Juphy’s Weekly E-Commerce News Express – 15-19 April 2024

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Welcome to last week’s e-commerce & AI news roundup. In this edition, we discuss a recent study by Airship about understanding Black Friday app trends, a new collaboration from Cognizant, Shopify, and Google Cloud, and fresh product updates by YouTube and eBay. Join us on our weekly retail, AI, and online shopping news tour about everything there is to know about the latest trends and insights!

Understanding Black Friday App Trends

Like any other sector, the fast-paced e-commerce world also has its popular days, weeks, and events that happen throughout the year. During those peak times, both retailers and consumers encounter great opportunities. But what happens at the end of these periods? To understand the echoes and what happens next, a recent study by Airship about the dynamics surrounding app downloads on Black Friday might answer some of those questions. After all, Black Friday stands out as a pivotal moment, not just for physical store sales but also for online consumer behavior.

According to their findings, Black Friday reigns supreme as the top day for consumers to install shopping apps, witnessing a doubling of the daily average installation rates seen in October. This surge in app installations is not limited to Black Friday itself but extends throughout the entire week leading up to the shopping wave, with a 40% increase in downloads compared to the preceding month.

App installations surge before Black Friday, with a 40% increase in downloads.

However, despite the initial enthusiasm reflected in these installation numbers, the study reveals a fine pattern of app engagement among Black Friday downloaders.

  • Nearly one-fifth of peak-week downloaders continue to engage with the app four weeks post-installation.
  • The retention rate falls slightly below the 20% retention rate observed among non-peak season app users.

The observed differences in app engagement between peak and non-peak season downloaders underscore the need for tailored approaches in app marketing and engagement. For instance, using data and insights from consumer behavior data to create personalized incentives to attract pre-holiday app downloads like

  • Exclusive early shopping rewards,
  • Promotions, and
  • Highlighting the benefits of joining the retailer’s loyalty program

to tap into their tendency towards quick transactions and deal-seeking behavior during the holiday rush.

To craft personalized incentives for pre-holiday app downloads, retailers can use consumer behavior data.

Moreover, it is important to recognize the unique motivations and preferences of different shopper generations, particularly when it comes to app usage and engagement. The fact that behavior patterns, preferences, and needs across different generations are going to change is vital. By segmenting app users based on their download timing and shopping habits, retailers can design targeted campaigns and personalized experiences that resonate with each audience segment. For instance, creating custom product pages within the app tailored to specific shopper profiles or interests could become handy.

Furthermore, the study underscores the critical role of timely and relevant app experiences in retaining users and fostering long-term engagement. With 57% of consumers uninstalling apps after just one or two uses, retailers must swiftly showcase the value and relevance of their app offerings to capture and maintain their users’ interest. Leveraging personalized notifications and tailored messaging based on recent user behavior can significantly enhance app engagement and drive conversion rates, as evidenced by a 79% lift in engagement observed with personalized notifications.

Personalized notifications based on user behavior significantly boost app engagement, showing a 79% increase.

Even though Black Friday is over, it still holds lessons for retailers looking to keep users engaged with their apps. There are plenty of other times for online shopping sprees, so thinking of them as practice runs for Black Friday can be a way to take necessary action and perfect the changes. By understanding what people do when they download apps during peak times versus calm times, retailers can make plans that suit everyone better. This helps build stronger connections with customers and keeps them coming back in the long run.

Cognizant’s Collaboration for Enterprise Retail

Shopify on Google Cloud, backed by Cognizant, aims to drive retail digital transformation.

Cognizant joins forces with Shopify and Google Cloud to empower global retailers and brands with cutting-edge technology solutions. Leveraging Shopify’s robust commerce platform, built on Google Cloud infrastructure and supported by Cognizant’s retail expertise, this partnership promises to drive digital transformation across diverse retail environments. Through the integration of Shopify’s commerce operating system and Google Cloud’s suite of services, brands gain access to the necessary technology for Cognizant to execute innovative retail strategies and enhance customer experiences.

YouTube’s Enhanced Shopping Tools for Creators

YouTube’s latest updates help content creators with enhanced shopping tools, including Shopping Collections for curated product showcases and an Affiliate Hub for streamlined monetization options directly within the app. With these new features, creators can seamlessly integrate shopping experiences into their content, offering viewers a more engaging and interactive way to discover and purchase products.

With these features, creators can integrate shopping into content, engaging viewers to discover and buy products.

Amazon’s Bulk Product Management Update

With this update, users can search and add up to 500 products from Amazon's inventory.

Amazon continues to streamline the seller experience with its latest update to the Add Products tool, aimed at enhancing efficiency and ease of use. With this update, users can now search for products in bulk within Amazon’s vast inventory and add up to 500 offers seamlessly. Through Seller Central, sellers can search for and add information such as pricing and quantity for up to 20 products at once, simplifying the offer submission process. Moreover, sellers can utilize the tool to search for and generate a pre-filled Excel template for up to 500 products, enabling swift and efficient listing through bulk uploads.

The Future of Personalized Shopping with Juphy AI!

Online shopping is all about convenience, but sometimes, that human touch is missing, especially when you need guidance outside regular hours. Introducing Juphy’s AI shopping assistant, specifically crafted for Shopify stores! With a seamless one-click setup and zero technical expertise required, Juphy’s AI chatbot offers every customer a personalized online shopping journey just like an in-store experience. From personalized product recommendations to answering queries about ingredients or materials, Juphy is there 24/7 to assist your customers. No need to worry about crafting unique experiences – Juphy AI has you covered. Try it now and watch as your Shopify store becomes a destination where customers leave with a smile: juphy.com

Juphy’s AI chatbot offers every customer a personalized online shopping journey just like an in-store experience.

Key Takeaways

Understanding Black Friday App Trends: On Black Friday, app installs double, with a 40% increase leading up to it. Post-install, nearly one-fifth stay engaged four weeks later.

Retail Tech Collab: Cognizant teams up with Shopify and Google Cloud to drive retail digital transformation, enhancing customer experiences with advanced technology solutions.

YouTube’s Shopping Tools: YouTube launches Shopping Collections and an Affiliate Hub, empowering creators to integrate shopping experiences into content for enhanced viewer engagement and monetization.

Amazon’s Bulk Product Management Update: Amazon’s Bulk Product Management Update simplifies listing with the ability to search and add up to 500 offers seamlessly, streamlining the seller experience.

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