12 Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2024

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Just like you, the prime goal of every business owner on Shopify is to make sales. 

And thanks to Shopify’s ease of use, huge reach, and seamlessly functional e-commerce features, making sales is not an unattainable feat. 

But what if we told you that, better than just a couple of sales here and there, in 2024, you could be among the many businesses that have been able to boost their Shopify sales by up to 50%


It’s simple. Use the right tools to scale your business processes, enhance customer experience and satisfaction, and 2x your conversion rates

Thankfully, you don’t have to search too far to find the tools you need. The Shopify App Store offers a vast range of apps — viable business tools that can help you surpass your sales target every quarter. 

We’ve made it easy for you by handpicking the best and most guaranteed apps that can help you increase your sales in 2024. 

Sit tight, review all 12 of them below, and then dig in the app store to navigate your way to a super-sales boost in 2024.

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What Are Shopify Apps and How Do They Significantly Affect Your Success?

What Are Shopify Apps and How Do They Significantly Affect Your Success?

Shopify apps are like extensions that help to extend the functionality of the Shopify platform. That means, in addition to the exciting features that Shopify offers businesses, you can get even more out of the platform with additional applications. 

With each Shopify app you install, you’re creating a Shopify experience that caters to your business’s specific needs. Installing specific Shopify apps is like equipping your team with the tools they need to work effectively and proactively, preempting your customers’ needs so you can resolve them beforehand. 

Inventory and Order Management Apps

Customers want their orders, and they want them now — that’s what surveys tell us. With inventory and order management apps, you can smoothly run your Shopify store and make more customers happy. They ultimately boost cost reduction and customer satisfaction levels by helping you:

  • Track your stock in real-time, and automate orders based on fixed thresholds, so you always have the right amount of inventory.
  • Automate the order processing process, saving time, reducing human error, and boosting order fulfillment times. 
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty because the customers can get real-time updates about their orders, track shipments, returns, and more.  

These Shopify apps help you achieve the above:

1. Stocky

Stocky - Shopify Apps

Stocky is an effective inventory management app for Shopify POS Pro. It helps you optimize your inventory decisions by allowing you to create and manage purchase orders and communicate with suppliers. You’ll also receive product recommendations about your most profitable products and in-depth reporting through its Stock Analytics feature. 

With Stocky, you spend less time worrying about what to purchase next. Instead, focus on how to maximize your profits with the best products for your business. 

Pricing: Free to install (comes with your Shopify Pro subscription)

2. ShipStation

Shipstation - Shopify Shipping App

Become an order fulfillment and shipping master with the ShipStation app. It’s an all-in-one solution that gives you and your customers the smoothest shipping and delivery experience with its affordability and speedy services. 

ShipStation lets you ship more orders in less time and offers a multi-channel platform that seamlessly integrates with any eCommerce stores, tools, and selling channels you use.

ShipStation allows you to work with UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, DHL Express, and more. Other services it offers include bulk printing, order tracking and shipment info for customers, shipping rates, insurance forms, etc. 

Pricing: From $9.99/month with a 30-day free trial.

SEO Apps

Working with SEO apps on your Shopify store is valuable to your sales strategy. They rightly position you in front of your target customers, ensuring an increase in conversion rates if done well. 


  • SEO apps help to boost traffic by making your store more visible in search results. This helps you reach a broader audience who are specifically searching for products like yours, leading to increased sales. 

Check out two Shopify SEO apps we love below:

3. Plug In SEO


Plug In SEO focuses on helping Shopify businesses gain accurate data on the state of their SEO and then provides tools to help them improve it. With Plug In SEO, you can solve issues with your site, review improvement reports, boost your store’s search rankings, conversions, and page views, and enjoy more traffic and sales. 

Plug In SEO provides helpful resources for learning how to run an audit for SEO issues, fix them with simple instructions, target certain keywords to rank in search results, and more.

Pricing: From $29.99 monthly with a 14-day free trial

4. Avada SEO & Image Optimizer

Avada SEO

Avada’s goal is to help you instantly optimize your page’s loading speed and improve your score using its various tools. You’ll also learn to optimize your SEO ranking and dominate search results, driving more traffic to your website for free.

The user-friendly app also provides JSON-LD structured data, broken link detection, page redirection, SEO reports, and ChatGPT features for easy site performance tracking. 

Pricing: Free to install, but additional charges may apply.

Customer Engagement and Sales Conversion Apps

80% of customers say their experience with your brand is just as important as the products you’re selling.

So, if you want to raise your sales and build a solid customer base, you must use tools that improve customer engagement and experience. With customer engagement apps, you build relationships with your customers across several social channels, which encourages them to keep engaging with your brand. In the end, you guide them towards becoming repeat customers. 

Sales conversion apps help you identify abandoned carts, retarget customers, upsell and cross-sell, capture leads, test different products for maximum conversion, and so much more. 

See two top selections from the Shopify App Store below:

5. Juphy AI

Juphy AI

How does making sales while you sleep sound? Awesome?

Juphy AI is an AI sales assistant that helps you convert web visitors to customers around the clock. From the moment a visitor checks out your Shopify store, Juphy’s ChatGPT-powered bot kicks into action by providing product recommendations, detailed answers to questions about your products, and human-level customer service.

It helps you convert up to 5x more visitors, turning them into actual customers and improving customer satisfaction with its excellent service delivery. You can set up Juphy AI in one click, customize it to reflect your brand identity, and sync it with your Shopify product catalog. 

Click here to start converting with Juphy AI.

Pricing: Free to install

6. Octane AI for Quizzes

Octane AI

Octane leverages AI to provide your customers with a more interactive shopping experience that gets them acquainted with lots of your products. This, in turn, helps to boost your sales rates. Octane AI creates beautiful and powerful quizzes that recommend your products, increase your subscriber rates, and boost your sales. 

You can customize quizzes to your taste, find quiz templates for every industry, and even create quizzes with tags, collections, and conditional logic. Try Octane today to help your customers feel closer to your brand.

Pricing: From $3/month with a 14-day free trial

Email Marketing and Automation Apps

In addition to traditional marketing methods, you can’t rule out the necessity of digital marketing and automation for a steady increase in business sales. Stats say email marketing is responsible for the highest conversion rates (up to 66%) in marketing campaigns.

Email marketing and automation apps are valuable because they help you grow your customer base and relationships through:

  • Lead capturing,
  • Personalized welcome emails and marketing communications,
  • Segmented and targeted campaigns, etc. 

They also facilitate abandoned cart recovery, accurate data tracking and report analysis, repeat task automation, and human error reduction. Two apps you’ll find useful in your email marketing arsenal include —

7. Klaviyo


Wondering what to do with all the business data you have at your disposal? Let Klaviyo help you channel it to boost your sales in 2024. Klaviyo is your ultimate email marketing and SMS app that helps you create smarter digital relationships with your customers through marketing automation

Klaviyo allows you to centralize your data from over 300+ integrations via a central login. This makes the data you’ve gathered effective and usable in targeted, personalized, and automated marketing, whether it’s via email, SMS, user reviews, and more. 

You also have access to multiple template libraries for any type of campaign you wish to run. 

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

8. Omnisend


If you’re struggling with nailing your email marketing campaigns, Omnisend is the email marketing app that guarantees you exceptional and easy results. With its huge array of email marketing templates and pre-made automations, you’ll be able to send out more personalized emails and sell to more people. 

It also comes with 24/7 email and live chat support for all users, including those on the free plan. 

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Social Proof and Review Apps

If you want to build trust and gain credibility with your online presence, then using social proof and review apps is non-negotiable. Research shows that 70% of users read between one to six reviews about a product before deciding to buy from a brand. 

To convince your customers that your brand, products, and services are legit, then you need to install the apps below. With more customer reviews around your product, you’ll convert visitors to buyers.

9. Loox Reviews

Loox Reviews

Your customers have awesome things to say about your brand, and Loox makes it possible for them to do so. Use the Loox app to automatically collate authentic photo and video picture reviews from your customers. Then, display them on your site with their fully customizable widgets that work seamlessly with your site and match your brand’s aesthetics.

Generate even more sales with the Loox one-click referral and a large compilation of social proof that upsells your products.

Pricing: From $9.99 monthly + 14-day free trial 

10. Yotpo


Yotpo allows you to collect high-quality user-generated content created around your brand’s products. You can then display these reviews and star ratings on diverse social platforms and search engines like Google. 

Yotpo’s review widget integrates seamlessly into the Shop app and allows the effortless syncing of reviews so you never miss out on a good word from a past customer, which can help boost your sales. 

With Yotpo, you help your product stand out against the rest and inspire confidence in your brand, causing more buyers to trust you enough to take the purchase action.

Pricing: Free plan 

Customer Loyalty and Rewards Apps

One sure way to increase sales is by attracting new customers, retaining them, and turning them into repeat buyers. But does offering rewards and incentives really help you achieve this? 

Well, the stats don’t lie!

In a research survey, McKinsey discovered that 3 in 5 consumers spend more on a brand once they join a loyalty program, and 60% of consumers will likely spend in a paid loyalty program than a free one.

Customer loyalty and reward apps make it easy for you to offer reward programs to your buyers. Here are two Shopify apps that can help you with this:

11. Smile.io


If you need a tool that’ll help you increase customer loyalty brand referrals, turn customers to repeat customers, reduce acquisition costs, and more, then Smile is what you seek. In a few minutes, you can set up a loyalty program on Smile and quickly integrate it with your most-used apps.

It’s customizable enough to match your brand aesthetic, and it offers automated programs that convert guests to forever customers. One-click, and they’re hooked on you!

Pricing: Free Plan available. Additional charges may apply 

12. LoyaltyLion


LoyaltyLion comes fully integrable with your site and you can also sync it with your shopper journey. It’s an app that helps you boost your returning customer rates by offering customers incentives when they refer your brand, leave reviews on your site, or engage with your social media pages. 

With loyalty points, you can also get them to make a second purchase or encourage positive behavior when you send them emails or notifications. With a well-setup plan on LoyaltyLion, you can effectively reduce customer churn and increase your sales in 2024.

Pricing: Enjoy a free plan with a 14-day free trial for the Pro version.


Beyond in-built Shopify features, Shopify also provides a vast resource bank known as the Shopify App Store. There, you can find apps that provide you with extended functionalities that contribute to your sales growth.

We’ve shared 12 of these powerful apps designed to help you grow your business in 2024 and boost your sales significantly. The apps cater to different aspects of your business, from marketing to order management, SEO, customer loyalty, and customer engagement. 

One such app is Juphy AI — a conversational 24/7 sales assistant that keeps the orders rolling in even while you sleep. If your focus is taking your sales game up a notch in 2024, integrating a tool like Juphy on your site is a smart decision.

The AI tool recommends products to customers and answers their questions about products, returns, shipping, and more just like a real sales assistant. Set up your free-to-install Juphy AI in one click, and watch your sales increase up to 5x!

Key Takeaways

  • To maximize your sales potential in 2024, leverage Shopify apps in daily operations like inventory, SEO, marketing, collecting customer reviews, customer engagement, and customer loyalty. 
  • Creating a personalized experience for your customers with Shopify apps can generate more sales. Target customers with personalized emails, offer product recommendations based on their browsing history or reward them for being loyal.
  • Leveraging conversational AI like Juphy AI fosters and strengthens relationships through interaction, and this helps to improve customer engagement.
  • Sustained sales growth comes by maximizing the reports and analytics features these tools offer. Employ the data gathered using the Shopify apps to test and improve your processes until you identify what your audience loves so you can serve them more of it.

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