Customer Self-Service and How to Do It Right

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Each business dreams about providing seamless and effective customer service. Customer service teams should always offer quick and accurate solutions to customer demands. A rise in the customer numbers also means an increase in the services, so at that point, businesses realize that investment in support teams becomes a must. However, you can provide a different service method with customer self-service. So, what are the benefits and best practices of customer self-service? 

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What is Customer Self-Service? 

Customer self-service provides customer service without a support team intervention. Therefore, customers solve their issues by themselves. This approach offers a problem-solving system with many methods without connecting to the support center to find answers to customer problems. Customers can find solutions through accurate answers from chat robots. If there are unsolved issues at the end of the conversation, customers can connect to the customer support team members.

What Are the Benefits of Customer Self-Service?

Many customers and businesses prefer using self-service. Here, self-service is among the critical systems to take customer satisfaction to the top levels.

  1. Improving Customer Satisfaction

The largest share in improving customer satisfaction has been the effect of quick and easy solutions that self-service provides. Desired answers can be provided directly and without waiting time. That quick and systematic process is undoubtedly among the factors that increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Enhancing the Efficiency of the Customer Support Team

While self-service is critical for customer satisfaction, it is also a remarkable system for the customer support teams of businesses. The customer service team can solve an issue by an article link instead of struggling with fast and accurate answers to detailed questions of customers. In this way, workload visibly decreases, and time can be more efficiently provided for customer calls. 

  1. Reducing the Support Costs of Businesses 

Activating the customer self-service that provides customers coping with their problems by themselves prevents the overspending on customer support teams. The self-service cost is much lower than the cost of customer support teams. 

  1. Increasing Sales

Customers demand quick and efficient customer support. According to the research, many customers can’t purchase when they don’t receive enough support, and later they don’t prefer to shop from that brand again. Therefore, benefiting from self-service becomes one of the best choices in customer support. Customer relationships with businesses that are accessible and fast solution providers help increase sales. Relationships with new customers can be built thanks to customer continuity. 

What Are the Self-Service Methods?

Many methods apply to businesses that aim to provide customer self-service. We can list the successful self-service methods below:

Building a FAQ Page 

One of the effective ways to provide customer self-service is to build a FAQ page. The FAQ page contains the answers to frequently asked questions by customers. You can benefit from FAQ page reports. In examining the reports, you can form questions&solutions for the FAQ page by finding out which questions customers ask the most about your business and how you’re solving it.

Building a FAQ Page 
FAQ pages try to answer all the questions that would come to the customer’s mind about your service or product. 

Creating a Knowledge Base 

You can activate the help center button by creating a knowledge base for your customers. This is an information collection that can be filtered for any research subject. Customers can freely research through the categorized articles that have in-detail information. 

Creating a Forum Page

Creating a forum page is among the effective methods of customer support. Establish a community and let your customers interact with each other. Customers are the best resources besides the customer support team in replying to different customers’ questions. In forums, customers can help each other by responding to their questions. It’s also necessary to give customers the freedom to help others so that support teams don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly and provide more efficient support for other issues. 

Using Automated Chatbots 

You can provide quick and correct solutions using self-service tools with chatbots. The fact that artificial intelligence can answer frequently asked questions is a crucial event in customer service. It can answer the questions benefiting from keywords and offer an easy solution.

Using Automated Chatbots 
Using Automated Chatbots 

Benefit From Mobile Apps

Self-service mobile apps can be functional to allow customers to find the information their way. For instance, these functionalities might include seeing whether brands have stock, their current discounts, and purchasing online. Employers can adopt more accurate business planning and budgeting approaches by collecting data from mobile apps. Additionally, mobile apps help improve customer service as well. 

Why Is Self-Service Important in Customer Services?

Improvement in customer satisfaction is one of the top aims of businesses. Therefore, customer self-service has a vital role in providing efficient customer support. Let’s see why customer self-service matters in 5 points:

  1. Prevents Waste of Time

Faster solutions provide better customer satisfactory experiences. Customers don’t have to contact the support team. Self-service helps customers look for and find solutions by themselves. This way, customers don’t have to wait for any customer support team member. They see accessibility to a team member as a waste of time. Here, self-service is an efficient support method to prevent waste of time. 

  1. Reduces Complaints

Offering customer self-service increases the efficiency of customer services of a business. Any dispute between customers and support teams can be avoided with the customer self-service method. Customer self-service can please the customers with more definite answers. Consequently, complaint rates decrease, and customer satisfaction increases.

  1. Makes Customers Feel Competent 

A sense of accomplishment is pleasing to all. Customers prefer an issue that will be handled by themselves. Self-service can bring happier customers when the solution is in the customer’s hands. Giving customers the required space and tools to solve their problems makes the customer feel more powerful.

  1. Provides Easy Solution

Customers need clear answers to their problems. Interacting with customer service teams for long periods is not likely to be preferred. The self-service system, which can respond quickly and easily, ensures customer satisfaction.

  1. Increases Customer Satisfaction 

Customer self-service is a user-friendly service that provides many options for guaranteed satisfaction. The options to hand over management to the customer, avoid wasting time and reduce complaints ensure more satisfied customers. Increasing customer satisfaction optimizes the relationship between customers&business and also increases the possibility of gaining new customers.

Customer self-service is a user-friendly service that provides many options for guaranteed satisfaction.
Customer self-service is a user-friendly service that provides many options for guaranteed satisfaction.

In Short

Businesses desire to solve all customer problems through their customer support teams. That’s why they provide customer service that boosts customer satisfaction even if it’s costly. Businesses that use customer self-service can provide less expensive services.

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