Best Shopify Chatbots That Increase Conversions

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If you’ve not integrated chatbot software into your Shopify store, you risk losing close to 40% of your conversions. 

Chatbot AI, also known as conversational AI, serves as an exceptional tool, enabling you to:

  • Effortlessly turn website visitors into customers—even at 2 a.m.—while you enjoy your beauty sleep,
  • Recommend products and answer customer queries like a real person,
  • 5x your sales, rake in revenue every month, and make your customers happy

Have you been finding it hard to convert most of your Shopify store visitors into buyers? 

The Shopify app store has over 200 chatbot apps that claim to help with conversions. But you wouldn’t want to have to do trial-and-error test runs on each of these apps before you find the perfect match for your business, right?

That’s why you need this guide. Here, we’ll show you the top Shopify chatbot apps and help you identify their key features so you can select the best one to boost your conversions. Let’s go!

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Enhancing Your Shopify Store with AI — An Introduction 

eCommerce consumers are highly receptive to being on the receiving end of AI technology. How can you use that to your advantage in your Shopify store?

Let’s take a look at how AI chatbots impact eCommerce and help you drive conversion on your Shopify store.

The Impact of AI Chatbots on E-Commerce

eCommerce impacts businesses and customers in unique ways. For one, customers are tired of waiting in line for human agents to attend to them. 62% of them will choose to talk to a chatbot if it means they don’t have to wait for assistance in a virtual queue. 

They want answers, and they want it now (within 10 minutes). With Chatbots now on the scene, customers expect 24/7 customer support availability and a personalized shopping experience when they visit your e-store. 

On the other hand, chatbots also have positive and negative impacts on businesses. It helps you improve your customers’ experience, scale your conversion rates, significantly reduce your operational costs, and perform data analysis for improved strategies.

One main concern that eCommerce businesses have with the use of AI is that it may diminish human interaction and empathy, which some customers still crave. But with a balanced customer response strategy and a well-trained bot, you can solve this issue considerably.

For example, after facing challenges with cart abandonment and low conversion rates, a Shopify store owner integrated Juphy AI into their platform. The result? A dramatic 5x increase in sales and a significant boost in customer satisfaction, as shoppers received instant, personalized recommendations 24/7.

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How AI Chatbots Drive Conversions on Shopify

Imagine being able to respond to customers on your website within 5 seconds, save your human agents up to 2.5 billion hours of work, and reduce up to $11 billion in operational costs.

Two words: MIND BLOWN

With an AI chatbot integrated into your Shopify store, you can get the same results. Chatbots process queries multiple times faster than human agents and with even more accuracy. They’re at their duty post round the clock, available to attend to customers at whatever hour they’re shopping.

Here’s the compelling part: Installing a chatbot like Juphy AI on your Shopify store transcends mere responses to customer inquiries. Like a human sales assistant, they take your sales game up a notch by identifying customer buying behavior and recommending products to your website shoppers based on this.  

Chatbots on your Shopify store help to increase your conversions by guiding your customers through the entire sales journey, from start to finish. With personalized responses and prompts from your chatbot, customers feel more at ease shopping from you and are less likely to abandon their cart

Selecting the Perfect Chatbot for Your Shopify Store

To find the perfect chatbot fit for your store, you must consider a few key things, such as your business needs and the chatbot’s ease of integration. Let’s look at what this entails more closely:

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1. Aligning Chatbot Capabilities with Your Business Objectives

Before choosing a chatbot solution, identify what objectives your eCommerce business is trying to achieve. If you choose a chatbot with functionalities that differ from your store’s specific needs, you won’t earn a profitable ROI. 

Aligning the software’s function with your objectives also ensures you can measure the impact of the chatbot on your conversion rates and other metrics that matter.

2. Integration Ease and Customer Support Considerations

Implementing the right chatbot solution ensures that your customer support team is capable of handling the chatbot’s features and functions without training. It should be easily integrated into your business operations without disrupting the team’s workflow and business activities. 

Also, bear in mind that misaligned chatbots can cause frustration when they provide irrelevant answers to inquiries, which may dwindle your conversion rates. 

3. Distinguishing ChatGPT-Powered Chatbots from Older Bots

Make no mistake, the older version of bots was a reliable powerhouse when handling specific tasks; however, they had serious limitations. They were not flexible, lacked creativity, and only offered basic support or information retrieval capacities. 

ChatGPT-powered bots, however, are the current stars of the show. They leverage vast language models (LLMs) that are trained to understand natural language to generate creative texts and interact with customers easily. 

Look out for AI-powered chatbots, as they’re more flexible and can adapt to your needs as required. They can also learn and improve their responses with consistent customer feedback and frequent updates — a useful feature for boosting your customer conversion.

To ensure your chatbot effectively boosts conversions, look for features that align with your unique business needs. For instance, Juphy AI not only responds to queries but also analyzes customer behavior to provide personalized product recommendations. This capability is crucial for engaging customers and guiding them through the purchasing process, thereby reducing cart abandonment rates.

What Is a Good E-commerce Conversion Rate

Compare your conversion rate with the newly updated industry averages and take needed actions. Read more now!

Top Shopify Chatbots for Maximizing Customer Engagement and Sales 

Now that you know what to look for in a chatbot, we’ve narrowed down your search to the top Shopify chatbots with the best offerings and pricing for every business level. 

Pro Tip: If your goal is to boost your conversions significantly, we recommend a tool like Juphy AI. It’s proven to yield a 5x increase in sales and conversions and a 3x boost in revenue. Try it free for 14 days.    

1. ChatUp: AI-Driven Support Chat

ChatUp provides real-time insights about customers to help personalize your interaction with them

ChatUp AI is an AI-driven customer support tool that helps you save time and increase your sales with automated but exceptional customer care. It provides multilingual support with 24/7 customer service in every language so your customers feel well-attended no matter their location globally. 

With real-time insights and live chat engagement features, you can get valuable info about your customers’ purchase requests and hop into the chat to seal deals. It’s easily customizable, so you can tweak the chat to suit your brand identity and personality. 

You can also customize greetings that sound just like your brand voice so your customers can fully trust you in every conversation. 

Pricing: Get all these features and more from $30/month. 

2. Gobot: AI Chatbot + Quiz

Take your sales game up a notch by guiding your customers from their first visit to your store to check out. Say goodbye to cart abandonment problems and convert more shoppers with AI-guided selling. With the tool, you can create beautiful quizzes that help your customers learn more about your products to identify the best fit for them.

The quizzes also give you insight into customers’ needs so you can accurately recommend products that closely align with them, giving them a personalized shopping experience. The chatbot also significantly reduces your customer response time and provides support for repetitive inquiries.

Pricing: Gobot is free to install, and your first 5,000 engagements are free. It also functions excellently with Klaviyo and other integrations.    

3. Chatra: Live Chat & Chatbot

Are your customers stuck in the indecision stage of their journey? With Chatra, you can change that. The tool enables you to create conversations that boost your conversion rates. Any of the chat tools like Live Chat, Chatbot, Cart Saver, and Shared Inbox allow you to interact with your customers from one app, making the interaction process seamless. 

You also have Facebook, Instagram, and email integrations that speed up the conversations and reduce your response time. With chatbot tools, you can automate routine responses and send targeted chats to customers and web visitors who are stuck in a dilemma. 

Pricing: Chatra has a free plan you can get started with. Its pro plan starts at $21/month if you’re ready to scale. 

4. Maisie AI Chatbots & Live Chat

If you need an app that leverages powerful automation features to assist you with your customer support, then Maisie is great for you. It functions 24/7, engaging customers at any stage of their journey. You can set it up with customizable triggers that perform the action you need based on the inputted command or the action the customer takes. 

With conversational opt-ins, your customers feel compelled to opt into your email and SMS lists quickly so they don’t miss out on your products. The conversational tool also helps to recommend the right products to customers, significantly boosting the average value of your customers’ orders. 

Pricing: You’ll invest $29/month for the 10K plan, which is the lowest tier. 

5. REVE Chat: Live Chat & Chatbot

This tool focuses mainly on providing live chatbot services on your eCommerce store. With instant replies to your customers, you can immediately boost your sales and online conversions. The tool helps you support your customers across channels using only one platform. 

Other benefits you get with the chatbot and live chat feature include cart tracking and visible order details for some of your customers. This ensures reduced cart abandonment rates and a boost in customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Pricing: You can get access to all of this at $15/month on the Standard plan, plus a 14-day free trial.

6. Juphy AI: Chatbot with Product Recommendations

Juphy Fashion Site Chatbot

Juphy AI is more than a regular chatbot that responds to inquiries. It’s a powerful automated sales assistant that provides personalized product recommendations to your customers, delivers excellent customer support, and converts 5x more visitors to shoppers. 

From their very first visit to your website, the chatbot assists your customers with their shopping until they pay for the product. It’s right there with them every step of the way, with ready answers to questions about your product’s materials and ingredients, your brand’s returns and refund policy, shipping information, and more. 

It automatically syncs with your product catalog and helps to boost your average order value by upselling to customers and providing an all-around engaging experience. What’s more? You can set up JuphyAI in one click and customize the software to reflect your brand identity on your Shopify store. 

Pricing: Juphy AI is free to install, and you can use it for free on one Shopify store and get up to 250 chatbot replies monthly. If you need to scale your usage, you can get the ESSENTIALS tier at $99/mo with many more features and a 14-day free trial.


Satisfying customers is a priority for every brand — this means giving them what they want. They want swift responses to inquiries, personalized offers, and more engagement when they use your Shopify store. Delivering this assures you of their happiness, and you’ll enjoy quicker and increased conversions. 

The best Shopify chatbots offer all of these benefits and even more.

To find out which chatbot is the perfect match for your store, identify your business needs and your store’s objectives, then choose a chatbot that meets these needs. If you aim to increase conversions, we suggest trying the ultimate chatbot sales assistant, Juphy AI. 

With Juphy AI, you’ll get more customers to say yes to your products, turning them into repeat buyers in just a few clicks. Try Juphy AI now

Key Takeaways 

  • Shopify chatbots help to boost conversions and sales significantly on your Shopify store.
  • By choosing AI-powered chatbots instead of old bots, you can train your chatbot to understand human language and generate creative texts that can interact with customers like a real person
  • Some key considerations when shopping for a chatbot include easy integration features and round-the-clock customer support. Integration should be seamless and non-technical so that it doesn’t disrupt the customer journey but feel like a part of your store.  
  • If your goal is to increase conversions, choose an AI chatbot that answers customer queries, recommends products on a personalized level, and guides them through the buyer journey, effectively reducing cart abandonment challenges.

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