Twitter for Customer Service: Examples from 6 Big Brands

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Whether you’re an active user or a lurker, it is difficult to ignore the buzz that Twitter has generated in the past few years. Once, it was reserved for people who had nothing to say; now, anyone can create an account and reach millions of people at once. 

You should use Twitter as a customer service platform for many reasons. With the growing popularity of social media, it’s important to be present and engage with your current and potential customers.

Using Twitter for customer service allows you to build a rapport with your customers and gives them a convenient way to get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.

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Why Is Twitter a Great Customer Service Platform?

Twitter is an excellent customer service tool for several reasons. First, it’s an open platform that allows businesses to reach a massive audience of potential customers. Second, it’s accessible 24/7, so customers can communicate with businesses anytime. And finally, it’s easy to use: all you need is a smartphone and the Twitter app.

Companies that run a Twitter account have been able to provide customer support through the app since 2015. Using Twitter for providing customer service has revolutionized how brands interact with their customers and ultimately become more human.

But the most critical reason your brand should take Twitter customer service seriously is that your audience is already talking about your brand on Twitter, and you need to be able to find them and respond to them at every opportunity to improve the quality of your user communications.

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We have compiled some of the major brands’ best examples of Twitter customer service. These examples show the possibilities you can encounter when you take advantage of your brand’s social media presence. Responding to customer feedback proactively instead of waiting for complaints to roll in like usual is another benefit of using Twitter for customer service.

6 Great Examples of Twitter Customer Service

1. Amazon

Amazon’s customer service on Twitter is a great example of how it should be done. Before anything, Amazon offers multilingual customer support on its Twitter account.

Amazon’s Twitter Customer Service
Amazon provides multilingual customer support @amazonhelp on Twitter.

Multilingual customer service requires Amazon to categorize tweets into buckets by using customer service software that provides custom filters such as urgency, language, and more. Accordingly, they achieve a quick response time and benefit both the user and the company.

Twitter for Customer Service Examples from Big Brands 2

When you check their Twitter account, you can see different replies, one after another, in multiple languages. 

Twitter for Customer Service Examples from Big Brands 1

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the brands that are very active on social media. On Twitter, Coca-Cola engages with customers in many ways, including answering their questions and replying to any tweets that mention Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola’s Twitter Customer Service
Coca-Cola engages with its customers in many ways on Twitter.

Customer’s curious questions like these;

Twitter for Customer Service Examples from Big Brands 3
Coca Cola customer inquiry example

As well as problems that customers experience like this;

Coca Cola customer inquiry example

It seems that Coca-Cola’s Twitter support team tries hard not to miss any mention from their customers! This kind of care builds trust and sympathy for the customers, and Coca-Cola is seen to be one of the brands that deserve those!

3. Xbox

Microsoft Xbox’s Twitter support account, called Xbox Support, is one of the most interactive support accounts on Twitter. Though they get tons of mentions daily, Xbox’s support team is ready to respond to those mentions quickly. 

Plus, there is concrete evidence of their success;

Xbox support was awarded the most responsive customer support on Twitter.
Xbox support was awarded the most responsive customer support on Twitter.

In 2010, they got the Guinness World Record of “The most responsive corporate account on Twitter”!

Xbox Support has established itself as a key pillar of Xbox help and consistently receives the top customer satisfaction ratings across all support channels within a year of starting! 

Xbox Support has established itself as a key pillar of Xbox help and consistently receives the top customer satisfaction ratings across all support channels within a year of starting! 

They assist their customers’ problems via DM by personally contacting the user. This meticulousness results in customers’ trust, especially in customer service. They offer help through DMs to avoid privacy issues by asking their customer to follow the Xbox Support account.

4. JetBlue

JetBlue is one company that comes to mind when discussing customer service on Twitter. One of the most frequent reasons why customers become irate is airline delays. Delays occur frequently, and passengers tend to express their feelings when a flight is delayed. 

JetBlue’s Twitter Customer Service
JetBlue provides customer support on Twitter at the speed of a jet.
JetBlue answers customer questions on Twitter.
JetBlue answers customer questions on Twitter.

As can be seen from the mentioned time, they have a fast-responsive customer support team. This fast response time is the source of their success in customer service. Imagine you are having problems in the airport, and you need fast solutions; they are here to help!

5. Spotify

With their support account called Spotify Cares, Spotify is in the top “10 Social Media Customer Service Providers” list. Their average response time is known to be less than an hour on Twitter! Medium claims that their response time is 11 mins on average

Spotify’s Twitter Customer Service
Spotify is one of the fastest to provide a customer service experience on Twitter.

Plus, just like Amazon, Spotify responds in multiple languages.

Spotify’s Twitter Customer Service
Spotify also provides multi-language customer service on Twitter.

Also, their mentions are not auto-generated. Their personalized mentions create the feeling of being cared for personally.

Twitter for Customer Service Examples from Big Brands 12

6. Domino’s Pizza

Although it is a pizza company, Domino’s offers fast replying on Twitter. Their customer service team advises users to send their personal information via a DM if they contact them on Twitter. The customer service representative in charge of each question can then locate the data they require to give a helpful and accurate response.

Domino’s Pizza contacts users immediately when needed on Twitter.
Domino’s Pizza contacts users immediately when needed on Twitter.

Also, though they reply quickly, they include the proper link according to the user’s location! 

Twitter for Customer Service Examples from Big Brands 14

In the example above, they replied in six minutes but still did not use auto-generated messages and included the location-based help link.

Since they deliver pizzas, Domino’s should reply in a short time – sometimes short enough to keep the pizza hot – about the problems customers face, and they seem to be achieving this successfully. Their personalized customer service makes their customers feel cared for.

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Juphy is the best social media marketing solution for assisting companies in providing outstanding customer service to clients on social media. Juphy enables you to centralize all of your social media conversations and support requests in a single, shared inbox.

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How Juphy helps you manage Twitter Customer Service

Twitter is one of the many social media platforms that can be managed via Juphy. Juphy’s Twitter integration and features make it the #1 social media customer service tool. 

Some of Juphy’s features are;

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  • Ticketing feature: Assign tasks to your team members and monitor their progress in your shared inbox.
  • Real-time notifications: When you receive a Twitter mention or direct message, you receive real-time notifications alerting you that you have a customer to attend to, and you can respond right from Juphy. That’s how you achieve the ideal response time!
  • Real-time collaboration: You can always get a second opinion from your team or third parties. Groups and instant messaging enable you to collaborate with your team and provide the best possible responses in tricky situations.
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With these advantages in mind, it’s no wonder that Twitter has become the go-to customer service platform for many businesses worldwide. And this trend is likely to continue as more and more people join the social network and start using them as their main source of customer communication.

Managing your Twitter account, besides all others, becomes easy with Juphy, your #1 helper in managing social media platforms in one place. Juphy’s unique features let you use and manage Twitter like a pro, meet your social media goals, and apply your strategies.

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