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One of the most dreaded things for e-commerce business owners is putting their heart and soul into setting up shop, only to get zero traffic and the sound of crickets chirping on their website pages.

Sadly, that’s the reality of many e-commerce businesses. The industry is becoming increasingly competitive. In 2022 alone, there were over 24 million e-commerce websites, each vying for customer attention. 

But as the forward-thinking entrepreneur you are, you must take steps to stay above the competition. Thankfully, there are a myriad of SEO apps on the market today that will help you achieve that. 

We’ve done the groundwork for you by selecting the best SEO apps for Shopify. Compare their offerings and find the perfect fit to elevate your Shopify’s visibility. 

Now, are you ready to take your Shopify store from merely existing to thriving? Let’s get into it.

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An Introduction to SEO Optimization on Shopify

Beyond owning a Shopify store, you need to be discoverable by potential customers so that you can have people trooping in. That’s where SEO optimization comes into play.

With SEO, you can enhance the visibility and ranking of your Shopify store in search engine results pages. Let’s take a quick look at its importance. 

The Importance of SEO for E-Commerce  Success

Every second, Google processes over 40,000 queries. This adds up to billions of searches daily, and it’s a massive opportunity for e-commerce businesses to get discovered by potential customers. This is why there’s a rave about SEO in the e-commerce industry. 

SEO ensures that your products appear when users enter relevant search queries into their preferred search engine. Without effective SEO strategies in place, your Shopify store risks being buried under a sea of competitors. 

How Best SEO Apps for Shopify Can Improve Your Store

Shopify comes with built-in tools and features that can help with SEO optimization. These features let you edit your title tag and meta descriptions and add alt text to your product images. However, these features are not sufficient for comprehensive SEO success. The limitations of Shopify’s SEO features necessitate SEO apps. Here are four ways these apps can help your Shopify store:

  1. Competitor Analysis

SEO apps can provide insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies. You can use this information to identify opportunities to improve your store’s SEO effort and stay ahead of the competition. 

  1. Technical SEO Audits and Fixes

SEO apps will also crawl your Shopify store to detect technical issues like broken links, redirect errors, and duplicate content. They identify and fix glitches hindering your website’s visibility. 

  1. Keyword Research and Optimization

You can use some SEO apps to identify keywords people are actively searching for and optimize your product titles, descriptions, and meta tags to improve your store’s ranking for targeted search queries. 

  1. Performance Tracking

You can also get detailed reports on keyword rankings, website traffic, and other key SEO metrics using SEO apps. This is crucial to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. 

Image optimization is an important aspect of SEO.

Selecting the Right SEO App for Your Shopify Store

There are many SEO apps to choose from. Even though we have narrowed the list down for you, it can still be difficult to know the right one to choose. So here are some things to do before picking one. 

Matching App Features with Your SEO Goals

Before selecting an SEO app for your Shopify store, know your mission. Find out where Shopify’s SEO features are lacking and what you need to fill the gap for your specific store. In the beginning phase, you can invest in SEO apps that can track performance and identify areas for fixes to improve ranking. Then, when you’ve got a full scope of what you need for your Shopify store, you can scale from there.

Considering User Reviews and Pricing Options

User reviews give you insights into the real-world experiences of other Shopify sellers who have used the SEO app. Analyze both the positive and negative reviews to understand the app’s strengths and weaknesses. Pay close attention to recurring themes in the reviews. You can tell from these reviews if the app delivers on its promises and offerings. 

In addition to user reviews, pricing plays an important role in guiding your decision. You need to choose an app that fits your budget. However, while considering your budget, also consider the value you will receive for your investment. Determine if the returns in the long run are worth the investment.

Top 6 Best SEO Apps for Shopify to Boost Your Rankings 

Drive traffic to your Shopify store, appear in more search results, and reach your target audience using the following SEO apps. 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO: Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Yoast takes away the busywork of SEO from your hands so that you can focus on other important things. They do this by automating your store’s technical SEO. Their expertise begins with their team of SEO experts, who keep abreast of the latest SEO best practices to ensure your SEO strategy is always aligned with the most current standards. 

Yoast also offers tools for analyzing specific types of content (product pages, blog posts, collection pages, etc.) to ensure they are fully optimized for search engines. Additionally, they help you incorporate keywords more naturally into your content to improve readability. 

Furthermore, Yoast helps your store to outshine competitors with rich results. This means that your Shopify store will appear more prominently and attractively on search engine results pages, ultimately grabbing the attention of potential customers. As a result, you get higher click-through rates. 

Yoast also has an SEO academy where you can learn and improve your SEO skills. Its 24/7 live chat and email support provide prompt assistance whenever you need it. 

Pricing: From $19/30 days with a free 14-day trial. 

SEO Manager by venntov

SEO Manager by Venntov Best SEO Apps for Shopify

SEO Manager simplifies the process of understanding and implementing SEO techniques to improve your store’s ranking in search engine results. This SEO app is designed to be easy to use and allows merchants to control how search engines like Google see their store.

Users of the SEO Manager app also get access to resources written by leading Shopify SEO experts.  This ensures that you have the necessary knowledge and support to optimize your store successfully.  It also provides real-time feedback on the progress of your SEO efforts to help you make informed decisions. 

Some of the other major features SEO Manager offers include live 404 tracking and fixes, Google integration, integration with Kit, structured markup, site maps and redirects, and optimized content to improve rankings. Additionally, SEO Manager offers a step-by-step tour to help you access these features easily.

Pricing: From $20/month

Plug In SE0

Plug In SEO: Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Plug In SEO app has a user-friendly interface and straightforward approach that makes it suitable for users of all skill levels. The app is known for its comprehensive SEO content feature, which streamlines SEO management. 

This feature primarily offers clear and actionable recommendations for improving SEO. It’s also instrumental in identifying and resolving SEO issues. Additionally, the app is capable of managing SEO across multiple pages to boost overall website visibility. Users have reported that it’s useful in boosting their Google search rankings.

Plug In SEO  also boasts a reliable and responsive support team with a deep understanding of SEO principles to give users a positive experience. 

Pricing: From $29.99/month with 14 days free trial

SearchPie: SEO Booster & Speed

Seach Pie: Best SEO Apps for Shopify

SearchPie is designed to increase your store’s visibility on search engines and ensure you maintain your top rankings over time. The app is packed with different features to achieve this goal. First, it provides auto-rich Google snippets to maximize your click-through rates. 

It also offers comprehensive SEO reports, which include daily scans, on-page issues, SEO scores, and effective recommendations to ensure you stay on top of any potential SEO issue. 

SearchPie also provides bulk SEO editing features to update meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags. This feature also helps you fix broken links with just a single click. 

Furthermore, this SEO app helps you find relevant and trending keywords to create helpful content for your target audience. SearchPie also helps you crawl long URLs and provides suggestions for fixing them. 

Lastly, the app offers Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support to improve load times. It also integrates with popular page builder apps like Shogun so that you can customize all sections of your AMP, including product pages, blogs, and homepages. 

Pricing: From $39/month

Avada SEO & Image Optimizer

AVADA SEO: Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Avada SEO & Image Optimizer is a Shopify SEO suite engineered to enhance your store’s search engine visibility and optimize image assets for better performance. It primarily focuses on on-page SEO optimization. 

Avada SEO & Image Optimizer automatically inserts alt tags to your images to help Google Search find them easily. It also optimizes your image sizes without jeopardizing quality to improve your website’s loading speed. 

The Avada SEO suite also automatically adds standard Google structured data to important pages of your website to enhance its overall appearance in search results. Users also benefit from the SEO Analysis feature, which provides SEO analysis for individual product pages. The analysis highlights SEO problems and recommends solutions per product page. 

The app is fully integrated with Google Search Console, which means that you can monitor and manage your website’s search traffic and performance. Lastly, you get a weekly report that contains insights into important SEO issues on your site. It typically includes search result performance metrics and an SEO issues checklist with image optimization statistics. 

Pricing: It comes with a free version, but the paid version starts at $34.95/month. 

SEOAnt ‑ AI SEO Optimizer

SEOAnt: Best SEO Apps for Shopify

SEOAnt provides an SEO checkup for your Shopify site to identify areas that need optimization.  It offers clear guidelines on how to optimize different parts of your website to improve its ranking and visibility in search engine results. 

It conducts an in-depth analysis of your website’s on-page SEO elements and optimizes content for higher rankings and increased organic traffic. The app compresses your website’s images without compromising quality. It also performs bulk editing of alt text on your images. 

You can also track and manage broken links on your website efficiently. Fast loading times and structured data markup on your website are also features this SEO app offers. If you need support at any time, SEOAnt offers 24/7 live chat support. 

With SEOAnt, product descriptions are a breeze. It leverages ChatGPT AI technology to generate attention-grabbing product descriptions in seconds. 

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plans start from $29.99/month

How Juphy AI Supports SEO Tactics and Increases Conversions

After you have scaled your SEO processes with the app of your choice, leveraging a tool like Juphy AI will boost your SEO strategies and tactics. With properly done SEO, more customers will find your page, but why stop there?

Juphy AI is the round-the-clock sales assistant that will help you make their experience on your site, positively unforgettable.

Based on the user’s behavior, Juphy’s AI chatbot proffers solutions to their problem, answers their questions, and even guides them toward purchasing relevant products on your site — ultimately increasing your sales and conversions.

In addition, Juphy’s AI integrated into your site reduces the need for slow-loading static FAQ pages, which reduces your page loading time. The AI chatbot takes its place by producing evergreen, fresh, and personalized content for website users instead.

The chatbot also helps you qualify more leads by asking users the right qualifying questions and providing your human agents with sufficient information for them to follow or nurture the leads.

Are you ready to turn your Shopify store into a cash cow that continues to provide huge monthly returns? Then take advantage of Juphy’s 14-day free trial today. It’s free to install, and you can set it up in one click, too!


Given the rising competition in e-commerce, it’s essential to employ strategies to maintain a competitive edge. One necessary tool for this purpose is SEO, a form of inbound marketing that forms the bedrock of organic search visibility. 

Your Shopify store comes with in-built SEO functionalities. However, an external SEO app is necessary for a more holistic approach to your Shopify store SEO. We’ve explored 6 of the best SEO apps that can help you improve your rankings on search engines, each with their unique offerings. 

To determine which app is best for you, consider your SEO goals, as well as the pricing and user reviews.

Key Takeaways 

  • Shopify’s basic in-built SEO features are insufficient to generate the traffic needed to hit your sales target. You need more comprehensive SEO tools.  
  • Using SEO apps for your Shopify store provides functionalities like competitor analysis, performance tracking, keyword research and optimization, etc.
  • To identify the best SEO app for your needs, ensure the app’s features match your needs, weigh the pros and cons of choosing the app, and then consider your budget for SEO.
  • After optimizing your Shopify store’s SEO, consider using Juphy AI, the formidable 24/7 sales assistant, to improve your conversions further. 

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