How to improve customer service on social media

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Hello folks, today we’re going to learn how can we provide better customer service on social media easily and effectively.

Actually, there are 3 main steps to provide excellent customer support for a digital area like social media platforms.

Easy steps to start your unified inbox

1 – Be informed immediately about new mentions and messages

2 – Define the customer request!

3 – Respond quickly.

So simple! but you have a problem at this point because there are tons of communication platforms on the internet and your target customers can send a message to your company from any social platform like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. You need to stay on top of all these social networks in order to provide the best social customer support for your customers.

Thankfully, there is a FREE social customer service tool! It’s Juphy.

Juphy aggregates all social messages in one place for you and your team! when your company is mentioned or has direct messages by someone, you’ıı be informed instantly through Juphy’s notification system and then you can immediately define the problem and respond to your customers just in time. Juphy helps you complete these 3 simple steps which we mentioned at top of this article easily.