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How can YouTube comments sometimes be even funnier than the content? Because people love approaching any content with their sense of humor. No surprise! It’s really the decade of MEMEs! YouTube commenting, like any social media commenting, is a great way to get your voice heard by others. But it also becomes a channel where you can just enjoy the sense of humor. You might end up learning something new from YouTube comments, but sometimes, they are a source of entertainment. Let’s get down to the funniest YouTube comments of all time! 🤓

What Is the Point of Commenting on YouTube?

Firstly, before getting to the fun part, let’s describe the main point behind YouTube commenting.

There are plenty of reasons why people love to comment on YouTube videos. From the simple joy of interacting with someone else to the opportunity to voice your opinion on a topic, there are many reasons. However, one of the most important reasons people love to comment on videos is that it is a way to interact with others.

With over 1.5 billion users, YouTube is the second-most popular website in the world after Google. It means there are a bunch of people out there who have videos you can watch and read comments they can respond to.

These two things can go together really well because when someone is commenting on a video, it doesn’t matter how boring or dry it is; it will still be funny to someone else watching.

Therefore, we can say that YouTube comments are a great way to interact with your audience. Some of them might be simple things like giving feedback or just saying “hi”, while others might be more complex, like giving a rating or even asking a question.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to keep in mind that comments are a great way to engage with your audience and show them that you care about their opinion.

YouTube also gives people an opportunity to express their opinion on the content they’re watching. If someone feels passionate about a certain topic, they might want to share their thoughts 🙌

In fact, some videos with millions of views have passed the one million mark, thanks partly to hilarious comments. Suppose you see something interesting in a video or come across a particularly entertaining comment. In that case, you could be missing out on something hilarious if you don’t take the time to see it.

12 Funniest YouTube Comments of All Time

Let’s start smoothly!

1. HubSpot’s AI Video

In this video below, they explained how AI would change our life by eliminating many jobs. However, one of the viewers found the solution.

The comment below got 782 likes and 31 replies from people who agree that AI is shown as a problem and a solution at the same time. 

This comment got 782 likes and 31 replies from people who agree that AI is shown as a problem and a solution at the same time. 

2. 80s Video Game Commercial Compilation Video

KoldCerealKiller has a point; the sarcastic comment shows how one might think about the race-related aspects of commercials and thus might give an idea to advertisers!

3. On a Monkey Facts Video

I mean, comments are a great way to find out what problems people might be having (related to your video), but I’m sure this solution made many people’s eyebrows go up!

Ekran Resmi 2022 08 18 00.02.26

4. On a Medieval Music Remix Video

The comments section is truly a gift on this one! People’s creativity and humor just do not end!

Ekran Resmi 2022 08 17 23.54.17

5. Tiny Crossbow Video

And here comes the creativity and skepticism at the same time!

Ekran Resmi 2022 08 17 23.51.32

6. Video of Vsauce Called “What’s The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?”

Alright, we all have different pandemic thoughts in our minds, but this… We could not find a proper reply to this tragicomic comment below.

Ekran Resmi 2022 08 17 23.59.30

7. On a Pussycat Dolls Live Video

Well, isn’t this the kind of dilemma you often find yourself in? People who feel the same gathered in the comment section to share or like Nansi’s confession below!

One of the funniest YouTube comments of all time

8. Never Losing Faith

Clearly, this guy waited long enough to get an answer, and after nine long years, he still wanted to thank the commenter for the reply.

It took him nine years to reply to a comment.
It took him nine years to reply to a comment.

9. Best Drop since Greece’s Economy

This one might be a little contradictory, but still, this comparison got us laughing out loud. Though this comment might have caused some arguments, fortunately, this is one of the comments that made the video more popular. 

10. On the “WaterAid Cracker Challenge” Video

Though there are many comments like this, this comment is why this video became popular. The truth is, Louwiz has a point!!

It is one of the videos that got popular with the comment! Here is the proof:

11. Severus Snape, Is That You Bro?!

Esteban Antonio, a talented guitar player, happens to be a look-alike of Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) in this video. The comments section is where the fun begins. Some comments are about how talented the actor is, but most of the comments are about the fact that he killed Dumbledore!

Even Voldemort had something to say.

12. On a Punching Techniques Video, without Arms

This one is one of the most brilliant comments of all time from YouTube’s initial launch years. (That is why the screenshot below seems like a voyage to the past.)

The impact of the comment is so big that the uploader, Sifu Nate, commented about it years ago!

These are only some examples that show the variety of comments you can get on YouTube and other social media platforms. Some are funny, but some might be unpleasant :/ thus, managing those comments is a must for businesses. Don’t worry; it’s not a big deal, as long as you have the right tool to help you, like Juphy!

Your Must-have Tool for YouTube Comments Management: Juphy

Good news! Juphy includes several features that will assist you in managing your comments. 

You can navigate among various channels and accounts by simply clicking on the account name on the right after you’ve integrated your YouTube account with Juphy. After doing so, you’ll see all the comments listed in an organized form. You will be able to see real-time messages and monitor your communications history and the video on which the comment is.

With Juphy, you can;

  • Respond to, delete and filter comments based on their relevancy.
  • You can program automation rules to classify and categorize comments based on sentiments or keywords automatically. 
  • Reply to comments quickly with those automation rules and prioritize your actions. Also, you have the option of sending a standard quick response using the canned responses feature or collaborating with your teammates. 
  • Collaboration is easier than ever with Juphy. You can send instant messages to your team members and discuss the issue in the background if you want to respond yourself but need a backup for the perfect response. 
  • Assign tasks to your teammates and track the progress in your shared inbox.
  • Monitor the growth rate of your YouTube interactions and make data-driven productivity improvements.

Juphy is a clear, easy-to-use service that gives you access to a central location where you can respond to all comments made on your YouTube videos. Plus, YouTube is only one of the platforms that you can integrate with Juphy and manage from one place.

Start your free trial now and enjoy Juphy’s ease in managing your social media platforms.

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Juphy AI New CTA Box 16 5 24 1

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