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As Juphy, our Boody review aims to show examples and insights for all e-commerce merchants to improve their store performance.

Boody is an Australian sustainable clothing brand that produces everyday basics crafted in organically grown bamboo viscose. The brand started with comfortable and conscientious underwear production and expanded its product offering to active, baby, and loungewear as it grew. 

The brand is on a mission to make everyday essentials that provide bamboo softness, exceptional comfort, and an eco-friendly attitude. Product quality, sustainability, and ethical production undoubtedly contribute to the brand’s growth, yet they are just facets of its success. As a successful Shopify store, Boody designed its e-commerce website to highlight its unique value proposition, make sales, and reward loyalty. 

Boody Store Features welcomes visitors with large, lifestyle visuals of the bestsellers accompanied by a call to action. The soft colors, resembling the fresh green of bamboo leaves, have a soothing effect that invites the visitor to a comfort zone, which is also highlighted by the suitably crafted texts. 

Boody tells a story of comfort with its soft colors, lively photography, and accompanying text.
Boody tells a story of comfort with its soft colors, lively photography, and accompanying text.

The website clearly conveys the brand promise to the visitor while offering features that make the purchasing journey easier, more informative, and more attractive.

User Experience – 9/10

The website gives the message that it is sales-oriented at first glance. It uses various marketing tools, such as alternating header messages, banner areas highlighting the collections, and call-to-action buttons to make purchasing more attractive. But if you are unsure about shopping from a brand for the first time and want to look closer, you can scroll down to read about their story and view the verified customer reviews.

The navigation is clearly defined and operates seamlessly, like the best Shopify stores. It guides visitors through the sales funnel effortlessly, strategically suggesting related products to increase order value. 

In navigation, the collections are clearly defined and neatly listed, which benefits both visitors and SEO.
In navigation, the collections are clearly defined and neatly listed, which benefits both visitors and SEO.

The account creation process is pretty straightforward, and you can commence payment by providing the necessary information only when it’s required. Boody’s offering alternative payment options is another plus.

Even at the last minute, Boody suggests related items to add to the cart.
Even at the last minute, Boody suggests related items to add to the cart.

The chat icon on every page instills confidence that whenever you require assistance, you can get it quickly… until checkout. Yes, that’s where that 1 point was taken because, at the last minute, I wanted to ask for some details about shipping to my location, but I didn’t want to go back and check the shipping policy. 

But generally, a balanced, mobile responsive design with every element in its place, informative and trust-building content, engaging features, and overall usability provided me with a pretty satisfactory online experience. 

Product Descriptions and Collections – 9/10

As mentioned before, the website navigation is quite straightforward. The women, men, and baby collections are on the upper left side. Rolling over the menu lets you view the product lines and make specific selections. 

Whatever detail you are looking for about the products, you’ll find it in the product descriptions. They are neatly placed and accompanied by great product photography. The sizing guide, fabric and aftercare details, promotional messages, related products, and even the positive ecological impact of the item are explained in an uncrowded, responsive environment. 

image 12
The product page is well-thought-out and encourages the visitors to make informed decisions.

The SEO-friendly product pages also display ratings and reviews about each item, both in a highly visible area at the top and in an extended version after product details.

The related product selection could have been made a little smarter, though. For example, matching sets for mom and baby could have been featured instead of women’s best sellers in the related products section of a baby romper. 

Additionally, the algorithm could prioritize showing products that have been frequently purchased together or viewed in combination by other customers. Implementing more intelligent cross-selling strategies, such as suggesting complementary items based on customer preferences and browsing history, would enhance the shopping experience and potentially increase the average order value.

image 13
The perfect product to accompany this baby product is shown in the photo, but unfortunately, there’s no product link to it.

Customer Service and FAQ Page – 9/10

Customer service and FAQs are easily accessible at Boody’s Shopify store. Boody calls its customer service crew the “Community Happiness Team”, which can confuse the search engines a bit, but they make up for it with all their help articles. The help page link is shown on the header banner and the footer area. You can also reach the link through live chat, which also operates with a self-service chatbot outside business hours. Although it can be improved with an AI-powered chatbot, with all the information all over the website, it is not a must.

Boody’s support functions.
Boody’s support functions

Return and Shipping Policies 10/10

Return and shipping policies are easily accessible from multiple areas and clearly defined (for those who care to look). “Love it, or your first pair is on us!” claims can build instant trust with product quality and refund policy. 

Promotions and Discounts – 10/10

Boody offers a series of promotions, discounts, and rewards intended to increase order value and customer loyalty. Sales-oriented promotions include first-purchase discounts and free shipping over a certain amount. Boody allows customization through engagement and promotes a pack builder that offers tiered discounts while increasing order value.

Boody’s custom pack builder.
Boody’s custom pack builder

They also reward eco-friendly attitudes and promote recycling with shop credits. While their loyalty program encourages purchases, referrals, and engagement, the Boody Storyteller Community and affiliate program reward user-generated content.

Special Features and Innovations – 7/10

With all aspects considered, Boody is a creative and engaging brand. The simple yet effective use of a chatbot and the pack builder that benefits the database and sales are two features that stand out in Boody’s Shopify store. 

Strengths Behind Boody’s Success

Boody’s greatest strength lies in its consistency. At first glance, the online store’s branding and design reflect quality and comfort. Boody also has an Instagram integration, which is a strength in maximizing sales and building a community of like-minded people. Both visual and written content meet expectations by providing all the required details, providing the necessary trust signals, and crafting every step carefully to reflect sales. 

Through its blog, the brand speaks to a sophisticated customer who seeks comfort and cares about sustainability. 
Through its blog, the brand speaks to a sophisticated customer who seeks comfort and cares about sustainability. 

Growth Opportunities for Boody Shopify Store has almost everything that will ensure customer satisfaction and boost sales potential. With smooth navigation and much of the necessary information provided, shopping from the online store is easy and enjoyable. But it would be better if the visitors could ask questions and get all the answers they are looking for, such as “Do bamboo leggings have a slimming effect?”, not only through live chat during office hours but 24/7.

Final Rating

Ratings Breakdown

  • User Experience: 9/10
  • Product Descriptions and Collections: 9/10
  • Customer Service and FAQ Page: 9/10
  • Return and Shipping Policies: 10/10
  • Promotions and Discounts: 10/10
  • Special Features and Innovations: 7/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

Boody’s online store is a successful example of how to integrate sustainability with a seamless shopping experience. With a few tweaks, such as enhancing product recommendations and chat functionality, Boody could achieve an even higher score.

This high score shows that Boody is a successful brand that reflects its production quality in the design and processes of its online store. Like many successful Shopify stores, Boody strives to facilitate an easier and more enjoyable shopping journey, giving the customer relevant information and peace of mind. An AI-powered 24/7 shopping assistant like Juphy can further help the brand improve sales.

Juphy AI: An AI Assistant That Sells and Delivers Excellent Customer Service

Just like Boody, Juphy AI promises comfort. The state-of-the-art tool can be downloaded from the Shopify app store and installed with a few clicks in minutes. Once installed, Juphy AI automatically syncs with your Shopify store to learn all the details about your products, policies, and offerings. The ChatGPT-powered conversational AI utilizes this information to serve your customers day and night, perfectly mimicking your brand’s tone of voice. But the comfort it provides only starts here. 

Juphy Fashion Site Chatbot
Juphy AI can simultaneously handle thousands of customer dialogues, amplifying your sales team’s performance.

While your sales and support crew manages the processes that really require human attention or enjoy the weekend, Juphy AI can;

  • Provide immediate and accurate responses to all kinds of customer inquiries, from order tracking to complimentary items,
  • Make the most appropriate product recommendations based on browsing patterns and previous interactions,
  • Suggest new arrivals, hot items, and special offers,
  • Apply upselling and cross-selling methods into conversations in order to increase order value,
  • Obtain data from every interaction, improve understanding, and engage the visitor throughout the shopping journey.
Juphy Chat Example 01
Juphy Conversation Examples 1

Most importantly, Juphy AI helps you with lead generation thanks to its multichannel capabilities. Instagram and Facebook integrations help you manage social interactions and define the most promising prospects. It enables you to engage with your audience directly and trace the footsteps of your customers right from that initial social DM to the final purchase.

If you are operating in the fashion and apparel industry and want to improve your sales potential through both your Shopify store and social platforms, Juphy AI may be the perfect fit for you. Give it a try now for free and see how it can help you boost your sales up to 10x!

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