds and you’re going to see your latest YouTube comments. You are able to search all of your YouTube comments in one place.

One more solution for you

There is a Google Chrome extension that helps you to search for YouTube comments publicly. With this extension, you can search YouTube comments up to 100 comments and you can only search comments by specific video, you can’t search in all of your YouTube videos.

If you need to search all of your YouTube comments, we suggest Juphy or If you need to search comments which are belongs to other videos and other YouTube channels, Comments Search for Youtube to check extension.

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