Best Social Media Platforms for Crypto Marketing

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Do you want to grow your crypto brand, attract customers and boost your investor count? Then, you need to market yourself online. The problem is—not everybody on the internet understands or is interested in crypto. So, mainstream social media marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram may not be the best fit for crypto marketing. You need to choose an online social community where crypto lovers, enthusiasts, and potential investors abound. 

With these platforms, you can build a loyal circle of customers and find investors online in a short time. Add consistency and authenticity to your marketing strategy, and watch the growth effects. In this article, you will learn what crypto marketing is and the best social media platform for marketing your crypto business.

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What Is Crypto Marketing and Why Is It Important?


Crypto marketing is essential for promoting and building your crypto brand’s credibility.

Crypto marketing is any activity or technique you strategically carry out to boost awareness for your crypto brand, attract new customers, retain customers, and drive sales. 

Even though it has been around for quite a while, the crypto market is still struggling with scams, fraudsters, an unstable market, and flakey companies. Many investors and potential customers are skeptical about putting their funds into brands that have not proved their worth as reliable and valuable.

Crypto marketing is essential if you hope to build your brand’s reputation on the market. To stand out as a credible, dependable, and fast-growing cryptocurrency business, you must leave your mark where your investors and customers are—the digital crypto community. You can consider incorporating tools like a crypto calculator to enhance your marketing efforts and provide valuable resources for your audience.

The Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Crypto Marketing in 2022

We’ve handpicked the following marketing platforms as the best ways to reach your potential customers directly for the following reasons:

  • There are no restrictions to discussing crypto on any of these platforms
  • There’s no clampdown on crypto ads like the ones on Facebook and Google
  • They’re not owned by any larger crypto coin or trading platform

So, get into this list with enthusiasm; your ready investors and eager customers await!

1. Reddit

Best social media platforms for crypto marketing

The anonymity and freedom to share opinions that Reddit provides make it great for crypto marketing. Here, you can connect with crypto users and enthusiasts of almost every type of cryptocurrency that exists.

From sharing crypto memes to discussing rates, best platforms for trade, the crypto market, and more, there’s so much content to jump on. There are various crypto and blockchain Subreddits, niche groups, and communities with millions of subscribers just waiting for you to market to them.

Even influential crypto figures like Vitalik Buterin publish crypto-related content on crypto Subreddits. One useful feature for crypto marketing on Reddit is its upvoting system that allows users to vote on posts, increasing their visibility on the platform.

2. Twitter

Crypto 3

Like Reddit, Twitter is another major crypto-friendly social media platform with little to no restrictions or crypto bans. In fact, most of the founders of crypto coins and companies own very active Twitter accounts. You can grow quickly as a crypto influencer or authority and build large followership if you know how to leverage the platform.

Twitter is useful as a marketing platform for growing crypto brands for two main reasons:

  • It helps brands monitor and learn what Twitter crypto enthusiasts are looking for from a crypto brand.
  • It serves as a good way to engage with users, provide timely responses to their inquiries, and attend to any issues they may have with your service.

3. Telegram

Crypto 4

Research has shown that Telegram is the first social media platform that crypto projects looking to launch Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) choose. The reason is not far-fetched—it allows brands to create channels that can host up to 20,000 members! 

So, if your marketing goal is to build a close community of loyalists, Telegram is a good choice.

On your Telegram channel, you can consistently broadcast news and real-time updates to a large community of people who want such information. One main reason crypto brands love to leverage Telegram is that it has many privacy features that help keep members safe. 

It also has features that allow group admins put measures in place to restrict member actions. Members that violate a crypto group’s rules can be banned temporarily or permanently to maintain order in the community. 

4. Steemit

Crypto 5

Not a very popular social media platform yet, but still a fine choice for crypto marketing. Steemit is a blockchain-based crypto blog and social media site that allows users to earn tokens when they post content on the platform; the bests posts make the most.

The main goal of Steemit is to reward users with crypto coins for posting, commenting, and upvoting content instead of the company itself sharing the gains made on the site. This platform is a quick way to build authority for your business in the crypto world and connect with daily cryptocurrency users.

5. Discord


This platform used to be the hangout spot for gamers during gameplay but has long been adopted by developers for discussions and crypto brands who want to market their businesses. Many crypto brands choose Discord because it provides accurate and reliable information.

It’s also an excellent platform for creating closed communities where you can provide members with details about your products and services, exchange information, and initiate discussions about your crypto brand. Discord also allows servers to join other servers to boost token prices—an easy way to draw the attention of crypto audiences to your brand.

Final Thoughts

Like in other industries, social media has become one of the important platforms crypto brands can use to market their business. With the help of a blockchain development team, these platforms can reach a wide audience and promote products and services securely and efficiently. Depending on your crypto marketing goal, you can select any of the listed social media platforms knowing that you’ll find a large group of crypto enthusiasts to market your brand to. Juphy is one tool that helps you improve your customer service on social media platforms. So, you can complement your crypto marketing efforts with Juphy’s features for marketing teams to make the most impact.

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