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Social media is inherently public and used by various businesses and organizations to promote their brands and engage with customers. Several types of content are spreading in today’s social media community, such as images, videos, texts, and music. The social accounts of businesses act as brand representatives. They engage with their followers, inform, spread awareness, and build community by posting on social media. But have you ever heard of social media moderation tools?

Social media users can express their views about any topic, whether excellent or hurtful, wherever they want. However, there has not been a universalized way of objecting to harmful content.

When a brand is attacked online, the brand image, followers, and existing and future customers are at stake. Brands do everything to defend themselves from various detestable content such as profanity, spam, hate speech, nudity, offensive gestures, etc.

Hence, the role of social media moderation comes into play as it monitors user-generated content and manages the content quality while keeping your brand’s integrity intact and making the social media platform safe for brands and users.

The moderation of user-generated content is crucial for fighting against misinformation, as negative information is 63% more likely to be clicked than positive information.

Against this backdrop, this blog will shed light on the best social media moderation tools in 2022.

But for starters, let’s find out more about social media moderation.

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What Is Social Media Moderation?

Why do you need social media moderation tools?

Social Media Moderation refers to the monitoring and managing of various user-generated content (UGC) and activity on online social media platforms. This helps to prevent undesirable content from being posted and uploaded online.

With the help of social media moderation, any offensive or obnoxious content that is unsuitable for all age groups is controlled. The content posted is closely monitored by experts, also known as social media moderators or content moderators, who check and decide whether to allow such content or remove it.

Any offensive or objectionable content is sent for approval. When it reaches the content moderation team, it is meticulously reviewed to remove it from the user’s account and take actions like blocking them with a ‌warning or approving it and making it visible to the public. There are four types of content moderation for being an effective moderator, namely:

  • Pre-Moderation–This type of moderation prevents UGC threats from spreading undesirable content online. The post submitted by the user undergoes reviews that determine if it is safe, appropriate, or harmless.
  • Post Moderation–This type allows users to upload their content or post in real time. After this, once inappropriate content is discovered that violates the social media community’s guide, rules and policies, they filter it out.
  • Reactive moderation–Reactive moderation is where the users participate in flagging down any inappropriate content posted online by clicking the infamous “report” button, to stop spreading any abusive, harmful or inappropriate content. It is an effective method of moderation and instills a sense of community within your users. 
  • Automated moderation–AI-based content moderation system automatically reviews content uploaded by any user. AI has been a game changer for content moderation. According to reports, over 99.2% of comments removed from YouTube were flagged by AI moderation.
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How Do You Moderate Social Media?

The essential component of how to moderate social media effectively is the existence of social media moderation guidelines, restrictions, definite rules, and policies on each platform that everyone must strictly abide by.

Here are five steps that can be used as social media moderation guidelines.

  • Determine and state clear rules and guidelines–The Moderator must make, apply and implement restrictions to set the tone of voice for the brand and online community and discourage abusive and harmful behavior.
  • Consider all the feedback, positive or negative–Any feedback is welcome. Customers want to feel heard and valued. Negative feedback will give a clear picture of what the users want from the brand.
  • Archive all your posts for legal purposes–Archiving all your content will help you to use it as legal proof for future use. Keep a record of anything that has been posted at any point in time. 
  • Train your moderators–Platform management is a daunting task, and it’s not designed for a single person to manage. Utilize extra moderators and train them to uphold your specific guidelines as it can maximize your efforts to keep your online community safe.
  • Assign community pages–If you have a lot of content to manage, hire more managers and distribute the workload to each community manager for a specific online community. 

What Are Social Media Moderation Tools?

A social media moderator tool regulates and moderates the user-generated content posted by the users on social media and manages the activities performed in the online social media community. This tool is responsible for handling the content that is uploaded online, using specific rules and guidelines.

A reliable social media moderation tool is expected can:

  • Handle any content format, including audio, video, text, and images.
  • Handle all types of content, like reviews, emails, blogs, comments, etc.
  • Provide a dashboard facility where online traffic can be monitored and managed.
  • Have filters for vulgarity, profanity, pornographic content, violence, etc.
  • Permits delegation of specific tasks
  • Allow automation of tasks where possible 

How to Choose a Social Media Content Moderation Tool?

Brands usually consider the various types of social media content moderation to decide on one particular social media content moderator tool from the plethora of the best content moderation tools. These tools help to moderate any user-generated content. The defined rules and guidelines support the moderation process to be more effective.

To pick the right social media content moderator tool, ensure that the tool primarily focuses on:

1. Social media moderation–built-in moderation tools

2. Social media profile moderation–incomprehensible, vague, incredulous profiles

3. Profanity filters–irrelevant or misguiding content

4. Content motivation–posts, videos, reviews, blogs, etc.

5 Best Tools for Social Media Moderation 


image 4

Hootsuite offers a Smart Moderation app for users for social media moderation for free. The Smart Moderation app is an AI software platform that offers real-time monitoring and automatic moderation. Users can add all the profiles to one Smart Moderation account that helps them moderate everything via a single dashboard.

It also lets the users block unwanted spammers and users. Hootsuite Smart Moderation software has a 95% accuracy rate and is used as a social media monitor app for players in publishing like TechCrunch and The Washington Post. 

Key features:

  • Detection of inappropriate/illegal comment
  • Supports Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Automated Publishing
  • Contact and Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking


  • Customizable feeds with no filler
  • Highly flexible post composer and scheduler with bulk option
  • Simplifies the most challenging task drastically
  • Inbox merged with every message, comment, and mention


  • No psychographic and demographic data for the audience


image 3

Napoleon Cat is a great content moderator tool if your brand receives loads of hateful or spam comments for your posted ads. With their auto-moderation solutions, users can automatically delete any spam comments (the one with links) that is shared on Facebook, Instagram (organic posts and ads), and Facebook Messenger.  

Apart from just taking care of inappropriate comments on social media pages. It also helps businesses to reply to questions quickly. 

Key features:

  • Unlimited auto-moderation rules
  • Social Inbox with content filters
  • Built-in translation feature
  • Facebook Ads Moderation
  • Competitor Tracking


  • Multi-hashtag searches
  • In-depth analytics on social profiles
  • Social Inbox that consolidates messages
  • Publishing and scheduling for social media


  • Difficult-to-use and glitchy interface
  • Confusing billing options


image 5

Businesses of all sizes trust Juicer, and their client list includes big names like McDonald’s, Ralph Lauren, and Lyft. The social media moderation and filtering functioning are included in all its paid plans, which helps businesses to combine all the social media posts into a unified feed that can be embedded on the website.

This will help curate and moderate the content displayed on the brand’s page and empower users with total control. Depending on the level of control the user wants, they can either send all the posts to moderation and manually approve or reject posts before they go live on your feed or let Juicer automatically moderate them. 

Key features:

  • Social media moderation filters reject selected posts
  • Content curation and management
  • A profanity blocker
  • Duplicate post prevention
  • Customer Targeting
  • Keyword Filtering


  • Content Curation for fresh content daily, hourly, and even by the minute
  • Straightforward moderation lets the user delete any unwanted posts
  • Responsive and look great on all devices, including iPhone, iPad, etc


  • Some social media sources are not added


image 6

Taggbox is one of the top social media aggregator tools with a social media moderation feature trusted by thousands of international brands like Marvel, Microsoft, and PayPal. 

Taggbox empowers the user with manual moderation and auto-moderation. It also offers other powerful features such as a profanity filter, profile moderation, image, video, and reviews for all major social channels. 

Key features:

  • Platform Integration
  • Content Curation and moderation
  • Social Hub Customization
  • Posts Filter & Moderation
  • Profanity filter
  • Profile moderation


  • Content Play
  • Social Wall Integrations
  • Beautiful designs
  • Website Integrations


  • Only a limited number of feeds can be embedded on the website


Juphy Homepage

Juphy is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that empowers businesses to provide seamless social media customer service. Juphy allows users to monitor and manage all their social media engagement. Users can organize all their social media interactions in a single dashboard without the need to toggle between different applications. 

Businesses of all sizes can use Juphy for content moderation with advanced tools and accelerate customer satisfaction by merging all the social media messages in one place. Users can hide comments and even reply to direct messages, emails, reviews, and ad comments from the dashboard. 

Key Features:

  • Unified Inbox to streamline and manage every customer engagement
  • Social Inbox to manage social media comments, ads, comments, and direct messages from a single dashboard
  • Automation Rules to classify all the incoming messages
  • Automatic keywords filtering 
  • Quick and canned responses to answer the most FAQs
  • Real-time team collaboration to address customer inquiries
  • Multi-client and Social media management


  • One-stop destination for social media management
  • Quick setup and ease of use 
  • Consolidated Inbox for messages
  • One-screen dashboard to manage social media 


  • Only for business accounts and pages
  • Content management or publishing features are not included

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Level Up Your Social Media Moderation Game

As social media users continue to rise, it is becoming increasingly crucial for brands to keep their online presence organized and appropriately managed. While reviews of users are critical, technology is equally important to remove unwanted or harmful content and speed up the content moderation process. 

Social Media Content Moderation acts as a filter that removes harmful content or posts and makes the platform safe for all. Choosing the right digital moderation tool is essential to maintain a healthy online presence and keep afloat atop the plethora of media content. 

Juphy helps to keep your consumers engaged and safe and maintain your social presence to the highest of standards with its advanced dashboard features and benefits to drive better performance by providing an excellent digital customer experience. 

Want in? Start your 7-day free trial now!

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