Curve Finance’s Social Media Customer Service Performance

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In today’s digital world, customer service on social media platforms plays a crucial role in shaping a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction. With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, providing exceptional customer service becomes even more critical.

The introduction of FinTech, DeFi, and other innovative financial services has revolutionized the world of finance. Despite the unorthodoxy of this new world of finance, one thing has remained constant in a different form – customer service.

In this new landscape, customers – often called “communities” – expect a higher level of service from financial platforms. This includes quick response times and helpful customer support agents, commonly known as “admins.

In this article, we will evaluate Curve Finance’s social media customer service performance by studying its social media presence, customer service strategies, and interactions on social media channels.

What Is Curve Finance?

Launched in January 2020, Curve Finance is a DeFi platform created as a decentralized exchange for stablecoins that uses an automated market maker (AMM) to manage liquidity. ( With the growing importance of customer service in the DeFi space, platforms like Curve Finance must ensure they provide top-notch support to their users.

Curve Finance’s Customer Service

As much as all other platforms that take place in this new world of finance, this innovative DeFi platform, Curve Finance, has taken customer service to a new level, utilizing Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. 

Although their approaches, strategies, tones, and cultures differ from traditional customer service practices, their ultimate goal remains the same. All these platforms want to create a positive user experience and establish a loyal user base.

Curve Finance’s Social Media Presence

As a company, Curve Finance has a strong social media presence on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, along with other social media platforms like Reddit and Youtube. They have been engaging with its community on social media, with a presence on Discord and Telegram. Still, their engagements on other platforms there are open to discussion. However, it is important to note that Curve Finance’s presence on YouTube and Reddit is comparatively weaker, with fewer subscribers and engagements. This indicates a potential area for improvement in their social media customer service strategy. 

Curve Finance’s Twitter Profile
Curve Finance’s Twitter Profile

Curve Finance has almost 350K followers on Twitter, with considerably lower post views. Their interactions are lower when compared to the number of their followers, which might result from their engagement strategies on Twitter.

Even if this is the situation, Curve Finance has been active on Twitter since its launch. The official Twitter account is run by the admin team, who regularly share updates on the website and answer questions from the community.

The team also engages with the community by responding to tweets, answering questions, and promoting content. They also regularly organize Twitter chats to engage with the community and get feedback. Plus, Curve Finance’s Twitter page features a solid visual identity with an eye-catching logo and profile photo. It also greatly utilizes its Twitter page, providing visitors with a wealth of information. As a result, they have developed a strong Twitter following, and the team continues to work hard to keep it that way.

Curve Finance’s Telegram Channel
Curve Finance’s Telegram Channel

On the other hand, Curve Finance has a Telegram channel with almost 16K members and 5 admins to provide support for free, either on the channel or via DM. 

On Telegram, admins have been providing customer support, responding to feedback, engaging in conversations with users, and answering any questions they may have. They have also been using the platform to post educational resources and tutorials about the platform and to provide updates on new features and other developments. 

Overall, their community keeps in touch with each other on the Telegram channel, creating an organic presence and reliable atmosphere for their users.

Curve Finance’s Discord Channel
Curve Finance’s Discord Channel

Similarly, they have a big community and active presence on Discord, with a particular channel for social media customer service under the name of “feedback.” 

On Discord, admins have been answering questions and hosting contests to unite the community. They have also been posting the latest news and updates about the platform and hosting regular events for both new and existing users. 

They have seven admins and 17 friends in Discord that get into conversations with the community and answer their questions on the “feedback” channel; however, PilotVietnam seems to be the one that handles this process more actively.

Curve Finance’s YouTube Channel
Curve Finance’s YouTube Channel

Company also has a presence on YouTube, although it is not as strong as it is on Discord and Telegram. 

Curve Finance’s Reddit Community
Curve Finance’s Reddit Community

It also has a presence on Reddit with a smaller membership, and its posts receive less upvotes. 

Overall, Curve has a good social media presence on Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, but its social media customer service strategies do not cover YouTube and Reddit.

Curve Finance’s Accessibility on Social Media

Regarding accessibility, we can say that these platforms in the new world of finance have a unique taste in communication. Their relationship with their communities is on another level, with active, friendly, and relaxed online communication channels. 

Similar to other platforms, Curve’s community channels on Discord and Telegram are accessible 24/7. However, their availability on other social media platforms, such as Twitter, could be more consistent.

Curve Finance’s Telegram
Curve Finance’s Telegram

As can be seen in the example above, where a user is provided with an answer in a short time, Curve Finance has customer service admins on Discord and Telegram that ensure their customer service channel is consistently monitored. By making itself available on Discord and Telegram 24/7, Curve has demonstrated a dedication to providing its community with top-notch customer service. This is crucial to building a loyal community.

Curve Finance’s Twitter
Curve Finance’s Twitter

On the other hand, they show they are accessible and engage with their community in a good way on Twitter, but it cannot be said that they are as active as they are on their Telegram and Discord channels. 

Curve Finance’s Responsiveness on Social Media

Curve Finance has an average reply time of under 24 hours and can quickly address community concerns and ensure the right communication. This commitment to customer service is evident in the fact that Curve Finance has huge communities. This is largely due to the platform’s focus and culture on providing unique and helpful responses.

Curve Finance’s Responsiveness on Telegram
Curve Finance’s Responsiveness on Telegram

For example, when a user from their community on Discord gives feedback and asks a question accordingly, their admins reply to them on the same day. 

On Telegram, the situation is the same. In this example, we see that when a person in their community asks a general question to all the community members, one of the admins reply to in 5 minutes and enlights the user. 

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Curve Finance’s Responsiveness on Twitter

Finally, on Twitter, they mostly reply to mentions and questions within 10 minutes to 5 hours, even if they could be more actively using Twitter as a social media customer service channel.

Curve Finance’s Style & Tone on Social Media

The new cultural stand of these financial platforms has also brought a new style and tone to social media. We see how cozy they are when we evaluate their brand style and the tone of their communications.

Accordingly, the last aspect of Curve Finance’s social media customer service that stands out is its style and tone. They have a very unique, friendly, and easy-going tone throughout all of their social media channels. This is clear not only through its posts but also through its interactions with communities. 

Examining their social media strategy, we notice that they regularly post updates about their platform and share important news in a warm and inviting tone. But the good part starts with their interactions. Imagine a company that goes beyond using a friendly tone.

Curve Finance’s Style and Tone on Twitter
Curve Finance’s Style and Tone on Twitter

Our research showed that Curve has unique word usage like “ser” and a highly comfortable brand tone. 

Curve Finance’s Style and Tone on Discord
Curve Finance’s Style and Tone on Discord

And they use it a lot in their Discord and Telegram communications, as well, which might seem like nothing, but these details construct their overall style and tone.

Final Verdict

To recap, we have explored the specifics of Curve Finance’s social media customer service, including its social media presence, accessibility, style, and tone. These aspects of their social media customer service stand out and have contributed to its success. 

Curve Finance has demonstrated strong social media customer service performance in many areas, including accessibility, response time, tone of voice, personalization, and engagement. However, they should consider focusing on enhancing their presence on YouTube and Reddit to ensure a consistent level of support across all social media channels. By addressing these areas, Curve Finance’s social media customer service can further be improved to strengthen its position in the competitive DeFi space.

Let’s explore how they perform on our ratings with their social media customer service. 

***These ratings are based on our research and tests and reflect only our own opinions.

Accessibility – 9/10 

Curve Finance’s communities on Discord and Telegram are highly accessible, so people can get help anytime they want. One score is broken from their Twitter activity.

Response Time – 10/10 

Admins on Curve’s social media channels are all willing to provide a fast support experience – even the C-type admins! –

Tone of Voice – 10/10

New world, new culture, new tone! We all got used to these new brand styles; still, every time we see big platforms with unique styles and tones, we get excited!

Personalization – 10/10

Curve Finance always provides personalized answers on social media, nothing automated.

Engagement – 10/10

The company’s engagement on social media has been excellent, and the admins have done a great job of engaging and connecting with their community.


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