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Every brand is created to make a profit, but no brand can differentiate from the rest and become preferred by customers by stating that. To stand out from the crowded, competitive environment, a brand must leave aside profits and justify its existence, providing a unique benefit to the consumer. It means clearly stating its mission, the problems it aims to solve, the emotions it seeks to evoke, and the reasons it is trustworthy—all conveyed through an engaging and inspiring story. The “About Us” page is the starting point of this story.

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Importance of an About Us Page

If you look at your website statistics, you’ll see that “About Us” is one of the least visited pages; hardly anyone cares to read about a brand’s story. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important pages because it summarizes what your brand is about. Everything, even the brand name and selection of products, stems from that story. All of your customers, whether they are curious enough to skim through your story or not, experience the statements you’ve made on your About Us page throughout your website, as well as other communication channels. This makes About Us pages a vital part of a brand’s identity, not just a “nice to have” piece of text. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a strategic approach to crafting a well-written, trust-inspiring narrative.

Three important functions of an About Us page are;

Building Brand Trust

Before arriving at the About Us page, your Shopify store’s visitors encounter several trust signals, such as consistent branding, detailed product information, quality product photography, user testimonials, and so on and so forth. The information you provide on the About Us page is the essence of the brand, such as the people behind the products, your philosophy, history, values, and achievements. The more relevant information your customers have about your brand, the greater the chance of earning their trust. According to Shopify, “59% of consumers surveyed said they would more likely purchase from a brand they trust. That number jumps to 79% of younger Gen Z consumers.”

Connecting with Customers

Customers expect different things from brands alongside their products. For instance, with the rise of GenZ, environmental and social factors are increasingly affecting shopping habits. An About Us page that outlines your values and ideals can help you connect with your Shopify store’s visitors on a deeper level. By clearly communicating your brand’s principles and actions, you foster a sense of alignment and loyalty, making your customers feel that they are supporting a brand that shares their values.

Highlighting Unique Selling Points

Your products may not differ significantly from your competitors, but emphasizing unique selling points can precisely meet your customers’ needs. Your About Us page can address several aspects that make your brand or products desirable or different, and help the shoppers with their decision making process. But keep in mind that the About Us page should focus more on brand identity, rather than making a sales pitch.

Alt Text: 47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site. Once on a company’s homepage, 86% of visitors want to see information about that company’s products/services. Once on a company’s homepage, 64% of visitors want to know the company’s contact information. Once on a company’s homepage, 52% of visitors want to see “About Us” information.

Caption: Source

Key Elements of a Successful About Us Page

The success of an About Us page depends on its appeal and the information it can convey to the consumer. In addition to telling an engaging story, the page needs to state the reason why customers should feel confident when buying from your Shopify store. There are five key elements in an About Us page that can help you earn your visitors’ trust:

Engaging and Genuine Storytelling

Very few brands have really awe-inspiring origins. We make up stories to make something appear more interesting than it is. As mentioned before, a single story can define a brand’s identity. A well-crafted, informative, and engaging story with a sincere tone of voice helps customers relate to a brand and create more personal connections. 

Clear Mission Statement

Every brand has a mission that can be summed up in one sentence. Maybe your brand stands as a remedy to the shortcomings of your competitors, maybe you offer a unique business model to meet a specific need, or maybe your customers can support a cause they care about by preferring to shop from your brand over the others. Make it short, easily understandable, and actionable.

Professional Design and Layout

A professional design and easy-to-navigate layout are signs of quality and inspire confidence. A wall of text would intimidate even the most avid reader while breaking up the page into separate sections and supporting it with visuals make the information easier to read and digest.

Customer Testimonials and Social Proof

None of the complimentary sentences you can write about your brand can be as effective as a short opinion of a customer about you. You can make use of a few customer testimonials that explain why they have chosen your brand and how they benefited from it, as well as provide a link to other reviews for the more inquisitive customers. This not only stands as social proof, but it can also make your brand appear like a society of like-minded people. 

High-Quality Images and Videos

While the About Us pages aren’t intended for sales purposes, they reveal how your products, operations and processes align with your brand identity. High-quality images and engaging videos can contribute to design and help customers get to know more about you. 

Now let’s take a look at 4 great examples of About Us pages on Shopify stores from different industries.

WP Standard

WP Standard is a brand that manufactures leather goods and the About Us page tells a compact story about its origins and uniqueness. It encourages the visitor to discover more, making it easy with short, catchy statements and visual components. The page reflects the brand identity perfectly, explaining a lot while saying a little. 

Alt Text: Screenshot from WP Standard’s About Us page

  • Notable Features

The brand’s story starts with a quote from Albert Camus, summarizing the brand’s philosophy in one short sentence. The copy is beautifully crafted, a sincere story that explains why the brand exists, how it operates, and how it relates to its customers, making them feel special. The extensive use of images and videos makes the page appear more like a lookbook, highlighting material quality and design expertise.

Alt Text: Screenshot from WP Standard’s About Us page

  • Why It Works

The page conveys relevant messages in an easy-to-digest manner through an appealing story.

Wild One

Quite a niche Shopify store that is dedicated to dog products, Wild One strives to empower dogs and their people to walk, travel, play, and live in style. Their About Us page communicates that their products are created to be both stylish and functional, and they are a pet loving community that likes to give back.

Alt Text: Screenshot from Wild One’s About Us page

  • Notable Features

The most notable feature is that Wild One shows how it “feels” to use their products with playful imagery. Offering a single line of products to a specific audience, Wild One has a very clear mission statement and a straightforward approach.

Alt Text: Screenshot from WP Standard’s About Us page

  • Why It Works

The uncluttered design and short text content communicate clearly what and why the brand does what it does. 


BOOM! Beauty’s About Us page makes a clear statement about ageless beauty, building its story around its silver-haired supermodel founder. While the page highlights the philosophy behind the brand, it strives to create a community of like-minded individuals while supporting conversions with its unique value proposition.

Alt Text: Screenshot from BOOM! Beauty’s About Us page.

  • Notable Features

Unlike many other About Us pages, BOOM! Beauty doesn’t merely tell a story but encourages the visitors to take action through its call to action buttons. While it states exactly what its products are designed for right at the beginning, it doesn’t wait for the visitor to finish reading the story to check out the products. 

  • Why It Works

Not only the e-store but also the About Us page is designed to boost conversions, offering a different approach to making introductions. 

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur who gives advice to her audience on getting what they want. She is a program host, speaker, and a writer who is endorsed by celebrities, and she designed her About page to build trust through her own accomplishments. 

Alt Text: Screenshot from Marie Forleo’s About Us page

  • Notable Features

I mentioned that a wall of text could turn off most visitors, but Marie Forleo believes in the courage to break traditional rules. So she wrote a long, sincere letter detailing the steps of her success story, occasionally dropping names to strengthen her claims. 

Alt Text: Screenshot from Marie Forleo’s About Us page

  • Why It Works

Since Marie Forleo addresses a community of people who are willing to read books and watch videos to realize their dreams, a long-form text in letter form can be more inspiring than an easy to read list of achievements. 

To find out more about crafting a compelling About Us page, check out this video on the intricacies of writing the perfect one. 


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Caption: You can enhance your sales potential on your Shopify store significantly with a multichannel approach.


The About Us pages can seem a little redundant but they stand as an important opportunity for elaborating on your vision, building trust, and telling the story of what makes you who you are. Rather than treating it as an obligatory piece of text and copying some cliches from competitors, it is better to give crafting your About Us page some thought and try to make your story engaging, informative, and truly yours. 

Key Takeaways

  • The About Us page is not a technical requirement, but it helps you to communicate your brand story, create connections, and build trust among your visitors. 
  • A well-crafted About Us page should contain an engaging story, clear mission statement, high quality design and visual content, and trust signals. 
  • There is no single way to create a successful About Us page, but highlighting your beginnings, milestones, brand character, and vision for the future should be enough to communicate who you are.

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