Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores 

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Shopify’s stats for 2024 tell us that the platform powers about 4.4 million e-commerce stores globally. To bring it closer to home, as of 2021, you could find not less than 75k stores selling clothes on Shopify. That’s a wild amount of potential competitors vying for your target customers’ attention. Data like this can seem discouraging, but it shouldn’t be. For a business owner, this information is powerful. It tells you to improve your strategies so that you can get ahead of the highly competitive playing field. One way to do this is to supercharge your Shopify store with the right tools. On the Shopify app store, there are many Shopify apps designed to enhance the functionality and customer experience of clothing stores like yours. However, finding the best Shopify Apps for clothing stores is challenging.

If you have a few minutes to invest in your clothing store’s growth, check out the best Shopify apps to try below.

Klarna On-Site Messaging

Klarna On-Site Messaging - Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores 

On-site messaging is a tech solution that helps businesses add targeted messaging to their website or application. While this messaging can be anything, Klarna’s on-site messaging is specifically for displaying payment options. It helps you add information that tells visitors about the available payment options as they browse through your online clothing store. 

Klarna offers flexible payment options to your website visitors. The on-site messaging informs your visitors about this flexible payment plan even before they make a purchase. 

You can choose the messaging asset you want and decide where to place it on your website. For example, you can use the Top-Strip promotion — a small static banner at the top of your page — to inform visitors at the beginning of their shopping experience that Klarna payment options are available. 

Klarna offers flexible payment options to your website visitors.

In contrast to the Top-Strip placement, you can choose the Footer placement, which appears at the bottom of every page of your Shopify clothing store. Then there’s the Banner placement, which can appear anywhere on your website, including your product and cart pages. 

Klarna offers dynamic messages for the product and cart pages. This means that the content changes based on conditions like the item’s cost and the payment options you offer. 

The app is free to install directly from the Shopify store.

Boost Sales with Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment options allow customers to spread the cost of a purchase over time, so they don’t have to make a full payment at once. There are different ‘flavors’ of flexible payment options; some include:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later (smaller installment payments for low-cost items) 
  • Recurring Payment Plans (monthly or annual subscription plans)
  • Installment Plans (fixed installment payments for large purchases)

Integrating Klarna on-site messaging with your Shopify clothing store and offering installment plans can help shoot your sales north. Think about it, don’t you feel encouraged to continue shopping if you see that flexible payment options are available on the site? 

With the messaging banner visible at checkout, even if the cost of the items is above the customers’ budget, the flexibility in payment might be all the push they need to complete the purchase. The result? More sales.  

Etsy Marketplace Integration with CedCommerce

Etsy is a popular site in the e-commerce industry that’s often compared with Shopify. However, unlike Shopify, which is a website builder, Etsy is a central marketplace for buyers and sellers. On Etsy, you have to register as a seller to list your clothing items for sale. 

Best Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores 
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To list an item on Etsy, you’ll need to pay a listing fee of $0.20. Your items stay active for four months unless you sell them sooner. With CedCommerce Etsy Integration, bulk listing items on Etsy gets a whole lot easier. But there’s more.

With CedCommerce Etsy Integration, bulk listing items on Etsy gets a whole lot easier.

With this app, you can sync and translate multiple products at once on Etsy, helping you avoid item duplicates. Its Smart Selling templates also allow you to manage shipping, inventory, and pricing. From the CedCommerce app, you have a centralized platform that helps you manage every aspect of your Etsy and Shopify stores seamlessly.

The CedCommerce app is free to Install, but it has other plans that start at $19 monthly.

Expand Your Store’s Reach

Who says you can’t be on both Etsy and Shopify? While Shopify gives you the independence to run your business, you can leverage Etsy’s wide audience to reach potential clients and, ultimately, record more sales collectively. 

Perhaps one of the reasons Etsy is a favorite among e-commerce retailers is its large customer base. Semrush reports that in March 2024, over 500 million people visited Etsy. You can imagine what a subset of that number can do for your clothing business. 

Return & Exchange Portal by ReturnGO

Return & Exchange Portal by ReturnGO

ReturnGO is another Shopify app that can help you tackle one of the unique challenges online clothing retailers face, specifically returns and exchanges. Sometimes, customers buy clothes in one size only to find out it’s a size smaller when they get the item. There could also be problems with colors or fabric which could lead to several return requests. 

ReturnGO serves as a return portal that takes your return policy simplifies it, and streamlines the return experience for your customers. All you need to do to use ReturnGO is:

  1. Define your return policy. No matter how complex it is, ReturnGO can simplify the process.
  2. Customize your return portal to align with your website. Use your brand color, theme, and other forms of identity that distinguish your website.
  3. Sit back and watch ReturnGo’s frictionless service, providing a smooth experience to retain customers and increase their lifetime value. 

The tool also offers a feature called the Reason Builder for customizing valid reasons for returns. Upon a return request, you can customize the tool to ask follow-up questions that demand the reason for the return, as well as visual evidence to see the state of the item and/or support the reason.

ReturnGo offers a 14-day free trial but starts at $23 monthly afterward.

Simplify Returns and Exchanges

A simplified returns and exchanges process is key to your customer’s satisfaction, as well as your brand’s growth. It helps you reduce the time spent on manually processing returns and also reduces the errors typically involved. 

When you integrate ReturnGO with your Shopify clothing store, you place the stress of returns management on a capable tool. You get a simplified return process and a service that works on its own. It also helps to keep refunds at bay so that you can keep the income within your business. 

Overall, the positive return experience keeps your customers happy and ready for more purchases. It can even help lower your business expenditures, which can increase your overall profit. 


Growave is a marketing solution built exclusively for your Shopify website. It features different marketing apps, an all-in-one solution, to elevate your Shopify clothing store. 

Growave is a marketing solution built exclusively for your Shopify website.

Some of these apps include: 

  • Loyalty & Rewards: You can use this app to foster customer retention and loyalty. It helps you conduct an effective loyalty program with VIP tier memberships to keep a constant flow of revenue and increase the lifetime value of customers. The feature also helps you handle important notifications/reminders like points expiration as well as automatically send emails. 
  • Wishlist: The wishlist app lets customers on your website save items on your clothing store for later purchase. It also sends marketing emails to customers featuring items on their wishlists. 
  • Reviews & Instagram UGC: Elevate your social proof and build trust with the Reviews & Instagram UGC app. It lets you display reviews on your Shopify website and Google search results and prompts customers to leave reviews in exchange for loyalty points. You can also display your Instagram user-generated content on your website with this app. 

Growave has a free plan, and a 14-day free trial if you’d like to try out the paid features. If you opt-in for the paid version, it’ll cost you $49 monthly.

Enhance Engagement with Comprehensive Marketing Tools

Turn your customers into repeat customers with the Growave tech stack. It has all the apps you need to engage your customers and nurture them until they become brand advocates who bring you new customers. 

Juphy AI for Enhanced Customer Service

Juphy AI is a 24/7 online sales rep that helps you sell more and deliver excellent customer service.

Juphy AI is a 24/7 online sales rep that helps you sell more and deliver excellent customer service. From the moment visitors check out your store to when they finally checkout their cart, the sales bot is on standby, waiting to assist. 

If you’re tired of losing sales to time zone challenges and unavailable human agents, Juphy AI is your cutting-edge solution. It helps you offer your visitors personalized product recommendations and answer questions expertly, but unlike a human agent, Juphy is never unavailable. It functions around the clock! 

juphy ai chatgpt powered

It’s available on the Shopify app store and is as easy to set up as clicking a mouse button. You don’t need any technical skills to integrate it into your site, and you can customize the chatbot to reflect your brand’s identity.

Juphy is available for free, but you can also do more with the paid plan, starting at $99 monthly.

Revolutionize Your Customer Support with AI

One of the most essential qualities of any e-commerce website is a responsive customer support team. Did you know that 85% of customers will make another purchase if they have a pleasant experience with your customer support?

Granted, it’s almost impossible to have human agents on duty 24/7, but a customer support tool like Juphy AI covers that challenge, and expertly too. Juphy AI chatbot provides timely, personalized interactions, AI-driven product recommendations, and support that can significantly boost your customer satisfaction and sales. 

See how it attends to this customer in the snippet below.

Chatbot product recommendation

It chops off hours of manual work by automatically answering your FAQs, keeping track of orders, and nudging customers closer to making a purchase, all without human input. By integrating Juphy AI into your clothing store, you can transform the shopping experience, making it more interactive and responsive to customer needs.

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To stand out in the highly competitive fashion industry on Shopify, you need more than a marketing strategy. You also need tools that make your Shopify website more responsive to customers’ needs, increasing their satisfaction levels and giving you a competitive edge.

Apps like Klarna on-site messaging, Growave, and Juphy AI make the overall shopping experience a breeze for your customers. This drives them to make repeat purchases and even become your brand ambassadors. 

Focus on providing flexible payment options, improving returns and exchange, boosting customer engagement, and delivering exceptional customer service. Your clothing brand will thank you!

Key Takeaways

  • The clothing store competition on Shopify is very keen. Enhancing your store with Shopify apps can boost your customers’ shopping experience, and give you an edge. 
  • Leverage tools like Klarna for flexible payment, and expand your reach by selling on Etsy Marketplace through CedCommerce.
  • Improve the returns process for customers using ReturnsGo, and boost customer engagement and loyalty using Growave.
  • Sweep your customers off their feet with excellent customer support using AI tools like Juphy AI’s 24/7 chatbot. It encourages repeat business.

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